How to Solve Charles Rookwood Trial in Hogwarts Legacy | Puzzles Walkthrough

How to complete Charles Rookwood Trial Quest

Hello, Gamers! Loving the Hogwarts Legacy and its various quests? Bingo! In this article, you will get to know how to solve Hogwarts Legacy Charles Rookwood Trial quest and, further, accomplish all the Rookwood Trial puzzles. Head on and see how you can ace this Hogwarts Legacy Charles Rookwood Trial quest with your every bit and creativity.

Let the fun begins! We have solved an ‘N’ number of quests and puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy. Be it the Hogwarts Legacy Sundial puzzle, Beeting a Curse side quest, or Locket’s Secret Quest, a new one on our list is going to break all the records.

Run through this article now and grab the ultimate guide on how to complete the Charles Rookwood Trial quest by solving multiple Rookwood trial puzzles. Finish every challenge with pure zeal and make your way to a new, better, and bigger quest in your gameplay.

Hogwarts Legacy Charles Rookwood Trial Quest | Rookwood Trial Puzzles

How to complete Charles Rookwood Trial Quest

Harry Potter-inspired Hogwarts Legacy is no less than a bundle of challenges and puzzles. A supreme example of such challenges is Hogwarts Legacy Charles Rookwood Trial Quest.

Charles Rookwood Trial Quest is the main quest of the gameplay that comes up with a bundle of elements and puzzles for its players. If the players have unlocked all the spells and are rocking their usage, they will be able to complete them with ease and speed.

Players can also spot many chest locations and treasures in this Hogwarts Legacy Rookwood Trial Puzzle if they uplift their creativity and make the most of every bit they have on their table.

How to Solve Charles Rookwood Trial Quest in Hogwarts Legacy?

How to complete Charles Rookwood Trial Quest

Run through this article and learn how you can solve this Hogwarts Legacy Charles Rookwood Trial Quest by solving all the Rookwood Trial puzzles in the gameplay.

1. Find Rookwood Castle in Hogwarts Legacy?

In order to complete the Charles Rookwood Trial Quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you must first complete the Back on the Path main quest as a priority. After you complete the Back on the Path main quest, Rookwood will ask you to head on further to Rookwood Castle.

As you will reach Rookwood Castle > open Field Guide > head on to the World Map > and look for Professor Fig.

Check out the western side of the map and spot the Feldcroft Region, you will find a quest icon near the Rookwood Castle Floo Flame. If the Rookwood Castle Floo Flame is unlocked, you can speed up your pace to reach the location above. However, if the Rookwood Castle Floo Flame is not unlocked, you will have to take flying mounts to reach that location.

The moment you are about to reach Rookwood Castle, you will notice a glowing circle on the floor in the southwest direction of the Floo Flame. You can either wait for Professor Fig to come first or begin communicating to start the quest.

As the Fig arrives, he will inform you that Rookwood Castle is power-packed with enemies, and that requires thorough research on the same.

2. Enter Rookwood Castle in Hogwarts Legacy

The first thing you need to do to complete Charles Rookwood Trial quest is to enter Rookwood Castle in Hogwarts Legacy and handle the Ranrok’s Loyalists. Head on below to learn how you can enter Rookwood Castle in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Head in the north direction > spot the Rookwood Castle Floo Flame > take a turn to the northwest > and clear the camp.
  • As you will continue to go along the Castle’s wall, you will encounter many Loyalists. Handle them well, and after you are done, you will find a wooden platform on your left side of the path.
  • Check out the wall on the opposite side of the platform, grab the wooden crate near the Castle’s wall, and further climb the box and wall.
  • Moving ahead, you will observe a cutscene exhibiting Victor confronting Ranrok. You will get to know that Ranrok and Victor’s alliance is not so friendly because of you. And Ranrok is looking for stores of magic.
  • After you interact with Professor Fig, you must deal with all the Loyalists in the castle camp.
  • Once you are done with the Loyalists, loot all the required items of your interest.
  • Then, climb up the northern stairs to get to the Castle’s wall > turn right > follow the path > and you will enter the Castle.
  • Take a right, head onto the wooden planks, and you will observe a small puzzle on the ground floor.
  • Solve the Rookwood Castle Door Puzzle by hitting three seals asap. Two of them will be on the right side of the door, and one will be on the left side of the door. Hit the three seals using your basic cast, and you will unlock all the doors.

This is it! You have entered the Rookwood Castle in Hogwarts Legacy.

3. Find Charles Rookwood’s Portrait

How to complete Charles Rookwood Trial Quest

After you have entered the Rookwood Castle, you must find Charles Rookwood’s Portrait in Hogwarts Legacy to complete the Charles Rookwood Trial quest. Charles Rookwood’s Portrait is located deep inside the Castle in the gameplay.

Have a look underneath to know where you can spot Charles Rookwood’s Portrait:

  • Firstly, follow the tunnel from your starting location, and you will find the store of magic, Ranrok.
  • Run towards the southern door and head on through the linear path descending the stairs to reach a small room.
  • Check out the above chimney as you will spot the Portrait of Charles Rookwood.
  • Interact with Charles > he will give you two options. If you choose ‘I deserve to know more first’ instead of ‘I’m ready,’ Charles will not tell you anything.
  • However, you must further connect with ancient magic. Navigate to the western wall > and spot the ancient magic pool.

Here, your Hogwarts Legacy Charles Rookwood Trial will begin.

4. Complete Charles Rookwood Trial & All Chests Locations

How to complete Charles Rookwood Trial Quest

The next step for you is complete the Charles Rookwood Trial. After you cross through the first gate, your second trial will begin automatically as you will communicate with the next door.

Have a look below to learn how to complete Charles Rookwood Trial quest in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Head on forward to the first room > move through the stairs on your right > and navigate to the left side of the balcony.
  • As you will see the pool of magic, interact with it, and you will spot a portal on the ground.
  • Run downstairs and take the cube on the left side of your room with the help of Accio without crossing the Portal. You can also head to the cube on the above side, in front of the balcony, to save some minutes.
  • Further, locate the cube forming itself into a treasure chest as you will step through the blue side across the portal.
  • Open the cube and step through the portal through the red side to turn the chest into a cube reversibly. Use the cube and the pillar to reach the upper balcony.
  • Move forward, using the moving stairs and the moving bridge to get into the room with the second circle of ancient magic.
  • Use the switch on the right side to mark the magical gate at up to 180 degrees.
  • Navigate around the blue gate, grab the wooden crate using Wingardium Leviosa, head back to the gate, and press the switch once again.
  • As you will move the box at the right angle, the tower will move, and your exit from the room will be unlocked.
  • The moment you head forward to your next location, you will see that the arena will be unlocked, and you will have to fight against the animated statues.
  • During the course of defeating the statues, make sure you do not fall off the edge and make full use of the Expelliarmus spell to throw the weapons off the statues.
  • After you are done with defeating the statues, head forward to the third circle of ancient magic using the exit door > and press the switch behind the blue gate.
  • You will observe that the gate will make a right turn at 90 degrees, make your way through the blue gate and repress the switch to turn the gate to its exact place.
  • Move forward and make your way out of this location.
  • As you will spot the fourth circle of ancient magic on the right side, communicate with it, and you will see two guards will activate themselves downstairs on completely different dimensions.
  • You must only focus on one of the monsters on your way, avoiding the other one, and cross through the blue gate again.
  • Navigate to the starting location and press the switch on the side with your basic spell to switch the bridge 180 degrees. Make full use of Levioso on the chest to climb on it and on the bridge.
  • Hit the right switch again to rotate the bridge 180 degrees once again, and further exit the room.
  • Then, make your way to the next moving stairs, using which your new animated statues will get activated.
  • Defeat all of the statues, and as your next exit unlocks itself, head forward to the stairs. There will be a chest with Wiggenweld Potions and a place for all of your fights for this quest.
  • Deal with the guards, their red attacks, and ground slams, and throw their weapons using Expelliarmus spells to beat the enemies.
  • You, as a player, can also use a ball with a magic chain to attack enemies and further complete Charles Rookwood’s Trial puzzle.
  • Lastly, walk on the bridge you unlocked > gather the loot > and play Charles Rookwood’s memories to grab the Pensieve Artifact. As you will make your exit from the gate, interact with Rookwood and Niamh Fitzgerald.

When you talk to Fig, winter will arrive in Hogwarts, and your Charles Rookwood Trial quest will come to an end.

Wrapping Up

This was all about How to complete Charles Rookwood Trial Quest. Check out the guide mentioned above and learn how you can solve all the Rookwood puzzles in Howagrts Legacy.

Also, Path of EX intends to be a one-spot solution for all your doubts. Hang around this space and comment down below if you have any doubts on the same.

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