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Every hip-hop fan is wondering about the new dissing scene between the two rising rappers. Cassidy and Tory Lanez. Why has this happened? Are there going to be more diss tracks? What’s Compex Music doing in all this? Let’s unravel the story on ‘Cassidy Unleashes Tory Lanez Diss Track Perjury’.  

Dissing has its own history in the rapping and hip-hop industry. From underground battles to the mainstream commercial rap game, Disses have either made or destroyed the careers of various rappers in seconds. The perfect example is the Rap God, Eminem, who has dented the careers of many with ‘The Real Slim Shady’, ‘Killshot’, and many such power tracks. Now again there is a new diss in the scene, but this time, it’s between Cassidy and Tory.

It was only a week after Tory Lanez dropped a 5-min freestyle track on “I’m a Hustla”, which is originally a track of Cassidy. The American Rapper got raged when Tony Lanez stole his flow and brought a diss for him. Now, we have to look into what Cassidy is referring to in his diss ‘Perjury’.

Wait!! What’s in the diss? Is Tory going to reply? Let’s find out everything about Cassidy’s diss track ‘Perjury’. Also, we’ll be dipping into the public reaction so make sure you give your views on the hot topic too. 

Cassidy’s ‘Perjury’ Diss Track on Tory Lanez 

Cassidy is known for his epic song ‘I’m Hustla’. The song was released in 2005 and still, we are talking about it, that’s what happens when Cassidy creates an epic song. When the same song was used by Tory Lanez, who is still pretty new in the scene (debut in 2016), Cassidy got devastated. 

Tory Lanez did a freestyle on Cassidy’s hit without even acknowledging that the lyrics and flow were originally created by Cassidy. It might have taken a week of contemplation, but Cassidy is back in the game with a bang, and that bang is ‘Perjury’, the diss track on Tory Lanez.

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In the ‘Perjury’ diss track, Cassidy is pointing towards Tory being a thief and an immature who is still a little kid while he has been in the rapping industry since 1986. Perjury’s lyrics say, “Canada got free healthcare you gonna need some”, for his stealing of the beats Cassidy disses, “Its stolen bars in all the records that he done / None of his sh*t is original, sh*t pitiful / I was selling records before the game went digital”.

Cassidy has not only dissed Tory in his tracks, but he has also shown his resentment in an interview. The American Rapper feels like he has been disrespected and he thinks just because Tory has got a few songs out, Tory feels that he’s privileged. He openly said that Tory is rapping to his beats and he’s still pretty new in hip hop. Cassidy is doing his work long before he came. 

Cassidy says, “I don’t give a f**k about you rappin’ to my beat… Pay homage for real, n***a. Pay homage for real.” From what it looks like Cassidy is only wanting genuine credit for using his flow and lyrics. That’s a fair deal. 

Cassidy has released his diss track ‘Perjury’ over his Instagram. You can also listen to the diss track on YouTube. 

Also, something that no one noticed before, Cassidy has brought to our attention. Tory has not only stolen from Cassidy’s one track but has done the same even before the Hot 97 scene.

Tory Lanez has stolen the flow in 2017 when he was rapping over Nas’ “Oochie Wally” beat. 

People are commenting on Complex Music’s tweet that they haven’t seen a fight like this since Kiss and Styles. This means the diss track is getting more attention than ever before. But between all this, we should also notice that Cassidy was practically invisible in the last decade and it is only now, because of Tory Lanez that he is getting his fame back. 

No matter who wins, the people are sure as hell enjoying this battle of rappers like we do every time. 

Some people are even criticizing Cassidy for making Tory an excuse for gaining publicity. While some want Cassidy to come back with more fire beats. Some comments are even waiting for Tory to reply with another diss track. What’s your take on it?  

Wrapping Up 

Whatever the result might be, every dissing scene is quite entertaining. From the rap battles to the media statements, everything is super fun for the audiences. Whose side are you on? Comment below your view on ‘Cassidy Unleashes Tory Lanez Diss Track Perjury’.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old is the rapper Cassidy?

Cassidy is 39 years old.

Where is the rapper Cassidy from?

Rapper Cassidy is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. His real name is Barry Adrian Reese.

Is Tory Lanez actually 5’3”?

Yes, Tory Lanez’s height is 5’3″. This data is taken from Los Angeles Sheriff Office website from his arrest report.

When did Tory shoot Megan?

Tory shot four bullets from outside of his car and two of those bullets hit Megan at her feet.

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