Explore the Brocwithe Quarter in Remnant 2: Quests, Items & Enemies

Brocwithe Quarter in Remnant 2

Ready to encounter the most amazing Brocwithe Quarter in Remnant? Hold my hand and step forward! On this page, we will unveil everything about this Brocwithe quarter, including its mini-quests, items, and enemies. Go on!

In the world of Remnant 2, you must stand against the Infected, monstrous creatures capable of wreaking havoc on the entire world. Whether it is Imperial Gardens Boss or Sha’Hala, each one of them brings a whole new experience into the gameplay.

In this comprehensive guide, you will encounter detailed information on Brocwithe Quarter, be it its items, quests, or enemies. Dig in and see what you can expect in this area.

What is Brocwithe Quarter in Remnant 2?

Explore the Brocwithe Quarter in Remnant 2: Quests, Items & Enemies

The Brocwithe Quarter is a plagued area in Remnant 2, overrun by the Infected, a horde of mutated creatures driven by a relentless desire to annihilate everything in their path. As soon as you enter this forsaken zone, you will encounter a checkpoint, and as you progress further, you’ll come across multiple paths branching out, leading to yet another checkpoint.

Near one of these checkpoints, there’s an old lady diligently working on a knitting machine while caring for numerous children.

Quests in Brocwithe Quarter Revealed: Oracle of the Dran Quest

Explore the Brocwithe Quarter in Remnant 2: Quests, Items & Enemies

Upon entering the Brocwithe Quarter, you’ll automatically activate the “Oracle of the Dran” quest. This quest revolves around the same old lady you encountered at the knitting machine. Notably, this NPC, also known as the Oracle of Dran, can be found in other locations such as Morrow Parish and Forsaken Quarter.

How the NPC interacts with players depends on the choices made during the game, but within the Brocwithe Quarter, it remains silent until the quest is completed. The objective of the quest is to find two lost children and bring them to the hideout. Have a look below and see where you can locate these lost children in Remnant 2.

Location of the Lost Children in Remnant 2: Oracle of the Dran Quest:

Explore the Brocwithe Quarter in Remnant 2: Quests, Items & Enemies

Many players struggle to find the lost children in this mini-quest. To assist you, here are the steps to locate both children.

Steps to Locate the Lost Children in Oracle of the Dran Quest:

  1. The first child can be found sitting behind a house; approach him, and he will follow you to the hideout.
  2. The second child is located near a makeshift rooftop, murmuring a song. Explore the city to find him, as he may be singing in the middle of the city. Look out for a blue mark on the minimap named “Darn Child” as you get close to the child.

After successfully completing the quest, the old lady will interact with you and reward you with a new trial called “Recovery.” Additionally, players can find the “Tome of Knowledge” near where they discovered the first child.

Items, Merchants, and Enemies in Brocwithe Quarter

Explore the Brocwithe Quarter in Remnant 2: Quests, Items & Enemies

Although not as extensive as other areas, the Brocwithe Quarter offers unique items and challenges. Some of the items you can obtain here include:

  • Cracked Ammo Pickups: These Relic Fragments significantly increase the chances of finding more ammunition.
  • Cracked Skill Cooldown: These reduce the cooldown time of your skills, allowing you to use your abilities more rapidly.
  • Fae Hunter Ring: This ring enhances the range of your firearm by 30% and can be found in the deceased Dran.
  • Indignant Fetish: The amulet increases your damage by 25% after taking damage.

The Brocwithe Quarter is swarming with the Infected, and you’ll face various enemies, such as:

  • Chainsaw Elite Dran
  • Dran Commonfolk
  • Dran Ranged Commonfolk
  • Manticora

However, there are no Bosses or merchants in the Brocwithe Quarter. Therefore, if you seek to trade items or engage in boss battles, this area won’t meet your expectations.

Wrapping Up

The Brocwithe Quarter is the perfect destination if you’re inclined to battle minions and earn rewards from defeating them. It’s an ideal hunting ground for those who relish taking down monsters. However, if you’re seeking adventure and substantial rewards, I recommend venturing into another biome for a more efficient and rewarding experience.

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