Can You Connect Quest 3 to PS5: 7 Easy Steps | Quest 3 & PS5 Compatibility

connect Quest 3 to PS5

Meta’s Oculus Quest 3 is all set to release by September 2023, and I couldn’t be more excited. After falling hopelessly in love with Quest 2’s futuristic VR and PS5’s visionary games, I wanted them together. In this article, you’ll find out if you can connect Quest 3 to PS5 and how to do so.

Ever since Meta announced that you can play Quest 2 games on Quest 3, upgrading to the newer model is on my to-do list. And if there is a way to experience the best of both worlds together, why not try it out?

So in this article, we’ll find out if we can connect Quest 3 to PS5, how to connect them both, and what platforms and VR headsets are compatible with PS5. Let’s go!

Can You Connect Quest 3 to PS5?

Technically, you can’t connect your Quest 3 with your PS5, but there is a workaround for those interested.

connect Quest 3 to PS5

Sadly, you can’t connect your Oculus Quest 3 to PS5 because they’re incompatible with each other. In fact, no VR headset or device from Oculus is compatible with PS4 or PS5; only Sony’s PSVR and PSVR 2 are.

But there’s a workaround for those who are firm on using the VR headset with PS5.

How to Connect Quest 3 to PS5?

To connect Quest 3 to PS5, you’ll need a few apps, but this method will limit your game and cause lag. Also, you will not be able to experience VR gaming with the Quest 3 on PS5. You can only really experience VR gaming on PS5 using Sony’s own PSVR.

Here are the requirements and steps to Connect your Oculus VR to your PS5:

Requirements to Connect Quest 3 to PS5

To Connect Quest 3 to PS5, you’ll need to install 2 apps on your Meta Oculus Quest 3 and your PC:

  1. The Virtual Desktop onto your Oculus Quest 3.
  2. The PS Remote Play app on your PC.

Note: You will still need your PS5 controller to play.

Once you have these apps set up on your devices, you can now follow the process of connecting your Oculus Quest 3 with PS5.

Steps to Connect Quest 3 to PS5

Here’s how you can connect Meta Quest 3 with PS5 in six easy and quick steps:

  1. PS5 Home screen > Settings > System > Remote Play
  2. Make sure you have enabled the Remote Play option.
  3. Go to the PS Remote Play app on your PC and sign in to PSN.
  4. Search for and select your console to proceed.
  5. Put on your Quest 3 headset and open the Virtual Desktop app.
  6. Once you can see your desktop, click on the PS Remote Play app.
  7. You will now be able to see the PS5 screen on your Quest 3.

Wrapping Up

Now you know how you can try out your PS5 games with the brand-new Oculus VR. So are you going to try this hack to connect Quest 3 to PS5? Comment to let me know your thoughts on the new headset!

Happy Gaming!

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