Can a VPN Save You Money?

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More people are using VPNs now that the need for online security is stronger than ever. These tools can encrypt your data and hide your IP address, but did you know they can also help you save money?

Until a few years ago, VPNs were considered fancy tools meant for advanced internet users. Today, they are recommended for everyone – they provide better security, privacy, and more. There are so many providers that it is quite difficult to choose “the one.” Fortunately, you can pick up the best VPN free trial and see its benefits for yourself.

5 Reasons You Should ALWAYS Use A V...
5 Reasons You Should ALWAYS Use A VPN

How to save money with a VPN?

The word VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network. This tool acts as an intermediary, connecting you to the internet through a server owned by the VPN provider. But what does this mean in terms of saving money?

When you access a website, such as an online shop, the server recognizes your IP address, which reveals your location to the site owner. For example, if you access a site from Orlando, the server “knows” that you are located in Florida, USA.

Why does it matter? Some sellers use dynamic pricing based on users’ locations. Their services may actually be cheaper for someone who accesses their website from Brazil or Portugal.

Using a VPN is a way to get around this unfair treatment. When you access a website using a VPN, the site only sees the VPN’s IP address – not yours. This means you can connect through a server located in another country and pretend you are somewhere else to get cheaper flight tickets, streaming services, and book cheaper hotel rooms.

What can you buy cheaper with a VPN?

  1. Plane tickets

Cheaper airline tickets are probably one of the most common reasons to get a VPN. If you are a traveler, you know how expensive flights can be, so why not save some money?

Ticket prices are based on local demand and fluctuate constantly. There is no country with the cheapest airline tickets, but if you have a VPN, you can use trial and error to find the best price. Connecting to servers located in low-income countries also works quite often.

  1. Hotel rooms

Another travel hack. With a VPN, you can also book cheaper hotel rooms. How? All you have to do is turn your VPN on, select a country, connect to a server, visit the hotel booking website, and see how the prices change. You will have to play around a bit to find the best offer, but it’s worth it.

  1. Rental cars

Who is the most likely to rent a car? Probably a foreign tourist or an employee on an overseas business trip. Car rental companies know this, so they charge their foreign customers more if they book their services online.

Car rental prices vary from place to place, but if you want to rent a car in the US while you are abroad, try using a VPN and pretending you are a “local” customer. If that doesn’t work, play around with other countries. You might actually save a lot of money.

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  1. Streaming services

Streaming services, such as Apple Music, cost differently depending on the country. This is because the average US citizen is willing to pay more for entertainment than, for example, the average resident of India.

Apple services are the most expensive in high-income countries, such as the UK, Netherlands, or Switzerland. Using a VPN to change your location can save as much as 10-15 USD per month. On an annual basis, that’s more than 100 USD!

Is the investment in a VPN worth the money?

Subscribing to a good VPN is a cost in itself, but it can be an investment. As we said earlier, changing your virtual location can save you hundreds of dollars a year. Investing in a VPN is especially recommended if you plan to travel – it will reduce costs and increase your online security. In addition, if you want to access services you have already purchased without any obstacles (such as geo-blocks) – you can.

If you are still unsure if a VPN is the solution for you, take advantage of the free trial to see what it offers!


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