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Shivangi Gupta
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The emergence of the internet has brought a revolution in travel, whether road travel or air travel. Air travel with time has eased the distance between one destination and another. Moreover, it provided fast, convenient, reliable, and economical travel options to the larger masses worldwide. In this article, I will be talking about how you can book flights and pay later. 

The days are gone when people used to go to the travel agent or to the airport to queue in lines physically to get book flights. With the internet, one can book flights at home, office, while doing shopping, or wherever you are. However, you are running out of cash and think about whether you can book flights and pay later or not. The answer is Yes.

I will guide you about how you can book flights and pay later to get to your destination and not have to face the inconvenience of lack of cash in the account or in the pocket.

7 Best Companies that Allow to Book Flights and Pay Later

Are you thinking about leaving for a trip but not wanting to pay for this at all once? You will get an option to book flights and pay later here with several companies that we will talk about.

Now the dream of the book a trip with your favorite airline, even if you face budget constraints, will come true. Several companies and airlines offer financial help to book flights and pay later. 

1. Affirm


Affirm charges its customers a particular but set amount over 3 to 36 months with the interest rate known to everyone when signing up for Affirm. The users have to provide their mobile number, which Affirm will later treat as an account number.

The services of Affirm will be available to all the states except Virginia and Iowa. Once the account is created, users can choose auto-pay or pay each month. The entire list of travel partners, hoteliers, and airlines is available on Affirm’s website, where detailed information about booking flights and paying later is available.

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2. Paypal


Paypal is another choice for credit approved by some of the traveling partners across the country. When a user is signing up for Paypal credit, select it as one of the payment options. Paypal does not charge any interest rate on transactions of around $99 or more to book flights, provided you pay back the entire amount in full within six months.

3. Uplift

Uplift: Buy Now, Pay Later

Uplift also gives an option of financing to book flights and pay later. The moment one chooses to book a flight, the message will pop out saying the charges per month based on the ticket’s total price in the shopping cart. 

After this, you will be on the payment page asking to select the monthly payment option. Further, you will be prompt to provide some other information like personal details, and when you tap on the check rate, you will come to know if you qualify to book a flight and pay later or not.

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4. Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has a tie-up with Uplift to finance booking flights and paying later. Book your flights as usual. Once you’ve added them to your cart, you’ll notice a notation that says something like, “Total due now $598.10 USD or starting at $54/mo.” You may see the specifics from Uplift if you click on the link. 

When you reach the payment page, select “pay monthly,” and you’ll be prompted to provide the personal information Uplift requires to complete the loan.

4. American Airlines

American Airlines

American Airlines also offers an option like booking flights and pay later for your trips. It accepts PayPal credit to pay for the tickets provided you are a US resident. It also covers other areas such as Puerto Rico, Virginia Islands, Canada, and the U.K.

Once booking a flight, select PayPal on the payment page. After this, you need to sign in to your PayPal account and choose PayPal credit.

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5. Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines has an agreement with PayPal credit as a payment option to facilitate customers booking flights and paying later. 

Fly Now, Earn Later is a unique promotion offered by this airline. Delta and American Express will advance your points, and you’ll have six months to earn those points back and clear the outstanding. 

(When you make purchases with this credit card, you earn miles.) If you haven’t kept your end of the bargain by the end of the 6 months, your account will get charged 2.5 cents per mile for the miles you owe.

6. KLM


One can hold back the fare for 72 hours after the trip for a non-refundable fee. You need to figure out the best fare that you look to book, and then you can back for this fare after a day or two.

Moreover, KLM facilitates its customer with another unique option called Bill Me Later through PayPal.

When booking a flight of KLM, you will get this option on the payment page and choices of debit and credit.

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After selecting this option, you will be prompt to sign in to PayPal account. One should not get confused while doing it through their website because it shows “Bill Me Later” on the website; however, called PayPal credit if you cheek on the PayPal website.

7. United Airlines

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United Airlines understands PayPal and Uplift and chooses any of them for payment options, but every fate is not eligible for Uplift payment.

One can get several options here with United Airlines in case she/he wants to book a flight and pay later due to a financial emergency.

United Airlines has a feature known as FareLock. With this FareLock, customers will get charged a small fee to hold back a special fare for 3, 7, or 14 days without paying it in one go. 

You forfeit the FareLock amount you’ve already paid by not purchasing the ticket.

United Airlines currently only offers FareLock on its nonstop flights and United Express flights. It provided both award tickets and money-paid tickets.

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Wrapping Up

The traveling experience with all these airlines has been wonderful over the years. They have laid a good impression on the minds of its customers.

These airlines have not only proved as a helping hand in times of temporary financial crunch. However, they have topped my list because of their safe, secure, reliable, and economical travel.

The tie-up they have with other third parties to offer financial service to help people book flights and pay later is worth talking about, with either no charges or minimum charges.

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