12 Interesting Facts About British Wedding Traditions That You Must Know If Getting Married In UK

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When you think about Britain, the very first thing that comes to your mind is royalty. The extravagant weddings, the long trail of the bride’s wedding dress, the royal chaperones, and of course, a classic British accent! Who would miss that? But have you ever thought about British wedding traditions? Yes! British and American weddings are different. Here is a post that will let you know the interesting facts about British Wedding Traditions.

The excitement jumped out of everyone’s heart when the news for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding came out. It was truly a British royal wedding full of traditions. Be it the gown of the bride or bouquet, they followed the ongoing custom that brought the British touch to their wedding, which made people notice those rituals.

History Of Cake Decorating
History Of Cake Decorating

From WeaFrom Wearing a White wedding to throwing the rice, we follow several fascinating British wedding traditions. But, it has to admit that we are clueless about their origin and don’t know why those are even a tradition. Our elders did that, so we have to do it too, and that’s how it goes! But, not now!

So, If you want to know about them or intend to keep your big day classic with the famous British Wedding traditions, then below is the answer to all your worries. Dive deep to know about them excitingly.

Interesting Facts About British Wedding Traditions

“Giving away the bride.”

“The tossing of the bouquet.”

“Something old, new, borrowed, and blue”

What does all this mean at a British wedding? We follow such traditions for ages but are unaware of their literal meaning. Not not, Here are all the British Wedding traditions that undoubtedly you did not know!

1. It’s Only Yes To White!

It's Only Yes To White: British Wedding Traditions
Source: Modula Gallery

Look at any British Bride. She wears a gorgeous gown but only white!

Ever Wondered Why?

Is this something related to the British Wedding Traditions?

The answer is a no!

So, why did this custom blow up as a tradition?

Well, it was not the same since the beginning. Instead, the brides were allowed to wear anything that they dreamed of. Yup! Even Black!


It was Queen Victoria who made a statement in her Ivory-White gown when she married Prince Albert. She was the trendsetter who made white the color for a dream wedding gown.

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2. The Bridesmaids’ Dress

 British Wedding Traditions
Source: SLR Lounge

Okay, did you know that the bridesmaids at British weddings do not have to buy their dresses?

Hah! We bet you didn’t know that!

Who buys them the dress then?

The groom?


Just like her own dress, the bride buys the dresses for her maids! Now, who wouldn’t want to be a bridesmaid in an English wedding?

3. The Functions (A lot Of them)

12 Interesting Facts About British Wedding Traditions That You Must Know If Getting Married In UK
Source: www.old-bridge.co.uk

Hey! Did you know that in Great Britain, there are not as many functions and parties as in an American wedding?

But everyone deserves a bachelor and bachelorette party, and guess what?

They do have it there.

Doy! Think about the functions of an Indian wedding.

Spoiler alert, it is CRAZY!

Know about the garter toss?

A garter is a thin piece of clothing that is used to keep up the stocking. However, the toss is done after the groom’s wedding to signify whether the marriage is complete or not.

This tradition is not followed in Britain now. However, it continues in the States.

4. There Goes The Bouquet!

There Goes The Bouquet explained: British Wedding Traditions
Source: Wedding Wire

The bouquet is tossed in the air by the bride.

The purpose of doing so has, however, changed over time.

Bouquet was supposed to keep the evil spirits away from the bride. But as time passed, it was used to distract the crowd and the evil spirit, and now finally stopping at being a piece of decoration at the wedding.

Not just this, the bride tosses the bouquet at the bridesmaids, and whosoever catches it is the one to marry next!

5. The Two-Lists

 British Wedding Traditions
Source: The New York Times

What are the two lists that are being talked about?

In case you do not know, there are different, however less in number, functions organized in the British wedding.

Now, why are we refreshing? This is because in a British wedding, not all the guests are invited to all the functions.

Two lists choose so. An A-list and a B-list.

The former is invited to all the functions, but the latter?

Well, let’s not drop that bomb.

6. No Best Man In The UK?

No Best Man In The UK explained: British Wedding Traditions
Source: My Afro Caribbean Wedding

Well, this is something new!

Here it is!

Yes, there are no groomsmen in the United Kingdom.

But hang on! This does not at all mean that the groom is alone. The grooms in the UK have ushers and not groomsmen. Also, they may or may not have an entry to remember with a bridesmaid on the wedding day.

Sad, but never mind.

The groom doesn’t see the bride up until the wedding?

Okay, not that it did not come outright.

Of course, the groom sees his bride but traditionally, he is not supposed to look at her until she gets on to the altar.

Now that was a relief.

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7. No Worries For Vows?

 No Worries For Vows explained: British Wedding Traditions
Source: Fox and Hart

Have you ever noticed either the bride or the groom getting worried about what they will say as their vows to their beloved?

That does not happen much because, in British weddings, a standard set of vows is followed.

This is because most people get married in the Church of England, and the church has some pretty darn strict rules when it comes to wedding vows.

8. Jokes On The Groom?

 British Wedding Traditions
Source: OneWed

It seems English people are not that boring at all.

Why did you have to read that?

Here is why.

In the British wedding, for the best man in the wedding, it is okay for him to share a funny incident or two about the groom whereas, this is not very much appreciated in the States.

9. Shush To The Bridesmaid?

No Bridesmade's speech:  British Wedding Traditions explained
Source: Confetti.co.uk

Okay, it is not as rude as it sounds.

As a tradition, only men in English weddings are allowed to give speeches, not women. And the groom is supposed to provide a complete address instead of just a tiny toast.

But we can lift this tradition a bit if the chief bridesmaid wants to say something, she definitely should.

You go, girl!

10. Fruitcake Only, Please.

Why only Fruitcake at British wedding exp[lained:  British Wedding Traditions
Source: Pinterest

Yummy!!! Fruitcake!


Oh, let’s come to the topic! Now, what is this about? Well, as the English tradition dictates, English weddings are only allowed for fruitcakes.

Nope! Nothing else.

However, this is not the case in the States. You can have pretty much any flavor you want.

Also, pies, buns, and other cakes are having an essential role in the British wedding.

Yes! That’s the truth!

Also, to add to the fun, the relatives hide a piece of pie underneath the bride’s pillow to make fun of her.

11. Throwing Rice

Throwing Rice explained:  British Wedding Traditions
Source: Brides

Yes, Rice!

Grains are thrown on the newlywed. But, Why?

There is a long-lived tradition of throwing grains of oats or wheat at the new couple in British culture. They consider this as a method that brings on wealth and fertility in their relationship.

If you look at the modern-day wedding, you must find Confetti instead of wheat or oat grains.

Ah! There is no such specific reason for this. They are replaced just for fun as Confetti is readily available in many different colors and is not hurtful at all. So, it’s safe and looks better.

12. Giving Away The Bride

British Wedding traditions
Source: Your Chruch Wedding

These British Wedding traditions came from the middle age era!

At that point, it was believed that the daughters were the father’s property and were actually sold to the groom.

This might be shocking but, sadly, it is the truth.

Wrapping up:

So, these were all for the most followed British Wedding Traditions nad some of the hidden stories behind them.

Well, To follow the traditions is elite, but is it ok to just follow each and everything written in the rule book? Maybe, we can look into that matter. A wedding is supposed to be a day of fun, and you have got to agree, some traditions are fun to follow like some mentioned above!

But, we want to hear from you all in the comment section which is your favorite tradition among these British Wedding Traditions and Why? Also, share with us some of your interesting stories related to these customs.


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