Cambodia Reopens the Border for International Tourists | Cambodia’s Quarantine Ban Uplifted!

Cambodia Welcomes You With Open Arms!

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With the famous tagline, A kingdom of Wonder, Cambodia is indeed a kingdom of spectacular sceneries, marvelous monuments, historical heritage, beautiful beaches, and praiseworthy people. Known as Kampuchea, it is a country that is located in the southern segment of the Indochinese Peninsula at Southeast Asia, bordering Thailand and Vietnam. Sounds like a perfect place for a vacation! Isn’t it? Well, in that case, I have good news for you- Cambodia has reopened the border for international tourists. So, what are you waiting for? Go and Check visa requirements for Cambodia traveling from usa.

We all need some short vacation trips to recharge ourselves from time to time. But in this changing world where lockdown has become a necessity and quarantine is the new normal, travel is the last thing we could think of. All the countries have opted for precautionary measures and have closed their national borders for tourists to protect themselves from the Covid uprising. All these situations have caused a great deal of damage to the country’s economies as well as hampered everyone’s travel plans.

And if you are one of those who is desperately waiting for all this to revert back to normal, so you can carry on with your travel plans-then, this article is exactly what you were wishing for. Recently, Cambodia’s PM made a formal announcement regarding the reopening of the Cambodian border for international tourists. Let’s get to know all the gory details-

Cambodia’s Decision to Uplift the National Border Ban

Finally, some good news during these dark years! Where Covid has certainly disturbed our lives, it has caused a major setback to the world economy. Many countries are struggling to keep up with the basic necessities. And the countries for whom Tourism was the major source of revenue- suffered majorly. 

Cambodia Reopens the Border for International Tourists | Cambodia’s Quarantine Ban Uplifted!

One of these countries is Cambodia, where Tourism is the 2nd largest source of revenue. That is why when Coronavirus forced everyone to shut their national borders for tourists, Cambodia faced a huge loss. 

In 2019, Cambodia used to receive 6.6 million travelers from foreign countries, accounting for $5 billion in revenue. After the Covid surge, the numbers dropped to 1.3 million, decreasing the revenue amount to $1 billion.  

Improvising on these critical situations, The Cambodian government decided to uplift the national ban and open the Cambodian border for international tourists in November.

Cambodia has Reopened the National Border for International Tourists.

Cambodia is one of Asia’s star tourist locations, offering a number of picturesque locations and UNESCO World Heritage site Angkor Wat Temple. It is a hub for foreign attractions.

Cambodia Reopens the Border for International Tourists | Cambodia’s Quarantine Ban Uplifted!

That is why on 15 November 2022, Cambodia’s Prime Minister, on his Facebook page, uploaded an audio message announcing, “When they arrive, and we see they have received two doses of vaccine, we will take swabs for rapid tests. After results show they are free of Covid-19, they are allowed to travel across Cambodia.”

Cambodia’s PM, therefore, has decided to reopen the Cambodian border for fully vaccinated international tourists. Regardless of their purpose, whether their visit accounts for Business or leisure, they are welcomed in Cambodia with open arms without any quarantine restrictions. 

He further commended the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Tourism, and other relevant sectors to incorporate these changed measures from Monday, November 15, 2021, onwards. But same rules will not be applicable to all. Certain measures need to be checked in order to provide a safe journey. Let’s take a look at the given conditions-

1. No Quarantine for Fully Vaccinated Tourists and Travellers.

Cambodia has taken a step beyond Thailand’s reopening, which allowed international travelers to visit Thailand with 7-10 days of quarantine condition. But Cambodia has announced a safe and secured welcome to Cambodia by lifting all the quarantine conditions. 

Cambodia’s government have lifted the border ban allowing the opening of Cambodian borders for international tourist that are fully vaccinated. All the travelers that have been vaccinated against Coronavirus can have easy and hassle-free access to Cambodia. In addition, these visitors need to show a negative Covid test report within 72 hours of entering Cambodia.

Cambodia Reopens the Border for International Tourists | Cambodia’s Quarantine Ban Uplifted!

Condition for Fully Vaccinated Travellers-

  • Carry proof of being Fully vaccinated against Covid.
  • A negative test report within 72 hrs.
  • A negative result on the test conducted by the Cambodian government on arrival.

2. Quarantine for Unvaccinated Tourists

Cambodia Reopens the Border for International Tourists | Cambodia’s Quarantine Ban Uplifted!

The unvaccinated tourists visiting Cambodia need to undergo a quarantine period of 14 days upon the arrival. After which, a Covid test will be held and will decide their free allowance in the country. If their Covid test results are negative, the borders will remain open for the tourist, and he/she is free to roam around the country. But if the result comes out positive, he’ she is supposed to return or face an extended quarantine measure. 

Current COVID situation in Cambodia | Is Cambodia Safe to Travel?

After Cambodia decided to re-open its borders for travelers and tourists, everyone is questioning is it safe to travel to Cambodia? Well, there can never be a 100% guarantee when it comes to Covis and its variants. But according to the facts of Worldometers, As of 16 November, the total reported COVID cases in Cambodia were 1,19,636. 

Cambodia Reopens the Border for International Tourists | Cambodia’s Quarantine Ban Uplifted!

Till 16 Nov

Sum Total of reported COVID Cases in Cambodia- 1,19,636. 

People Recovered-                                               1,16,024

Fatalities-                                                             2,876

Also, Cambodia has officially declared that 88% of its country’s people have been Fully Vaccinated against Coronavirus. That is why the PM has decided to lift the border restrictions and open the Cambodian Borders for international Tourists. 


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