Cape Fear Valley Health opens COVID-19 vaccines to Group 3, all frontline essential workers ::

Cape Fear Valley Health opens COVID-19 vaccines to Group 3, all frontline essential workers ::

— Cape Fear Valley Health is now opening its vaccination clinics to frontline essential workers, which includes all of Group 3 in North Carolina.

The health group said they’re ahead of schedule and moving forward with the next phase of the vaccination plan after a high turnout of school workers combined with decreasing demand from other eligible groups. The move forward means any frontline essential workers 18 and older can now get their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine from one of Cape Fear Valley Health’s vaccination clinics.

The state defines “frontline essential workers” as people who must work in-person and be part of eight fields such as: education, critical manufacturing, essential goods, food and agriculture, government and community Services, health care and public health, public safety and transportation. The definition applies to food and agriculture production, manufacturing, corrections workers, U.S. Postal Service, public transit and grocery workers.

Because supply is still very limited and the population of frontline essential workers is so large, the state started allowing vaccines to those working in child care or in PreK – 12 schools on Feb. 24. Learn more about eligibility Group 3 – frontline essential workers.

“This is a very broad category that includes most workers, if they are working in-person with others or the public,” said Chris Tart, PharmD, Vice President of Professional Services at Cape Fear Valley Health.

Cape Fear Valley Health has vaccination clinics in Fayetteville, North Fayetteville, Elizabethtown and Raeford. Some clinics have increased their availability with the Group 3 opening.

All first-dose visits for Group 3 participants Cape Fear Valley Health Vaccine clinics. Second dose appointments aren’t necessary.

Group 1 includes health care workers and long-term care staff and residents. Group 2 consists of adults age 65 and older.

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