Can You Use VPN as a Chrome Extension?

Can You Use VPN as a Chrome Extension?

A VPN, also known as the Virtual Private Network, is an exceptional tool for those who often go online. It is simply a package of software that is installed on your device. It is also possible to add VPN as your extension to your web browser, such as Google Chrome.

A Virtual Private Network broadened corporate network with the help of encrypted connections made over the internet. As it is said that the connections are encrypted between the devices and the network, the traffic also remains private as it travels. An employee should not be worried about the connection is unsecured, even outside the office. Moreover, the smartphone and tablets you use can also be connected to a VPN.

In this article, you will learn about the VPN Chrome Extension along with its uses and benefits and how can you install it on your browser.

What is a VPN?

A VPN(Virtual Private Network) offers you a service that will provide a more secure and encrypted connection. There are so many advantages of installing a VPN, which include the increase in online privacy and the anonymity of the user. A VPN creates a Private Network on all parts of the Public Network which will help the users to send and receive data in a secure manner.

One of the prime things that need to be considered is that the VPNs create a “Tunnel” for the users to send and receive the traffic over the internet. If you want to understand more about tunneling, then it simply creates a point-to-point connection that unauthorized users can not access. The Tunneling protocol may vary entirely on the VPN platform, like the Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) on the Windows platform. It offers the users variable levels of data encryption.

Additionally, the VPN tunnel connects the device of the user to another network that will hide its IP address and the encrypting data. This tunnel will hide all the private data from hackers or those who want to track individual activity. However, the tunnel will connect the device of the user to the exit node in some other remote location and gives a false feeling that the user belongs to some other location.

VPN for Social Media

There are many people who have become completely dependent on social media. The social media platform lets the users connect with their friends, family, and relatives, as the ones you may already know. However, it can be harmful if you dont make use of the VPN for Social Networking. A VPN will encrypt the traffic in such a way that it will become difficult for hackers or the government to access your data. Thus, making it safe and secure to use social media even if someone wants to track or monitor your behavior.

With the increased use of social media, online privacy has become a tension among users. The platforms like Facebook and Twitter, where users share different types of information, can be attacked by hackers to harm their reputations or put their lives in endanger. The issue is concerning, but with the use of a VPN, users can save themselves from threats while maintaining anonymity and security of the user.

VPN for Gaming

There are so many people who make use of VPNs to access content all across the globe. Some online gamers can also make use of VPNs because of some significant benefits that can enhance the experience. It should be noted that the VPN does not give benefits to every gamer. However, there are possibilities that you can get significant help from the VPN if you are interested in online gaming from other countries and peer-to-peer multiplayer games.

Moreover, you can also enjoy access to the games that are yet to be released in your country. It is exactly similar to the people who use VPNs for Netflix. There are some services that may forbid VPN access to restricted content. However, some games are only available in Asia and can be played using a VPN. For instance, Call of Duty, an online free game, was only exclusive to China until the game’s servers closed in the year 2021.

Additionally, when it comes to peer-to-peer connections, When you suffer from network problems or low internet connections, it results in laggy and unsteady gameplay. A dependable VPN can help to improve this by enhancing your overall experience.

What is a Chrome extension?

Chrome Extensions are the software that can be installed in your Chrome browser to enhance the capabilities of the browser. Thus, improving the experience of the users. There are so many VPNs that are necessary either for manual modifications to your device settings or to download or install the application to your operating system. However, a VPN extension is a simple plugin you can easily enable or disable while browsing the web.

However, there is a catch, VPN browser extensions can only secure your web browser and not other programs or services that are on the device. There are other applications, such as Games, that will continue to connect with the internet by using an encrypted or direct connection. In order to protect them, you need to download and install a full VPN service package.

How do I turn VPN on Chrome?

One of the best things about the Chrome extension is that they are easy to begin with. With the use of the urban VPN, the moment you navigate to the free VPN extension for your browser page, you can choose the Urban VPN for the Chrome option. This will take you to the Chrome web store, where you can install the plugin.

Click “Add to Chrome” to install the Urban VPN plugin. On your Web browser, click on the Urban VPN icon that is placed on the right side of the address bar. Finally, choose a country or region from the VPN server list.


A VPN is a valuable addition to the online experience. It just not enhances privacy and security but also helps safeguard our anonymity while using social media. It also improves the experience of gaming for gamers. Getting a VPN Chrome Extension is a simple way to enjoy the benefits of a VPN without the hassle of a complete setup.

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