Brooklyn Nine-Nine Easter Episodes with MCU Easter Eggs!

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine first aired in 2013, immediately becoming a fan favorite. With its witty punchlines and crazy characters, the show won the heart of its audience. Since 2013, this show has its audience stuck with it. So if you are an ardent fan of this series, you must be knowing that there is only One Brooklyn Nine-Nine Easter episode in the entire show.

Just one Easter episode? Yes.. but trust me, it is enough! It has all the elements to make it your favorite episode from the entire series. Brooklyn Nine Nine is known for its festive episodes, mostly the Thanksgiving and Halloween episodes. However, this one Brooklyn Nine-Nine Easter episode is a combination of three festivals- Valentine, Halloween, and Easter. It is a Val-low-easter!…Noice!

Brooklyn 99 needs no introduction. It is a cult show. A fan-favorite so much so that the fans made it come back when the show was canceled after the first five seasons. It came back with a bang and ran for three more amazing seasons. Ending with 8 seasons, the show has given us moments that can not be forgotten. One of them definitely being the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Easter episode! 

The Best Brooklyn Nine-Nine Easter Episode!

There is only one Brooklyn Nine-Nine Easter episode, but it is enough! The writers have written it so well. It will keep you on your toes and leave you with a smile. This episode will make you want to watch the whole me on this!

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Valloweaster | Season 7, Episode 11

Brooklyn Nine-nine is known for its Halloween Episodes. Every year the squad of the Nine Nine hosts a Halloween heist, and it is a sight to behold. In their quest to become the Amazing Human/ Genius, the characters on the show are willing to do anything and everything. 

The squad goes from being friends to being mortal enemies during this one day. The audience is kept on its tips throughout. With the twists and turns, all the Halloween Episodes become a fan favorite! But let me tell you this one episode, Valloweaster holds a special place in the audience’s heart.

In this episode, the Halloween heist has been postponed to Valentine’s day. Everyone gets randomly teamed up using cards. Now begins the heist and everyone has to find gems. Whoever has it by midnight wins. Buttt..what is a heist without a twist? Cheddar ends up swallowing the gems, and the heist is postponed to Valentine’s Day.

Next, we see them four months later on Valentine’s day. The heist continues, and Rosa gets the gems and gives them to her partner Scully..who also ends up swallowing the gems! This further postpones the heist to Easter.

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After some months we see them on Easter, dressed as Bunnies. One of the bunnies takes the gems and jumps off the roof revealing herself to be none other than Rosa! This episode is written so well that you won’t have a single dull moment throughout the episode. From Halloween to Valentine to Easter,  this episode gives us all.

The writers of the show have given us so many pop-culture references throughout the show. This episode doesn’t disappoint either. There are so many MCU Easter eggs hidden throughout the episode. Yes.. you read that right! 

Let me tell you all the MCU references hidden throughout the show. So, let the heist begin!

MCU Easter Eggs in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Easter Episode!

The Easter episode of Brooklyn 99 has been filled with numerous MCU references, from the Infinitude Gobbler to the gems. These two were visible to everyone, but there were many references that you may have missed. Don’t worry, let me help you find them!

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1. Hawkeye’s Jump

The Avengers will always hold a special place in the hearts of the MCU fan. It was the first movie to have all the avengers in it. The movie had many iconic scenes, from Hulk beating Loki to the Avengers together in one frame. One of these iconic scenes was Hawkeye’s jump from the building while shooting arrows. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Easter Episodes with MCU Easter Eggs!

The writers of the show slyly added this scene in the episode, making a bunny jump from the roof in the same manner. What makes it better is that the bunny is Rosa, who is a great archer herself.

2. Guarding the Stones

Just like the Red Skull guards the Infinity stones in The Endgame, Bill guards the infinitude gems in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In the whole episode, we see the gems being under the watch of Bill. Kudos to the writers for such an amazing reference!

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3. Kneel Before Loki

Yet another iconic scene from The Avengers is when Loki asks the people of Earth to kneel before him. Some agree, and some resist. 

In the same manner, we see Captain Holt declaring that everyone should bow down to him. He, too, meets the same result, where some agree to bow, and some of them resist.

4. Infinity Stones in New York

If you are an MCU fan, you must know that there was a time when there were only 3 infinity stones in New York. Now, instead of the five stones, the squad is fighting over three stones. 

This is a play on the fact that there were only 3 stones in New York once. Since the squad is in New York, they compete for 3 gems only.

5. Color of Infinity Stones

Now, this is a clever reference. You are bound to miss it if you don’t pay attention at all times. Terry loves Smoothies… and we love the reference that comes with it! 

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In this episode, Terry’s smoothies are of a different color. You guessed it right, the color of the smoothies matches the color of the Infinity Stones!

Wrapping Up

If you have never watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine, let me ask you one thing..WHYYY!? If you have watched and re-watched all the episodes, we can be friends. And if additionally, you’re also an MCU fan, we can definitely be best friends!!

Wrapping it up, in this article, I have told you the hidden MCU references in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Easter episodes. This Easter, have a laid-back day and watch this episode. If I have missed any of the MCU Easter eggs in the episode, comment down below and let me know!


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