Bringing More Color Into Your Spring Looks

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Spring is the perfect time of year to add a punch of color and create a statement with your outfits. After all, when the temperature begins to warm, it gives us hope and excitement after a long, gray winter. Even if you prefer wearing neutrals or head-to-toe black, you can easily incorporate color into your wardrobe. Adding these bright and stylish colors, whether as an ensemble or a few statement pieces, can transform your entire look.

Find Color Complements

The color wheel is a game-changer in the fashion industry. People naturally respond to harmonious color combinations, especially when it comes to clothing and accessories. Understanding how the color wheel works can give you a new perspective on what colors go well together. The color wheel has three predominant patterns:

  • Primary colors. The three primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) are spaced equally around the color wheel. These colors can be mixed to create any color.
  • Secondary colors. These are combinations of primary colors. Examples include orange (red plus yellow), green (blue plus yellow), and purple (blue plus red).
  • Tertiary colors. Also known as intermediate colors, tertiary colors occur when primary and secondary colors are combined. When this occurs, you’ll get colors such as coral and aqua.

Opt for Floral Prints


Spring is a time of rebirth, especially for foliage. You might notice everything blooming outdoors, so it seems natural to gravitate toward floral prints. Instead of the standard floral spring dress, mix things up by selecting a matching floral top and skirt. You could also pair two different floral prints together. For an edgier look, wear a leather jacket over the top and combat boots on your feet. You could also try a boho look with a button-down floral maxi dress belted at the waist and paired with cowboy boots.

Bring on Layers

One of the trickier aspects of dressing for spring is the weather can be unpredictable, so why not layer your outfit? Consider throwing on a light jacket, whether it’s a raincoat, trench coat, or cardigan you can tie around your waist if the weather gets too warm. If you’re expecting rain, make sure your trench coat is waterproof. Take this opportunity to introduce a splash of color with your layered look.

Use Statement Accessories

If the thought of purchasing colorful pieces makes you apprehensive, adding accessories can be a more inviting option. Plus, you don’t need to invest a ton of cash in these pieces. You can pick up inexpensive and trendy accessories, such as a bag, scarf, hat, or even shoes, to give your neutral outfit a little more color. Another option is to find a statement necklace that pulls the entire outfit together.

If you’re someone who prefers neutrals due to their classic and timeless nature, try to embrace these suggested ways to add a pop of color to your springtime wardrobe. You might be surprised by the degree to which pastels or brighter shades can transform your outfit.


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