Level Up Your Business Model with Rackspace to Office 365 Migration

Microsoft Office has always proved to be a pioneer not only when it comes to setting up stable business models but also to enhance their functionality and productivity. With the passing years, the client software has evolved into a magnificent support system for businesses to achieve elevated performance. This article helps you to explore the complete potential of Microsoft Office 365 through the aid offered by Rackspace Technology. 

In order to migrate from Rackspace to Office 365, one needs to create an admin account on Rackspace, grant full access to the mailboxes, identify the server, and add the business domain. The next step is to synchronize the servers so the actual migration process can take place. Once all of this is through, you can create different profiles for the users. 

However, this was a brief set of instructions that will help you in migrating from Rackspace to Office 365; Make sure to go through the detailed steps mentioned down below. This would ensure a hassle-free migration.

Step-By-Step Rackspace to Office 365 Migration Process

While the internet is flooded by numerous misconceptions associated with the migration process regarding it as inconvenient and complicated. Nevertheless, the reality lies in the fact that it is a highly streamlined and gradual process. In the pointers below, you can explore all these steps in order to get the much-needed assistance for Rackspace to Office 365 Migration.

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-Creation of Admin Account in Rackspace

Before you can head out to explore the possibilities of Office 365, firstly, you need to set up an admin account on Rackspace. It is quite an easy process and will not take much of your time. Follow the instructions on the official website in order to set up your Rackspace account. 

-Enable Complete Access

Once you have been logged in as a user with a new email account in Rackspace, the next step is to permit complete access to the Migrator for all the operational mailboxes that you wish to migrate. You can do this simultaneously in order to get the job done at a faster rate. Make sure to avoid the rookie mistake of not filling in the attributes. 

-Identification of the Current Server

The only possible way for you to ensure a successful migration of Rackspace to Office 365 is to identify the server on which your email is hosted. You can easily gather all of this information by scrolling through the control panel. 

-Choose an Office 365 Plan

There are abundant Office 365 plans for you to choose from. All you have to do is come up with a plan that best serves the needs of your business model. The 4- week free access to Office 365 is available for you to try; you can complete the migration process without having to pay anything. This will help you immensely in testing how well Microsoft Office 365 can integrate with your environment.

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-Add on a Business Domain

The segregation of emails takes place on the basis of domains. Hence, you are required to select yours before you head on to initiate the migration process. The primary purpose of selecting a business domain is to make sure that the associated users continue to receive all of the e-mails at the same address as before. All you ever need to do is access the admin portal to get this done swiftly. 

-Synchronization of Servers For Actual Migration

In order to make sure that the process of migration sails through effortlessly, you are required to create endpoints. It is strongly advocated that you opt for Powershell over the web GUI for a better experience. When you carry out this process, the DNS record of the Exchange server is singled out so the actual migration of the mailboxes can take place.

-Run Multiple Batches

While you are transferring the mailboxes, the one aspect that you need to care about is to avoid the overloading of the servers. There are different migration plans that you can choose depending upon the amount of data that needs to be transferred. 

-Authorize Users

After the last step, you would be finally through with the process of migration, and you can go on to produce licenses for individual Office 365 accounts, depending upon the number of users. After a synchronization bridge has been created between Rackspace and Office 365, you are supposed to update the DNS records. This is a time-consuming process, make sure you plan your day accordingly.

Make the Best of Office 365 With Rackspace Technology

Office 365 offers you an exceptionally well experience to make sure that your business never experiences a standstill. On the other hand, Rackspace Technology is a multi-cloud solution system with the best of the best technical acumen to escalate your business growth and efficiency. The following is a list of dedicated pointers to help you learn how Rackspace Technology can support you endlessly in making the best of Office 365. 

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Rackspace Technology has been offering managed services with the help of over 2500 cloud engineers. The platform has more than 7500 total cloud certifications across AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, and more. All of this experience has been directed to keep a check that you are presented with nothing but the best migrational services and support. 

-Office 365 Expertise

Whether you are looking for assistance in migration, deployment, or even long-term maintenance, the specialists can offer you the much-needed expertise and support that you need.

-Project-Based Solutions

The platform ensures to address your specific concerns while migrating from Rackspace to Office 365 so you can get all of the leverage you need in order to get your business up and running. 

-Partnership with Microsoft

The platform has a dedicated partnership with Microsoft. This enables Rackspace Technology to bring forward contemporary changes in the features and functionality of Office 365. 

Why Choose Rackspace Technology To Migrate To Office 365?

If you are relentlessly looking for a migration solution that is simple and effective, then Rackspace Technology is the door you need to knock. A reduction in the business expenses, boost in productivity, exceptionally well data security, and ease of migration will compel you to drop every other alternative and opt for Rackspace Technology. 

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