Can Bollywood Beat Hollywood | Ultimate 8-Round Showdown

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Sarthak Koul
Sarthak Koul
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Everybody loves watching movies. There are two major noticeable film industries across the globe – Hollywood and Bollywood and in this article, we are going to compare them head-on in an ultimate showdown to answer the most sought-after question, ‘Can Bollywood beat Hollywood?’

Hollywood is the oldest film industry in the world and has an already established and concrete worldwide presence while its Indian counterpart stands next to it as the second oldest film industry. Now, for the showdown, we’ve taken 8 points of comparison from visual effects to complex storylines.

Hollywood and Bollywood are the world’s biggest film industries. The competition between the two is uncanny. There are many factors that we can consider while comparing the two great movie-making machines. Some such factors are:

  • Action Sequences
  • Musicals
  • Scripting
  • Diversity
  • Visuals and Animations
  • Complexity of Storylines
  • Number of films produced
  • Budget and Revenue Generated

Now let’s dive straight into the main theme of the article to know if Bollywood can beat Hollywood.

Can Bollywood Beat Hollywood?

We’ll answer this question at the end of our article after this showdown of the two titans in the world of film industries. Follow through the article to know which industry comes out on top.

1. Action Sequences

Can Bollywood beat Hollywood in this category?

The action and fight scenes tend to be more professionally executed in the western film industry. Though the Indian film industry has been picking up the pace to reach the same level and complement Hollywood, it still lacks in the detailed implementation of the action scene. 

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Another area to consider is the safety of the stuntmen and actors associated with these scenes. The Indian film industry is quite far in that regard. In the low-budget production houses, stuntmen often attempt fight scenes without any safety gear which can lead to major mishaps and the risk of life as well.

Hollywood – 1 | Bollywood – 0

2. Musicals

Can Bollywood beat Hollywood in this category?

There’s no competition here. The Bollywood industry oozes musicals and dance sequences. It’s almost impossible to find an Indian movie without these musicals. These sequences also serve as a marketing strategy to reach out to more people and increase the chances to sell more tickets. 

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Meanwhile, Hollywood releases separate tracks instead of putting it in the movie. Needless to say, Bollywood takes this one home. 

Hollywood – 1 | Bollywood – 1

3. Scripting

Can Bollywood beat Hollywood in this category?

Now, hear me out, Bollywood has worked a lot on their scripting and it has produced a lot of good movies in the last decade such as Masaan, Stanley Ka Dabba, Gangs of Wasseypur, and many more but if we compare the ratio of good-to-bad scripted movies, Bollywood is still testing the waters.

Hollywood, on the other hand, has found a way to strike a balance and stay on the positive side of that ratio and hence, comes out on top as the winner of this round.

Hollywood – 2 | Bollywood – 1

4. Diversity

Can Bollywood beat Hollywood: Diversity
Source: Boston University

Can Bollywood beat Hollywood in this category?

Though Hollywood has a global presence, if we talk about the domestic market, Hollywood caters to a streamlined audience. Sure enough, the genres can vary but here the point of comparison is the diversity in the domestic market of respective film industries.

The Indian film industry, as you might have guessed, produces far versatile and diverse films to reach more and more of its heterogeneous audience. That’s why, Bollywood takes the W here. Let’s look at the scorecard.

Hollywood – 2 | Bollywood – 2

5. Visuals and Animations

Can Bollywood beat Hollywood in this category?

Hands down, Hollywood takes this round. The quality of visual effects used by the production houses of Hollywood is far superior to any other film industry in the world. For example, you can take a look at the Mission Impossible series, Sonic the Hedgehog, MCU movies – all of these movies incorporate rich and detailed animation and VFX. 

On the other hand, Bollywood is steadily trying to level up their game and is still in the improvement phase. 

Hollywood – 3 | Bollywood – 2

6. Complexity of Storylines

Can Bollywood beat Hollywood in this category?

Again, not much of a competition here. Bollywood has time and time again tried to put out movies with great storylines like A Wednesday and Andhadhun, just to name a few. But its western competition has set a whole new level when it comes to mind-bending complicated plotlines such as Interstellar, Predestination, Inception, and much more!

Hollywood – 4 | Bollywood – 2

7. Number of Films Produced

Can Bollywood beat Hollywood in this category?

If we look at the stats from 2019, Bollywood is the largest national film industry with an astounding number of films produced just below 2500 while Hollywood produced a number close to 950 movies. Let’s tally the scorecard with Bollywood coming on top in this round.

Hollywood – 4 | Bollywood – 3

8. Budget and Revenue Earned

Can Bollywood beat Hollywood in this category?

Both the budget and revenue generated by Hollywood far exceed its Indian compatriot. Hollywood leads the money-making business with as much as 10x more profit than the Indian film industry, Bollywood. 

Now, let’s have a look at the final score:
Hollywood – 5 | Bollywood – 3

Wrapping Up

Looking at the final scorecard, it’s clear who the winner of this showdown is. So, to simply answer your question if Bollywood can beat Hollywood: No, not right now. But Bollywood is on the rise of more global existence and it is on the right path of improvement. And that’s a win-win scenario for all the cinema lovers out there. Let us know in the comment section below which Hollywood and Bollywood movies are your favorite.


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