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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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ChatGPT is an exceptionally advanced chatbot that can produce anything in the form of writing articles, scripts, coding, poems, and many more things that is hard to do by any other Chatbot. The ChatGPT broke the record by hitting one million users in less than a week. There are so many mind-blowing examples of ChatGPT that will bend our minds. You will be surprised to know that the OpenI ChatGPT can also be used to play games. If you are also unknown of this fact, let me tell you that I have some interesting ChatGPT games you can use your hands on.

The OpenAI ChatGPT can do many things, one of which is asking the chatbot to tell you jokes. You can generate scripts in different languages, complex coding, debug coding, and much more with the help of just one tool, just because of ChatGPT.

The following are some interesting ChatGPT Games that you can play right now without any trouble.

How to Play ChatGPT Games?

The following are some of the 8 interesting ChatGPT Games that you can play right now without any trouble.

1. Word Ladder

Word ladder is one of the interesting ChatGPT games I enjoy playing on this Chatbot. One could easily use the ChatGPT to play a word puzzle game, or you could just solve the puzzles that ChatGPT presents you at the time of playing. Give the ChatGPT one word to start, such as Dog. Here the word will lead to another word by changing only one alphabet.

The response to the aforementioned example is a hog. You’ll notice that the first word has been changed to the next, and the words that come after it must make some sense. Let’s play word ladder is a good place to start using ChatGPT. It will initially request that you give the ChatGPT the puzzle before providing one. The game is a complete Time-pass, and you can also enjoy the game without getting bored.

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2. Hangman

How to Play ChatGPT Games?

Hangman is another interesting game in the list of ChatGPT games you can play with ChatGPT. In the hangman game, players must be able to identify the letters in a word that an AI has come up with. You will be deprived of one opportunity out of a possible six if the letter you choose as your response will not present in the word.

A hangman diagram is used to show these six possibilities, giving the phrase its famous name. You can easily begin by selecting the option to “Play Hangman with me.” With that particular prompt, it might or might not operate for you. If it does not work for you, you can change the wording and try to start the game on ChatGPT again. The game absolutely goes well, but in some of the games, ChatGPT will respond that the answers we are giving are all wrong, and it will not reveal the word at the end. So you never know whether the ChatGPT is playing an unbiased game or not.

3. Trivia

How to Play ChatGPT Games?

If you are fed up with playing the aforementioned games, you can try this interesting ChatGPT game. The ChatGPT trivia feature works exceptionally well. You just need to write Play Trivia with me, and the ChatGPT will respond, “Please let me know what type of trivia you would like to play (history, science, literature, pop culture, etc.), and I’ll come up with some questions. Also, let me know how many questions you would like to play with and if you have any other preferences. I’m here to help you!”

However, there isn’t a points system in the game. It will keep asking you new questions as long as you are providing the answers to these questions. After each question, it will let you know if your answer were right or wrong and provide a brief justification for our response.

Trivia is more reliable than most games, such as Tic Tac Toe, but the questions are quite straightforward. Additionally, you have a lot to do with this game.

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4. Two Truths And a Lie

How to Play ChatGPT Games?

This is another interesting game that you would love to try on ChatGPT. You can easily start this game b asking the ChatGPT, “Let’s play two truths and a lie”. In this game, ChatGPT will show you the three statements, and you have to choose which one is a lie. This game will keep you engaged in the game as you will keep guessing about the wrong statement.

5. Mad Libs Game

How to Play ChatGPT Games?

This is another fascinating game that you can easily play on ChatGPT. It should be noted that the game is also a word game. You just have to type “Let’s play Mad Libs Game,” and the ChatGPT will respond,

Sure! I’d love to play Mad Libs with you. Mad Libs is a fun game where a player prompts for a list of words to substitute for blanks in a story before reading the often comical or nonsensical story aloud. Please provide me with a story, or you can also give me a link to a Mad Libs story you would like to play, and I will replace the blank spaces with the words you provide. Let me know if you need help understanding the rules of the game.”

This game will give out words in different categories like verbs, adjectives, and nouns. As you give the word, it will start to make the story out of the word. The game is not that entertaining with respect to engagement, but you would find it fun and quirky.

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6. Would You Rather

How to Play ChatGPT Games?

There are so many games I have listed, and there are so many that you can play with interest. ‘Would You Rather’ is just one of the games in the list of most interesting ChatGPT games. It is a very chilled game, and ChatGPT will provide you with two options to choose from. It seems like there will be no winners or losers in the game, but you will surely love the game as ChatGPT will offer silly and weird options.

7. Guessing Game

How to Play ChatGPT Games?

This is another ChatGPT game that I personally love to play with ChatGPT. In this game, you can ask ChatGPT to guess a character or film name by using a yes-or-no format. Therefore, ChatGPT will conduct the appropriate questions and make an estimate as to the title of the film you are visualizing. If it becomes lost, it will even request a hint.

As an alternative, you can ask it to identify a character or a film and then use questions to try to guess the name. It’s challenging to use ChatGPT in play mode because that’s not what it was designed for. You cannot only request to play a 20-question game or a guessing game. However, in order to commence playing, you must first walk through the full game.

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Can You Make ChatGPT Games?

Wrapping Up

This article talks about the 7 most interesting ChatGPT games in an all-inclusive manner. Each game comes with some interesting and different tactics to play the game. You will definitely feel bored playing these games in your spare time.

Comment below if you find the content insightful, and share your thoughts on the OpenAI ChatGPT with the potential of playing games. In case you loved the content, don’t forget to share the post with your family and friends.


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