How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day At Home | 6 Proven Quirky And Exciting Ways

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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WELL, 14th of February: The Day of Love is just around the corner and so are the Covid restrictions which we barely even thought of. It is like the moment we absorb the idea of everything getting back to normal, we are served with the worst but don’t you worry my darlings because I’ve got some of the amazing ideas for you that will embellish your day in the most alluring way you have ever imagined. Check out the article below for 06 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home

Out of all those emotions in this world, LOVE is the only edgy feeling that drives our heart most thrillingly, prickles our skin with goosebumps, and brings utmost peace into our life. We are always in search of that particular person who shares our soul and loves us in the most special way especially when we are the worst, and when we find that human then we wish to decorate every moment of ours with every inch of warmth our heart holds. Valentine’s Day is meant to be lived in a certain way where our action does all the talking that we wish to say to our bae.

It can be as fancy as you wish it to be or as minimalistic as you want it to be. We have listed some of the proven ways that will spray the most exclusively romantic yet fresh air in your surroundings and will make your mate fall in love with you even more so are you ready for the action? Let’s dive right into it….

Ideas To Celebrate Valentine’s Day At Home That Are “CHIC AS ALWAYS”

DRUMROLLS..!! Because we are just going to booze your Valentine’s Day with our “HIGH-ON-LOVE” ideas. 

1. A Romantic Evening With The Love Of Your Life

How to celebrate Valentine's day at home: Dinner date

How about the most romantic evening with your sweetheart at the terrace of your house, under the stars with candles, wine, music, flowers, and food (of course)? Sounds FUN right?

Though all of the restaurants banned your entry you can make the most of it with no crowd to stare at you and you can have the time of your life under the sky. This will make your Valentine’s Day at home the most romantic one you ever had. 

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To make it a little spicier, you can also plan your color-coordinated outfits like Red & Black beforehand and also dance to the song “PERFECT” which will indeed make it over the top.  

2. Play, Slay, & Make Your Way

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day At Home | 6 Proven Quirky And Exciting Ways

No matter what we say, we all are always on the board to challenge (and also be challenged) so why not take some time for it… RIGHT ???

You can spend this Valentine’s Day at home with the sweats on, messy hair, and play fun games with your partner in crime, be it Jenga, Drunken Twister, Never have I ever, COOK-OFF competition. Video games, treasure hunts, etc. and to make it more exciting, some fun yet personal (if you know what I mean) challenges can be linked to pulling out some hard laughs with your loved one.

3. Cuddles, Snuggles, & Popcorn

How to celebrate Valentine's Day at home

NETFLIX & CHILL is always a go-to-option that never goes out of style and also brings out the comfiest yet coziest time of your life. With the fluffy pillows on your back, endless cuddles, buttery caramel popcorns, furry blankets, dim lights, phones with DND mode, and trending movies; you can have the best time of your life. 

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Nothing creative, just basic Valentine’s Day at home will surely steal your heart this time.

4. Reverse Your Roles

How to celebrate Valentines Day at home

Just a question…

How many times do you say to your partner that: YOU DON’T KNOW HOW MUCH DIFFICULT MY LIFE IS?

Well….If you are one of those who say this to each other regularly then you have to do this Valentine.

SWITCH YOUR ROLES FOR A DAY” and live each other’s EASY life. This will not only help you build a strong foundation of your relationship but will also make your understanding on better terms, and in the end, it will be the best yet thrilling ME time you ever had by staying together on Valentine’s Day at home. 

PRO TIP: Capture every moment of yours while you are living each other’s life and show it to your partner by the end of the day!   

5. Art & Craft With Your Better Half

How to celebrate Valentine's at home

As it is said, “ Being an artist brings out the most creative side of yours that you have probably never met ”. Our better half always makes us live the most memorable times of our life which are deep-rooted in our hearts forever. This Valentine’s Day at home has to be the day when you will live those moments again. 

Make a memorable board with your mate while decorating it with the blurry pictures of those crazy times, decorate the wall of your bedside with your hand-painting and fairy lights and form your scrapbook of the places you traveled together and form a bucket list for your future with the most adventurous sports you wish to do together. 

6. “Spoil-Me” Sessions

How to celebrate valentine's day at home

Last but not the least, “ PAMPER YOUR HONEY ”. I can never say NO to heartfelt (soothing) pamperings, Can you?

If not then what are you waiting for? Book your sessions with your babe this time while you decide to celebrate your Valentine’s Day at home this time!

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Have some foot and head massages, breakfast in bed, or coffee with sunset. It will not only make your mind but will also cherish your soul.

P.S. Also do some for your partner too…

Polishing Off

Keeping all of the credentials in mind, say budget, feasible solutions, or time constraints; I have tried to drop some rousing ideas that will not only make your Valentine’s Day at home the most lovey-dovey day for you but will also bring you closer so what are you waiting for?

Bucker up… and surprise your partner who is probably crying over the fact that his VALENTINE’S is going to be boring.

I know you can do it and I know you will do it…

ADDING UP, If there is anything you have in mind for the people out there; feel free to drop some suggestions. 

Hasta la Vista!


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