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Health is the center of humanity. Being healthy should be the utmost priority of people as all other human lives depend on it. Health issues worldwide are rising at an alarming rate. An increasing number of people are suffering from severe medical problems. New illnesses break out at an unprecedented rate and disrupt people’s social, economic, and emotional well-being. Global public health security is a phenomenon that covers activities around mitigating adverse incidents that put people’s health in danger across international borders. 

A trend of people venturing into fields that allow them to serve humanity while earning a substantial amount of money is on the rise, and many people choose healthcare for the same purpose. Globalization has made the world a small village, and public health professionals are high in demand. Natural or human-made disasters happening in one country are no longer local incidents. Similarly, public health is not a local concern anymore; instead, it has become a global responsibility.

Several people want to serve in the public health sector but are ignorant and do not have sufficient information. Some of the career options for ensuring public health security in society are as follows:

  1. Psychologist

Today, a vast majority suffers from mental health issues. It is not only adults who go through psychological problems, but children are also battling depression and anxiety. Physical, emotional, and social health are all interconnected. People who suffer in one aspect of health go through problems in others. Psychologists help people in coming to terms with their reality and encourage them to speak their hearts out. Depending on the clients’ condition, they prescribe treatments or give counseling sessions and support them to stand on their feet. People often consider talking about mental health issues a taboo. Psychologists listen to them without judging, and their job bounds them to keep the conversation confidential. Psychology is gaining immense momentum, and it has expanded in the past few years. People striving to have a career in public health security can enroll in an online bachelor of arts in psychology and serve for a good cause. The degree gives an insight into the field and prepares you for the on-field job. 

  1. Health Policy Analyst

When it comes to global health, government plays a crucial role in maintaining the nation’s health. Still, they alone cannot take full responsibility. Policy analysts look deeply into health programs and their impact on communities. They send their analysis’ results to the government to make them realize the changes health programs need. Health policy analysts identify the gaps between policies and the public’s needs and help relevant organizations to fill them. To land a job as a policy analyst, you need to have a degree along with years of experience in the healthcare sector. 

  1. Program Management 

Public health comprises of different organizations, and administration is a crucial aspect of any institute. It ensures that all departments of organizations are aligned and running their operations smoothly. World Health Organization has numerous organizations in various countries. Every institute requires a manager who can handle the management and ensure that the workflow is smooth. Managers in public health organizations overview operations of different departments and send messages back and forth. Additionally, they implement plans advised by epidemiologists and policy analysts.  They establish standards, help workers and ensure that the projects comply with rules and improve public health. 

  1. Nutritionist

Many countries suffer from malnutrition and scarcity of food items. People die out of hunger and deficiency of vitamins, minerals, and calcium that stem from food unavailability. On the other hand, obesity is becoming a significant concern as ordering fast food and consuming high-level sugar and cholesterol is rising.  Nutritionists raise awareness about the importance of a healthy diet and let people know about the consequences of unhealthy habits. In the public health sector, nutritionists work alongside doctors and nurses and prescribe food items as per individual conditions to strengthen their immunity.  

  1. Public Health Advisor

Contrary to popular ideas, an advisor is not a manager. The manager ensures that every employee does the job as per the duty. In contrast, advisors synthesize policies, researches, and regulations of different programs and ensure that they all keep working for the objective. Advisors have the end goal in mind. They coordinate with various organizations to devise techniques for addressing crucial public health issues. They understand the gravity of the problems and help an organization stay focused on significant issues and practically enhance public health. The international advisor has an eye on global health issues and advises organizations to prevent illnesses. 

  1. Global Health Educator

A vast majority do not have basic knowledge of public health and are ignorant about its significance. For instance, many people do not maintain private hygiene and fail to comprehend the impact hygiene has on health. Global health educators work with other organizations, travel to faraway places, and educate people on simple measures to improve their health. Global health educators act as a bridge that connects science and the community, as they communicate about science and give people information about it. International global health educators possess impeccable communication skills. Have a cultural understanding and strong networking skills. 

  1. Community Health Representative

Community health representative, commonly referred to as CHR, is a one-of-a-kind program that provides health promotion and disease prevention services. As a community health representative, you should be familiar with all aspects of your community and well-equipped to determine their community health’s critical problems. Community health representatives research and analyze public health needs and advocate on behalf of their community. To serve as a community health representative, you need to earn a bachelor’s degree, get familiar with your community and stay engaged to address public health problems. You can even consider studying to become a nurse. PMHNP online programs are designed for working RNs and may be just what you’re looking for. There are always loads of hospitals looking for qualified, registered nurses, so you can be sure of job security as well. Registered nurses also have some of the highest job satisfaction rates as well, topping this career path off as being some of the most rewarding too!


Public health security is gaining immense momentum as the world is becoming more connected than ever. One community issue is no longer only that specific section’s problems. Health emergencies put pressure on healthcare systems and often cost people’s lives. Global public health security helps in dealing with global health problems and work to improve health worldwide.  


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