Bridgerton Season 2 Shooting Continues After Covid Shutdown | Lady Whistledown is Back!

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Lady Whistledown has her eye on you! 
After ending the show disclosing Lady Whistledown’s true identity, the makers are now fully set on raising the curiosity to the next level. Even though the first season got many different views, the fans are still waiting for the Bridgerton Season 2. The show makers have given many statements about the next two seasons of Bridgerton and you will read about all of it here. 

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Period dramas were never glorified before Bridgerton. In fact, Gen Z got highly interested in historical dramas after watching Bridgerton. Good casting and storyline are to be blamed for the success of the show. Also, the fact that the show got so many different reviews has only made the show more popular. 

The cast has resumed shooting for the next season of Bridgeton. The creator of the show, Van Dusen said that the delay was because of the COVID but they are back with it now. He further said that he’s in production and has already edited the first two episodes of Bridgerton Season 2.

There were many statements given by the crew members so we will be looking into all the hints for Bridgerton Season 2. Let’s move to the next section. 

Bridgerton Season 2 and Season 3 Follow Up

Bridgerton Season 2 Shooting Continues After Covid Shutdown
Source: Cine Dope

The news got hyped when the drama’s creator Chris Van Dusen announced on August 3 that the shooting for the Bridgeton Season 2 has already begun in London. The shooting is continued after the pause of two weeks because of COVID-19. 

The filming of Bridgerton Season 2 was already in action at the beginning of this year but the shoot has to stop because two members of the production crew were COVID positive. Just as the news came on July 17, it saddening for the fans even more because Bridgerton Season 2 was already delayed. 

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Van Dusen excited the viewers by saying that they are not “going to be ready” for the next season. Although there are many surprises for the viewers in Bridgerton Season 2, fans were still down for the departure of dear-old Simon (Regé-Jean Page). What are we gonna do without Simon!!!

Even Phoebe Dynevor has admitted that his absence from the show will definitely have an impact on the storyline. She also said, “I think he’ll definitely be referred to a lot, I think we’ll see the baby. And we’ll just focus more on [Daphne’s] relationship with the Bridgerton family.”

Bridgerton Season 2 Shooting Continues After Covid Shutdown
Source: CinemaBlend

Now that we know about what the story of Bridgerton Season 2 revolves around, we also know that Anthony Bridgerton plays a major role in the next season. Just as the first season was around Daphne Bridgerton finding her one true love, the next season will ponder upon her brother’s quest of finding true love.

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This storyline is also very viable because in the first season his affair with his girlfriend ended on a pretty bad note. So, ‘Who will be the next Mrs. Bridgerton?’ will excite some nerves for sure. As you’ll know, where the Bridgertons go, the drama follows. So it’s not very likely that the show would not be interesting. 

Bridgerton Season 2 Shooting Continues After Covid Shutdown
Source: Archyde

However, because of some obvious reasons, the show got more fame because of the negative reviews. A writer at Vox, Aja Romano, even called the show “as shallow as the aristocrats it skewers”. 

The same was the opinion of many literature lovers who knew that the books of Julia Quinn portrayed women in the wrong way. The makers of the show had the choice of changing that narrative, they had the power to shape the show in a better way, but they did not. Instead, they kept the scenes invoking non-consensuality and even glorified everything. 

Many are of the opinion that the creators will not make the same mistake in the next seasons. Talking about seasons, the Season 3 of Bridgerton was predestined even before the beginning of Bridgerton Season 2’s shoot. 

Bridgerton Season 2 Shooting Continues After Covid Shutdown

The producer of Bridgerton, Shoda Rhimes has said in an interview that they have been working on Season 3 and 4 of Bridgerton before the dropping of Season 2. That’s some good news for Bridgerton Fans. 

There is even some bigger news than the shoot of Bridgerton Season 2. Any guesses? Netflix is planning to make an entirely new series on Julia Quinn’s romance novels. The news is that they have already started working on the show.  

In that new series, Bridgerton fans will get to see the younger versions of Lady Danbury and Violet Bridgerton. 

Did you know it? Let us know in the comment section below. 

Wrapping Up

Period dramas can be so fascinating. They have the correct vibe, the ballrooms, the dresses, and Ohh! The Gentlemen. I just cannot help but fall for all those love stories in period dramas, especially those stories that come out as more reality than fiction.

Bridgerton has got mixed opinions from every single person who has watched the show. Some love it for showing the old London vibe, some hate it for being such a stereotypical show. What’s your take on the next season? Would Bridgerton Season 2 change that perception?

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