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The early 2000s Cartoon Network games impacted the childhoods of many kids (and even adults), yet their legacy is widely ignored in the 21st century. Cartoon Network was the go-to place for me to watch my favorite show while eating my lunch after school. The name of Cartoon Network still brings nostalgia, but you can re-live those old days again with Cartoon Network games on the official Cartoon Network website.

Cartoon Network was the god to the kids in the 2000s. It was the reward we got after completing our homework and being on our best behavior. However, with time it lost its glimpse, but did it? Well, Cartoon Network is still a king, king of offering some interactive and interesting games.

Are you looking for a way to live those old days instead of simply reminiscing them? Well, we have a plan. The plan includes the Cartoon Network website and the top Cartoon Network games on it. Yes, you heard it right! “Cartoon Network Games”. Head down and find out the top Cartoon Network Games to play and enjoy in your free time.

Top Cartoon Network Games Of All Times

For more than two decades, Cartoon Network has been offering us amazing and hilarious Cartoon Network games. All these Cartoon Network games are exciting and fun to play. However, some are better than others. If you are a Cartoon Network fan, then you would have played these games. However, we would recommend you to go ahead and try out all these top Cartoon Network games for all times if you haven’t already.

1. South Park: The Fractured But Whole 

15 Best Cartoon Network Games To Play Right Now in 2022

South Park: The Fractured but Whole is a 2.5-dimensional, third-person viewpoint role-playing Cartoon Network video game. The main player controls the New Kid while exploring the fictitious Colorado town of South Park. The player-controlled character can wander freely around the town with ease. A fast-travel mechanism moves the player character between unlocked travel locations. 

This Cartoon Network game allows the player to choose from one of ten archetypical superhero player characters: the nimble Speedster, the short-range, high-damage Brutalist, the long-range, moderate-damage Blaster, the weather-based Elementalist, the offense-attracting Cyborg, the long-range, status-effecting Psychic, the stealthy Assassin, the gadget-using Gadgeteer, the healing Plantmancer, and the high-damage. Initially, the New Kid has access to only three classes (Blaster, Speedster, and Brutalist), later, he may access all 10 classes, freely combining powers from the available classes.

2. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3

15 Best Cartoon Network Games To Play Right Now in 2022

Dragon Ball is one of the most popular and well-known anime Cartoon Network franchises. Naturally, the popularity of the series has led to the publication of a vast library of games based on the property, ranging from fighters to role-playing games to sidescrollers. However, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 stands out from the others as one of the most excellent Cartoon Network games of all times.

The game’s combat is fluid, with fists (and feet) thrown at a rapid rate and ultimate attacks executed without any preparation. In addition, the 3D arena-style gameplay introduced by the Tenkaichi games and refined in Tenkaichi 3 contributes to the openness of the combat witnessed in the presentations.

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3. The Adventures Of Batman And Robin (SNES)

15 Best Cartoon Network Games To Play Right Now in 2022

The Adventures Of Batman And Robin (SNES) was based on the iconic DC Comics characters Batman and Robin, as well as the successful animated television series Batman: The Animated Series. Batman’s adventures take him to an amusement park and other locations where villains commit nefarious acts. In this Cartoon Network game, the player controls Batman and pursues him to the end of each stage, when a villain will arrive. However, the aesthetic and design of the stages themselves are distinct from one another, contributing significantly to the game’s versatility.

The ability to equip various devices, such as explosives, x-ray glasses, and so on, is one of the most prevalent aspects of the game. It will be one of the favorite Cartoon Network games of all times for Batman fans, and others will enjoy playing it.

4. Kleptocats Cartoon Network (2019)

15 Best Cartoon Network Games To Play Right Now in 2022

Kleptocats Cartoon Network is a 2019 game created by HyperBeard Games and released by Cartoon Network Games. The purpose of Kleptocats: Cartoon Network is to care for cats from six distinct Cartoon Network brands, including Steven Universe, Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls, We Bare Bears, The Amazing World of Gumball, and Unikitty! 

The player interacts with the cat by touching, feeding, bathing, and outfitting it. The user may then send their cat out to collect goods based on various Cartoon Network properties. This has been one of the most popular Cartoon Network games of all time, especially for kids of age group below 12.

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5. Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon, Since I Have No Idea! (2013)

15 Best Cartoon Network Games To Play Right Now in 2022

Finn and Jake descend into the depths upon receiving Princess Bubblegum’s order to investigate the catacombs/prison under the Land of Ooo (“because she doesn’t know”). The game is one of the old-fashioned top-down dungeon crawler Cartoon Network games. In the dungeon, players may collect loot that they can later use to improve the stats of their numerous playable characters, interact with other characters, and purchase items from the game’s omnipresent item dealer.

this Cartoon Network game however includes a large number of playable characters from the show, including Marceline. The aesthetics are lovely, the action is intriguing, and the co-op features make playing with friends enjoyable. Similar to titles in the Diablo series, the game is a top-down, isometric hack-and-slash dungeon crawler. Adventure Time fans will want to give this a try. 

Best Cartoon Network Games for Mobile

Are you someone that chooses to play and enjoy games specifically on mobile? If that’s the case then you will love these Cartoon Network games for mobile phones.

1. Toon Cup

If you’ve ever wished to observe Mojo Jojo, Robin, Ben 10, and a sentient apple having a kickabout, your wish has been granted. Toon Cup incorporates a few of the most recognizable Cartoon Network properties into a vibrant and colorful football game.

15 Best Cartoon Network Games To Play Right Now in 2022

This is another amazing Cartoon Network game that is definitely geared at children, but the varied attendees provide some intriguing flavor to the core football principles, and the dazzling animation helps bring the game to life. Download this Cartoon Network game immediately from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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2. Attack the Light: Steven Universe

Are you a true cartoon network fan? They you must be familiar with the moniker Grumpyface? Cartoon Network Games offers players with the game based on the same series, sounds awesome, right? The skilled studio is a frequent collaborator with Cartoon Network and Adult Swim’s publishing houses. This is one of the Cartoon Network games based on the television series Steven Universe and features an innovative, stripped-down look while remaining authentic to the show’s premise.

15 Best Cartoon Network Games To Play Right Now in 2022

In addition to picking attacks from menus, battles in this game also require time and interactivity, a la Super Mario RPG. Even if you’re not a fan of the program, you’ll still like this role-playing Cartoon Network game for mobile since it’s enjoyable.

3. Teeny Titans

Teeny Titans is one of the best Cartoon Network games for mobile that might be considered a great Pokemon clone available on Cartoon Network games website. However, calling it a clone may not be totally true because the battle in Teeny Tinats is very different. The game utilizes real-time features and charging-up attacks to set itself apart.

15 Best Cartoon Network Games To Play Right Now in 2022

In addition, the figure collection of this game blends aspects of gacha systems with the genre’s more conventional monster-catching. Cartoon Network and Grumpyface pulled off the combination of a recognizable game with a license that truly manages to be a little bit original.

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4. Card Wars and Empire

Card Wars is one of the most renowned Adventure Time episodes, and the application centered on the card game is also rather successful. This is one of the interesting Cartoon Network games for mobile phones. Card Wars Kingdom enhances the experience in two ways: by introducing PVP multiplayer fights as opposed to a single-player campaign and enhancing the graphics. 

15 Best Cartoon Network Games To Play Right Now in 2022

200+ beautifully drawn cards make this one of the excellent Cartoon Network games for mobile phones. The game has fast and furious battles and a card fighting system that is easy to learn. The excellent player VS player modes is just the cherry on top.

5. Soundtrack Attack: Steven Universe

This rhythm platformer is excellent for Steven Universe fans with remixes of the show’s soundtrack. However, the Crystal Gem maker is what might appeal to the fans more. Why you ask? Well, it lets players construct their own gemsona. A great little touch that attempts to connect with the fans rather than simply cash in on them. 

15 Best Cartoon Network Games To Play Right Now in 2022

The good graphics of the game and the exciting yet familiar soundtrack is just another thing to look forward to while playing this Cartoon Network game. Gem personification is just something that most players are delighted about, I’m sure you will be too! It is simply one of my best Cartoon Network games for mobile.

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Best Cartoon Network Games for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is just an amazing device that makes our gaming experience more fun. Do you rather opt to play your favorite games on Nintendo Switch? If that’s the case, then here are the best Cartoon Network games for Nintendo Switch that you will love to play and enjoy with your friends.

1. Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers

Cartoon Network: Battle Crashers is a side-scrolling beat-em-up inspired by Streets of Rage. This is one of the Cartoon Network games for Nintendo Switch that includes characters from many series, including Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and Regular Show, among others.

15 Best Cartoon Network Games To Play Right Now in 2022

Game players can alternate between the characters from various programs and beat the opponents to progress through stages based on the numerous locations from each great show. It is one of the excellent Cartoon Network games for Nintendo Switch which is better suited for younger viewers with a lot of wonderful material.

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2. Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time

Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is an action platformer with tight game controls and excellent fighting that takes the titular Jack back in time for one more mission. The wicked magician Aku is not yet done with Jack, sending him back in time and forcing him to repeat his most famous battles.


This Cartoon Network game is a wonderful opportunity for longtime fans of the show to relive the greatest aspects of the renowned franchise all over again, as it combines its fantastic 3D animation with excerpts from the program. Tthere are still plenty of entertaining surprises to come your way while playing these excellent Cartoon Network games on Nintendo Switch.

3. Steven Universe: Save The Light

Another amazing Cartoon Network game for Nintendo switch is Steven Universe. It has long seemed like a wonderful candidate for a video game, especially because of its sugar-coated universe and frequent use of dark humor to advance absurd plots. Steven Universe: Save The Light reintroduces all your favorite characters (and their voice actors) and allows you to go on a quest to stop an invading jewel from conquering Earth.

15 Best Cartoon Network Games To Play Right Now in 2022

It will be a great deal of joy to engage with every individual and explore the town. Even characters like Lion and Onion have a role in this game, which was clearly designed by fans of the program. This is one of the action Cartoon Network games for Nintendo Switch that is ideal for every Steven Universe fan you know.

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4. BEN 10: Power Trip

Ben 10 is another series offering excellent Cartoon Network games for Nintendo Switch. This amazing game features a young boy who can change into ten different alien animals (though there are really many more than ten) and must fight the evil Hex. Ben 10: Power Trip is one of the Cartoon Network games for Nintendo Switch that begins with Ben and his friends embarking on a European road trip, only for villains to be unleashed upon the globe.

15 Best Cartoon Network Games Till 2022 | CN Games You Can't Miss

Ben 10: Power Trip is an open-world action-adventure game in which the player must utilize the powers of each alien to solve the world’s numerous issues. 

5. Adventure Time: Pirates Of The Enchiridion

Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion is an adventure Cartoon Network game with tons of twists and excitement. The game begins with Finn and Jake stumbling across a nearby pirate ship and embarking on a voyage to save the world after awakening to discover their planet fully submerged in water. There are a variety of islands to explore, terrific vocal performances from popular characters, and even a few very amusing parodies of video games.

15 Best Cartoon Network Games Till 2022 | CN Games You Can't Miss

There are at least ten to fifteen hours of exploring to be had here, and while it’s not the most in-depth in terms of mechanics, we wholeheartedly rank it as one of the best Cartoon Network games for Nintendo Switch.

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Wrapping Up

These are all the Cartoon Network Games for today’s Cartoon Network Fans. Want suggestions for more games to play on your mobile or PC? Path of EX has well-curated lists of games for every player out there. Visit our website and find interesting stuff for the gamer within you.


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