Car Insurance For Teens and Young Drivers in the US

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Car insurance companies use a variety of elements to decide your premiums. Nevertheless, among all essential factors regarding car insurance for teens and young drivers is the motorist’s age. While teens and young adults below the age of 25 contain several of the highest percentages for selection.

 According to statistics, teenage drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents than older ones. They also generally drive older, least good cars with lower protective measures. 

As a result, consider several things when choosing a company that offers car insurance for teens and young drivers I have prepared a list of companies who offer car insurance for teens & young drivers while considering a number of factors such as discounts, features, and quality of products and review who offers  

Below is the list of top companies that offer insurance for teens & young drivers in the US with comprehensive features that are affordable to everyone.

Top Car Insurance Carriers for Teens and Young Drivers

Car Insurance For Teens & Young Drivers

It is pertinent to mention here that one should choose the company that offers cheap car insurance for teens and young drivers on the basis of research and knowledge. Unlike practical things, most of us directly sink into the emotions of advertisement and publicity.

While taking care of all the factors, we have come up with the list of top insurance companies that provides insurance for teens and young drivers in the US.

1. Erie Insurance

Car Insurance For Teens & Young Drivers

Erie Insurance is providing services in the field of car insurance since 1925 and is famous for its settlement claims and wonderful customer service and relationships.

The company has come up with car insurance for teens and young drivers as a special feature to attract the young masses across the country.

Ironically, Erie is not a countrywide company; instead, it is a regional insurer with a focus on Pennsylvania, Virginia, the Northeast, and Midwest. 

Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia are among the states where the company’s packages are accessible. One has to enter the zip code on the Erie Insurance website to see if coverage is available in your area.

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Protection Options: In those areas where Erie is available, it offers comprehensive packages of insurance such as-

  • Locksmith Services
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Pet Insurance( cover injuries during a car accident)
  • Personal item coverage of destroyed articles, damaged or loss in a car accident
  • Coverage for windows and windshield

One can add Erie Auto Plus feature to the plan by paying just $35 or less a year. With the help of this plan, a customer receives deteriorating and waived deductibles, a $10,000 death benefit, and many other benefits.

Benefits: There are certain rate cuts that will attract families of teens and young drivers who are buying for their own insurance plan among the many discounts available. Among the deals are:

  • Unmarried drivers under the age of 21 who reside alongside their parents are eligible for young driver discounts.
  • Drivers under the age of 21 who finish an authorized training course receive a discount.
  • Erie Rate Lock guarantees the same premiums year after year regardless of the number of accidents.
  • Discounts of up to 25% on multiple cars and policies

2. Allstate (You are in safe hands)

Car Insurance For Teens & Young Drivers

Many university students drive to the classroom each day from home, whereas others store their automobiles on the university for weeks or even months. Irrespective of your educational journey, you can be assured that Allstate will look after you as you pursue your career and get benefit of car insurance for teens and young drivers as a special feature to attract the young masses across the country.

It’s no wonder that Allstate, as being one of the nation’s largest vehicle insurance carriers, provides all you might desire in terms of pricing. 

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The benefits that one can get at Allstate are numerous such as, protection for damage, theft, loss, insurance for speaker system installed in the car, and all other common services.

Moreover, roadside insurance or protection is also available for those who are looking for long drives in the entire country. Those customers who give others references for the purchase of Allstate plans also get some attractive offers such as membership of Mexican travel insurance.

Benefits: For sure, Allstate provides the best combination of benefits and discounts. Moreover, the best ones are for teen and young college-going students because of the several benefits:

•A Smart Student Discount is available for teens and young students who are below the age of 25 and fall under one of the fixed mechanisms:

  • Must have B Grade or GPA of 2.7
  • Minimum College distance from home should be of 100 miles
  • Should have completed successfully teen SMART driver course
  • The Miles Program, which calculates rates based on how many miles you drive per month.

3. State Farm

Car Insurance For Teens & Young Drivers

State Farm has evolved through one of the country’s largest insurance firms over the last decade, insuring more automobiles and houses than any other carrier with 84 million policies across the country.

State Farm forces all of its agents to sell only State Farm. This implies that agents will not be able to sell you auto insurance from numerous providers; instead, they will only work with State Farm and will be conversant with their products. Its network of local agents takes pleasure in offering the best customer service possible and car insurance for teens and young drivers.

State Farm has offices in all 50 states as well as the District of Columbia. Unlike those organizations that operate only from company offices, which are becoming increasingly popular. 

In this electronic era, State Farm operates as a decentralized range of local dealers committed to their surrounding people.

Protection: State Farm provides all of the necessary and desirable insurance for any driver anywhere in the United States. The following are some other coverage choices:

  • Lyft and Uber drivers can get rideshare.
  • Insurance that includes breakdown cover.
  • Compensation for a car rental and travel expenses

Benefits: State Farm looks to be more dedicated and passionate about teen and young drivers. Among its benefits, it offers-

  • Good Student Discount: it includes 25% for the people who are in college and school and maintain good grades.
  • Student Away discount is for the families who have a college student in the family and use a vehicle only at home.
  • Defensive Driving Discount is for those who have done driving safety course successfully.

4. Progressive

Car Insurance For Teens & Young Drivers

Progressive Company has become a huge star since 1937, thanks in large part to its witty advertisements featuring perky agent Flo and, more recently, her nerdy sidekick Jamie. Behind the humor, however, is a strong organization that places a premium on good drivers.

Progressive is a company that operates its operation of car insurance for teens and young drivers throughout the 50 states including the District of Columbia. However, unlike State Farm, it does not operate through a proprietary network of agents. 

Although some local independent insurance brokers sell Progressive products as well as those from other carriers, the majority of Progressive clients handle their policies online regarding car insurance for teens and young drivers .

Protection: Progressive, just like most vehicle insurance providers, provides all of the standard liabilities, accident, and total insurances, as well as uninsured motorist protection and medical negligence protection. Progressive also provides the following services:

  • Rideshare Coverage
  • Deductible Savings Bank, which drops your deductible amounts the longer you go without an accident
  • Mexico Auto Insurance for those taking their car across the border
  • GAP Coverage
  • Custom Parts Coverage for aftermarket additions
  • Roadside Assistance

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Benefits: While several businesses provide discounts for car insurance for teens and young drivers for safe driving, Progressive has one of the finest in the business.

Those who go three years without an accident or a violation might save up to 30% on their annual insurance payments. The majority of other companies merely provide a 10%–20% discount.

Moreover, Progressive company provides the following benefits to teen and young drivers:

  • Teen Discount is given to households covering a motorist between the age of 18.
  • Good Student Discount is accessible to those who are enrolled in high schools and colleges with a B average.
  • Online Quote Discount offers 7% to teen and young drivers who get insurance quotes online.

5. Nationwide

Car Insurance For Teens & Young Drivers

As we mentioned in the introduction, young drivers are among the most likely to be involved in a car accident.

According to the CDC, teenage drivers are roughly three times as likely as their older counterparts to be involved in a fatal crash. 

After an accident, many insurance companies significantly increase the cost of your policy, particularly if you and your family are found to be at fault. 

We’ve included Nationwide Insurance on our list of the top insurance options including car insurance for teens and young drivers, since it has one of the greatest accident forgiveness programs in the market.

NationWide insurance company offers its car insurance for teens and young drivers packages in almost all the states except Alaska, Massachusetts, Hawaii, or Louisiana.

Protection: For the teen and young drivers, Nationwide has all of the personal and car coverages they’ll need. Nationwide Insurance also provides the following specialty coverages:

  • Breakdown Cover Available 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week
  • Affordable Policies Are Disappearing
  • Waivers of Deductibles for Total Loss

Benefits: Nationwide is extremely competitive with all of the other insurance providers on this list when it comes to discounts. Nationwide provides the following services to teen and young drivers in particular:

  • Drivers can use the SmartRide program to track their usage and driving behavior.
  • Students in high school and college who keep a B grade are eligible for a Good Student Discount.
  • Discounts for families who bundle insurance coverages include multi-car and multi-policy discounts.

6.USAA (Best for Military Families)

Car Insurance For Teens & Young Drivers

Because of its affordable prices and excellent customer service, USAA vehicle insurance is a clear winner for current or former military members and their families. In fact, J.D. Power considers USAA to be the greatest carrier in the country.

While USAA is available throughout the United States, it is only open to military families and also offer car insurance for teens and young drivers. Moreover, all those can get the benefit of this policy who are currently in service, retired or separated members of the United States armed forces.

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There are other policies offered such as a commissioning program that offers insurance for adults and children of members of USAA.

Protection: USAA provides ridesharing protection for Lyft and Uber drivers, as well as 24/7 breakdown help and damage protection, in addition to the necessary minimum car insurance coverage. 

The last two can be especially useful for young drivers who are prone to accidents.

Benefits: All USAA customers receive substantial discounts. However, when it comes to benefits tailored to young drivers, USAA provides the following services:

  • Family Discounts for those under the age of 25.
  • A Driver Training Discount for those under the age of 21 who finished a training course
  • Discounts for students in high school and college who keep a B grade

Comparision of Best Insurance Companies for Teen and Youg Drivers

CompanySuitable For
Erie InsuranceBest Overall for New Drivers
AllstateBest for College Students
State FarmBest Student Discounts
USAABest for Military Families
Progressive InsuranceBest for Good Drivers

Despite teen and young drivers are among the most costly to cover, customers can still save cash by selecting a company that offers low rates, student discounts, and solid accident forgiveness programs in the form of car insurance for teens and young drivers.

While we strongly recommend the six insurance companies on this list, it’s always a good idea to shop around and compare rates before committing to a long-term relationship with one.


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