Can You Recover Deleted TikTok Videos: A Second Chance

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Can you recover deleted TikTok videos? If you’re a regular TikTok user, you know how it feels to put in hours of hard work and creativity into making the perfect video, only to accidentally delete it. The good news is that you may still be able to recover that video, with a little bit of know-how and effort. In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of TikTok video recovery, from how the app’s deletion process works to the best methods for getting your lost videos back.

TikTok has exploded in popularity in recent years, with over a billion active users worldwide. The app’s unique format of short, engaging videos has captured the attention of people of all ages, and it’s become a platform for creative expression and entertainment. With so much content being uploaded every day, it’s easy to see why users might be devastated if they accidentally delete their own videos.

But why is video recovery so important? For one, it allows TikTok users to retrieve valuable content that may have taken a lot of time and effort to create. It’s also an opportunity to learn from mistakes and avoid making them in the future. But the question is can you recover deleted TikTok videos?

Can You Recover Deleted TikTok Videos?

Can You Recover Deleted TikTok Videos: A Second Chance

So, can you recover deleted TikTok videos? The answer is yes — in some cases, that is too complicated. TikTok’s video deletion process is complex, and whether a video can be recovered or not depends on a number of factors. For example, if the video was deleted by the user, it may be more straightforward to recover than if it was removed by TikTok’s algorithms or moderators. Additionally, the length of time since the video was deleted can also impact the likelihood of successful recovery.

The technical feasibility of video recovery also varies depending on the method used. There are three possible ways to recover deleted TikTok videos: using TikTok’s built-in recovery tool, accessing the user’s cache or temporary files, or using third-party data recovery software. Each of these methods has its own pros and cons, and the choice of which to use will depend on the circumstances of the video’s deletion.

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How to Recover Deleted TikTok Videos?

Can You Recover Deleted TikTok Videos: A Second Chance

So, you’ve accidentally deleted a TikTok video and want to get it back. Fear not, as there are three possible methods for recovering deleted TikTok videos. But please be aware that these options may not work in some cases, rather many. But they are worth giving a shot.

1. Recover Deleted TikTok Videos by Using TikTok’s Built-in Recovery Tool

Can You Recover Deleted TikTok Videos: A Second Chance

TikTok has a built-in recovery tool that allows users to retrieve deleted videos from their account’s trash folder. This is how you can employ this option:

Step 01: Open TikTok and go to your profile page.

Step 02: Tap on the three dots in the top right corner.

Step 03: Select Settings and Privacy followed by Account.

Step 04: From there, select Recently Deleted.

Step 05: Find the video you want to recover and tap on it.

Step 06: Tap Restore and wait for the video to be restored to your account.

This option is valid for 30 days from the time of deletion. If the video was deleted more than 30 days ago, TikTok’s built-in recovery tool may no longer be an option.

In some countries, you won’t find the recently deleted option. In that case, you may contact TikTok and request to restore your video back to your timeline.

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2. Recover Deleted TikTok Videos by Accessing the User’s Cache or Temporary Files

Can You Recover Deleted TikTok Videos

As I have told you earlier, you can only restore deleted files from TikTok’s recycle bin within 30 days. However, the video may still be recoverable through the user’s cache or temporary files. To access these files, you’ll need to use file explorer software on your device. Look for a folder called “TikTok” or “” and search for the deleted video’s file name. Once you find the file, copy it to another location on your device or computer. Keep in mind that the quality of the recovered video may be lower than the original.

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3. Recover Deleted TikTok Videos by Using Third-Party Data Recovery Software

Can You Recover Deleted TikTok Videos

If the above two methods don’t work, you can try using third-party data recovery software. There are many programs available online that are designed to scan your device and recover deleted files, including TikTok videos. Some popular options include EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, Recuva, and Disk Drill.

However, it’s important to use reputable software and to follow all instructions carefully to avoid causing further damage to your device.

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4. Other Options to Recover Deleted TikTok Videos

Can You Recover Deleted TikTok Videos

While searching online for ways to recover deleted TikTok videos, you may come across several guides and videos that claim to have a 100% working solution. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll find that most of them are simply showing you how to recover a TikTok video that’s stored in your device or cloud storage.

If you find yourself in this situation, you can try downloading software such as Stellar Photo Recovery, Dr.Fone, or UltraData-Recover. However, it’s important to note that these solutions will only work if you have accidentally deleted the video from your phone gallery.

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Tips for Preventing Video Loss on TikTok

Can You Recover Deleted TikTok Videos

Nobody wants to lose the hard work and creativity that went into making a great TikTok video. But accidents happen, and sometimes we accidentally delete videos or lose them due to other reasons. Here are some tips to help you avoid video loss on TikTok:

• Take your time when deleting videos: Make sure you’re deleting the right video before confirming the deletion.

• Enable the “save to device” option: This will automatically save your videos to your device gallery, giving you an extra layer of backup.

• Use the “private” setting: If you don’t want to delete a video accidentally, set it to “private” so that it won’t show up in your public profile.

• Save videos to cloud storage: Use services like Google Drive or Dropbox to save your important TikTok videos in the cloud. This way, you can access them from anywhere and won’t lose them if your device gets lost or damaged.

• Download your videos: You can also download your TikTok videos directly to your device or computer. This way, you’ll always have a copy, even if something happens to the original video on TikTok.

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Wrapping Up

That wraps up the query, “can you recover deleted TikTok videos.” While it may seem daunting at first, there are several methods you can try to recover your lost videos. Remember to take precautions to prevent video loss in the future, such as enabling the “save to device” option and saving videos to cloud storage.

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