Can TextFree Number Be Traced in 2023 | Is Tracing TextFree Number Possible?

Can TextFree number be traced

Have you been receiving anonymous texts and calls from a TextFree number? You would want to know if that number can be traced. It can get super annoying when you get prank texts and calls from a TextFree number. So, can TextFree number be traced? Let’s find out in this article.

TextFree can be used to make calls and texts. The app needed internet access. Textfree is available on Android and iOs. The app was formerly known as Pinger. TextFree uses the internet so the users can use the app for free. There is also a subscription option on TextFree. The app was first launched in 2006.

The question remains even now. Can you track TextFree number down? Is it possible to know who this person is? Let’s see can TextFree number be traced 

Can TextFree Number Be Traced?

can TextFree number be traced?

You cannot trace Textfree numbers. These numbers being anonymous it is impossible to trace who it belongs to. These are also privately owned numbers. Since these numbers cannot be traced, the identity of the user remains anonymous. It is easier to use Text Free numbers to hide identity while making calls or texting. 

But what happens if your install TextFree on your phone? Since all our phones have location access, it is possible to trace the location from the app. What can you do to make sure your identity remains anonymous? Let’s see if your device be traced after you uninstall Textfree

Can Your Device Be Traced After You Uninstall TextFree?

Can TextFree Number Be Traced

Your device won’t be traced after you uninstall TextFree. Your identity remains anonymous since TextFree numbers cannot be traced. But any app that you install on your phone has access to your storage. Even when you uninstall the app some residue files may stay on your phone. These files get stored on your device’s memory or memory card. 

Your device cannot be traced after you uninstall TextFree when you remove the residue files. For this, you can go to your storage and delete the folder that has TextFree data. The folder should be named ‘TextFree’. Deleting files that might have been saved on your phone makes your phone hard to be traced.

With the app being free to use and anonymous, is TextFree really safe? Let me try to break down this question in a simple way

Is TextFree Safe?

TextFree does follow the standard security protocol. However, TextFree does not use end-to-end encryption.TextFree’s safety has been debated a lot. The app lets you make anonymous calls and texts. Your identity cannot be traced. With the app being anonymous and free to use, does it really guarantee safety? 

It is nearly impossible to keep your identity untraceable on the internet. No matter which app you use or don’t use. Your identity isn’t revealed even if anyone tries to trace your number. Your data on TextFree can be accessed as it does not use end-to-end encryption.

Wrapping Up

Now you know can TextFree number be traced. It is nearly impossible to track down a TextFree number. Since it is an anonymous service, anyone can use it. The app protects the identity of the user. It uses standard internet safety protocol. But since it doesn’t use end-to-end encryption, your data on the app is at risk. 

You can always take the long way of trying to track the number by using third-party apps on your phone. You can also try finding the person on the internet. This will in no way can guarantee to know the caller. Trying to track down a number in this way is very time-consuming. It can even take days or months to track down the number. So, to say it simply TextFree numbers cannot be traced. 

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