Brooklyn Nine Nine Halloween Episodes | All 7 B-99 Heist Episodes Ranked!

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The time to revisit Television’s best and most entertaining holiday-themed episodes is here. And in this part of our continued Halloween-based series, we’ll be taking a look at the extremely popular police comedy series – Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Since the premiere of the first Halloween special back in 2013, the much-loved 99th precinct started a tradition for its following seasons to follow and continue. This trend of Halloween Heist which was in a league of its own decided who the Ultimate Detective/Genius/Human is.

Started out with the aim of getting Captain Holt to loosen up, the heist proved to be a great way for the show’s characters and the audience and fans to enjoy these extremely entertaining and fun activities throughout the seasons.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Episodes: Ranked!

In order to know which heist was the best of them all, follow through the article as we disclose each Halloween special in our ranking of every Brooklyn Nine Nine Halloween episode.

1. Halloween II (Season 2 Episode 4) 

The second installment of Nine-Nine’s Halloween episode follows Jake attempting to steal Holt’s watch off his wrist. In order to make things interesting, there is a bet that if Jake loses, he’ll do five weeks of overtime without payroll, and in the event that Jake wins, Holt will have to do Jake’s paperwork for a week.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Episodes

While Jake hires a pickpocket named Fingers to accomplish the task, the precinct (minus Boyle) turns out to be playing a prank on Jake all along. Much to Jake’s astonishment, it is revealed that Fingers was already on Holt’s payroll which ends up in Jake admitting Holt to be the Best Detective/Genius.

2. Halloween IV (Season 4 Episode 5)

In this episode, the precinct gets divided into three teams: Team Amy (with Rosa), Team Holt (with Boyle) and Team Jake (with Gina). The mission objective of this episode’s heist is to try and steal a plaque by midnight.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Episodes: Ranked!

While Jake’s original plan to use Boyle’s body double is derailed, he improvises by making the double dress up as Gina and eventually steals the plaque. However, team Amy and team Holt each end up with their own plaque with the real mastermind being Gina.

3. Cinco De Mayo (Season 6 Episode 16)

The fact that Terry fakes a gas explosion so the heist pushes back to Cinco De Mayo. While this heist was clearly over-the-top, this special episode added a fun factor different from the pace of the rest of the season. 

Brooklyn Nine Nine Episodes: Ranked!

The squad is divided into teams with Jake and Terry in one team and Holt and Amy in another. Their objective is to steal Scully’s medical bracelet. However, a number of chaotic events leading up to questions of who is working with whom, and the manipulations and betrayals among the squad result in one of the complicated heist plans.

4. Halloween III (Season 3 Episode 5)

The third season’s Halloween special takes on the competition between Holt and Jake. While both the team captains hesitate to pick Amy on account of her turning out as a traitor, she outsmarts both of them in a classic underdog pitch.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Halloween Episodes

While both the teams attempt to achieve their mission objective which is to steal a crown, in the aftermath of all the hard work and brainstorming, it turns out that Amy has been the mastermind behind the heist making her the Ultimate Detective/Genius.

5. Halloween (Season 1 Episode 6)

The very first heist that began this great tradition comes up in the top 3 heists. With the challenge being to take Holt’s Medal of Valor from his office before midnight, Jake pulls out of the classic plots of the heist.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Halloween Episodes

While he gets the squad’s help in one of the best team-building exercises, Jake ends up being the Ultimate Detective/Genius in the heist’s first edition leaving Holt with not only Jake’s paperwork but also the whole gang’s as well.

6. Valloweaster (Season 7 Episode 11)

If you wanted to see Rosa winning a heist, this is your episode. While she had this a long time coming, the episode doesn’t disappoint at all. Having been postponed twice, the heist takes place on three different holidays: Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Easter; justifying the title – Val-Low-Easter.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Episodes: Ranked!

The mission objective of the heist is to steal three gems from Bill while being handcuffed to their partner to prevent any betrayal of any kind. As it turns out, being the smart badass that she is, Rosa purposefully postponed the heist so that she can have the most heist wins.

7. HalloVeen (Season 5 Episode 4)

No doubt, No doubt, No doubt! This heist is special to all the Nine-Nine fans. From the emotional moment of Jake’s proposal to Amy to all the jokes and cynicism, this Halloween special has it all. 

Brooklyn Nine Nine Halloween Episodes | All 7 B-99 Heist Episodes Ranked!

While the objective to steal a cummerbund was open to each and every detective in the precinct as explained by the trio of Holt, Jake and Amy; there was no technical winner and champion in the fifth edition of the Halloween Heist. 

List of B-99’s Halloween Heist Winners 

If you want a list of the winners of all the Halloween Heists, say no more,

Season NumberHalloween Winner
Season 1Jake
Season 2Holt
Season 3Amy
Season 4Gina
Season 5No one
Season 6Terry
Season 7Rosa

Wrapping Up

This brings us to the end of our article on the Halloween-themed episodes from B-99. We hope that this ranking of Brooklyn Nine Nine Halloween episodes was satisfactory and up to the mark for you guys. 

Share the article with your Nine-Nine group. We’d love to hear from you. So, let us know your personalized ranking in the comment section below. And for more interesting content, keep visiting Path of EX – Your Spot For Trending Stuff!


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