Brazil Bans iPhones Sale | Fines Apple For $2.3mn

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With the Apple Event ‘Far Out’ just around the corner, here is the latest buzz. Brazil Bans iPhones Sale across the country. The official authorities have banned iPhone to be sold right as Apple will be announcing the new iPhone 14 series. Here is all you need to know about this decision by the Brazilian government.

iPhone 14 Series will be having iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro series. iPhone 14 Pro series will have a bigger battery and many more exclusive features. We also know the color variants that will be available for iPhone 14. You can get the iPhone 13 at a reduced price or iPhone 14. But by the looks of both models, they are quite similar.

So, why has Brazil banned the sale of iPhones right now? Here is the scoop on why Brazil bans iPhones sale.

Why Brazil Bans iPhones Sale?

Brazil Bans iPhones Sale

Brazil bans iPhone sales across the country for selling it without a charger. The country banned the sales of iPhones stating that this is a malicious practice by the company. Authorities have stated that selling an iPhone without a charger is a “deliberate practice of discrimination against customers”. This kind of monetary discrimination will lead to differences among the people in the country.

Brazil has finned Apple for 2.3 mn for their practice of selling iPhones without a charger. Moreso, Brazil plans on banning the sale of existing iPhones that are being sold without a charger. This will include iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. This decision also means that iPhone 14 and any new iPhones in the future will also be banned.

Apple consumers have given a negative response to this decision. But will this ultimately lead to more iPhones being exported unofficially? If this happens it will lead to more disparity in the monetary status of the civilians of Brazil.

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Why Brazil Bans iPhones Sale

Wrapping Up

Now you know why Brazil bans iPhones sale across the country. To make sure that this practice of discrimination is not followed, it has banned Apple for $2.3mn. We will keep coming up with more such tech updates for you. Keep visiting Path of EX!


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