BT Reveals Hybrid Connect, Claims It’s The U.K.’s 1st Unbreakable Wi-Fi Connection – Business Quick Magazine

BT Reveals Hybrid Connect, Claims It’s The U.K.’s 1st Unbreakable Wi-Fi Connection – Business Quick Magazine

How solid is your wi-fi? A new device from British network BT claims it will overcome problems with what it claims is an unbreakable connection. If you’ve ever seen your wi-fi connection judder to a stop during an important Zoom call, say, then you’ll know how annoying it is. By the time you’ve logged out and in again, maybe restarting your router in the process, the moment has passed.

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The idea behind the Hybrid Connect is that it works with the SmartHub2 router and makes the most of the fact that BT also owns EE, a cellphone carrier with a formidably advanced 5G network.

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It’s certainly a first of its kind – fixed landline and mobile converged in the same service.

So, if the broadband network goes down for some reason, then all the devices that are connected to the router are automatically switched to an EE mobile internet connection. And fast – under 90 seconds.

This is a great way to achieve

peace of mind, so that even if the broadband cabinet in the street is vandalized, or extreme weather knocks out the connection, you’ll still be able to get online.

The system is powerful as well as fast, claiming to support up to 250 gadgets and devices reliably.

The clever part of the service is that you don’t need to be an EE mobile subscriber to use it, only a BT subscriber.

The system went on sale today and costs $90 (£65.99) a month as part of the BT Halo 3+ package. It comes with other benefits such as full fiber upgrade at no extra cost and price promises. If you’re already a BT customer, you can snag the Hybrid Connect gadget for an extra $9.60 (£7) a month on the existing tariff.

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