Can You Romance More Than One Person in Hades: Polyamory in Hades?

romance more than one person in Hades

With three romance options but no clarity on who you can actually romance, fans have questions about Hades. Can you romance more than one person in Hades while gaming without any negative consequences? Let’s find out.

With Zagreus’ adventure in the underworld, romance is a good distraction from the escape. But who can he romance? And how? And will polyamory cause problems with the others?

Read on to know if you can romance multiple characters in Hades and if you can court Romance Megaera and Thanatos at the same time.

Can You Romance Multiple Characters in Hades?

romance more than one person in Hades

Luckily, it is possible to romance multiple characters in Hades. You can romance more than one person in Hades and hence have a polyamorous relationship without any penalty or negative consequences.

In fact, it is a requirement that you romance Thanatos, Dusa, and Megaera to forge a bond with Aphrodite and gift her ambrosia.

Can You Romance All 3 Options in Hades Simultaneously?

The three main romance options in Hades are Thanatos, Dusa, and Meg, and you can romance all three of them simultaneously.

All you need to do is give them ambrosia and nectar and do a favor or two for each of them.

Can You Romance Megaera and Thanatos at the Same Time?

You can romance Meg and Thanatos at the same time in Hades without any penalty. This means that polyamory with Megaera and Thanatos is possible.

If Zagreus fully romances Megaera and Thanatos both, another scene will unlock in Zagreus’s Room. In this scene in Zagreus’s Room, the three can initiate a polyromantic relationship.

Wrapping Up

So are you ready to romance all three romance options and have fun with Polymaory in Hades? Comment to let me know who you find the most interesting among the three and who you’d like to court first.

Happy Gaming!

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