ChatGPT-4 Features: You Will Not Believe This!

GPT-4 ; ChatGPT-4 Features: You Will Not Believe This!

OpenAI released GPT-4 on March 13, 2023. However, Microsoft is claiming that the New Bing is already working with GPT-4. This is very surprising for users because OpenAI has not kept the new model free to use. If you want to use GPT-4, you need to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus. If you are not aware of the ChatGPT-4 features, then you should explore them with us without delay.

Users of ChatGPT have many questions in their mind, like how much does GPT-4 costs. OpenAI has not given free access to the new model, which means there are many things they are offering more advanced than the GPT-3 model. AI and technology will write a new definition with the revolution if this new AI model.

If you have never explored the newly released GPT-4 model yet, then you should not miss it. However, there are some features that might impress you and help you to complete your tasks more efficiently. I have covered all about ChatGPT-4 features in this post, so let’s get started.

What Are The ChatGPT-4 Features?

ChatGPT-4 ; ChatGPT-4 Features: You Will Not Believe This!

ChatGPT-4 is a newly launched model, so it will take time for all of us to explore it deeply. However, I have used it and tried to catch some basic features that all the users will enjoy. So, check out the below shared ChatGPT-4 features that might help you to decide on subscription buying.

1. ChatGPT-4 Converting Feature

OpenAI has upgraded the ChatGPT in many ways so users can get the maximum benefits from it. If you have not subscribed to ChatGPT Plus to use GPT-4, then you should immediately do it to explore the ChatGPT-4 features.

As the new GPT-4 model has one amazing feature, which is converting images to text. Yes, for example, if you upload an image with some recipe ingredients, then GPT-4 will write the recipe according to that ingredients. This is something new that GPT-3 did not have.

2. ChatGPT-4 Safety Feature

ChatGPT -4 ; ChatGPT-4 Features: You Will Not Believe This!

The ChatGPT-4 features also include safety. The GPT-4 not only offers user safety with all the restrictions and strict OpenAI policies. But, the text or data that is generated by the new model is quite safe than the previous model.

OpenAI claims the GPT-4 model offers 40% more factual data than the old model. So, if you are using GPT-4 for any professional use, you do not need to verify it. Moreover, the GPT-4 model handled queries and requests 82% less than the last model in terms of violent or unethical content.

3. Web-Link Feature

ChatGPT -4 ; ChatGPT-4 Features: You Will Not Believe This!

OpenAI recently shared that their new language model, GPT-4, has the ability to handle up to 25,000 words of text input from users. This means that users can even send GPT-4 a link to a web page and ask it to work with the text on that page.

This new feature is anticipated to be useful for various purposes, such as generating longer written pieces and facilitating prolonged conversational interactions.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, I have shared all about ChatGPT-4 features. The new AI has many amazing features that users will enjoy for sure. Likewise, web-link features and image-converting features. OpenAI has just launched the model, so there are some loopholes in which on they are working. But, apart from that, you will enjoy the new model. Follow Path of EX for more updates. Have a great day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ChatGPT-4 features?

ChatGPT-4 features are image converting, web-linking, the safety of outputs, etc.

Can I use GPT-4 for free?

No, you can not use GPT-4 for free.

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