Borderlands 3 Reveals The Big Addition Of “Full-Cross-Play” Support For Playstation Consoles

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Srishti Thukral
Srishti Thukral
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Ready to jump off your seat? Because this news is going to blow your mind! Yes, I am talking about the addition of “Full-Cross-Play” in Borderlands 3 supporting the PlayStation players. Gearbox just made a blast with its new update of Full-Cross-Play with PlayStation consoles anytime soon, and to know more about the same, head on further to this page. 

I still remember the day with the huge disappointment we had when Borderlands 3 was released in 2019 and out of all the platforms supporting Cross-Play, Sony neglected that support. It felt like PlayStation just hit the worst in their journey, Well, not anymore!

I am not spoiling the fun here so expecting the big reveal this soon won’t be a good idea. Read along further to know more about the Borderlands 3 full-cross-play for PlayStation consoles. 

Borderlands 3 Will Soon Get “Full-Cross-Play” Supporting Playstation Players

Borderlands 3 Reveals The Big Addition Of "Full-Cross-Play" Support For Playstation Consoles

Recently, during Gearbox’s keynote address at PAX East, an announcement was made that Borderlands 3 will get the ‘Full-Cross-Play’ for the PlayStation consoles this spring. Coming as a shocker for some, everyone was surprised by this sudden revelation. Although the dates are not disclosed yet, we are hoping the time is not too far. 

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Digging into the story a little deeper, out of all the titles offering cross-play between PlayStation and other consoles, Sony was the only one charging the developers, as revealed by the documents exposed in the Epic vs Apple Trial last year. They were intending to calculate costs to offset the potential revenue loss. 

However, now that Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and Borderlands 3 both support Full-Cross-Play for  PlayStation consoles, it is assumed that either a new deal has been signed or Sony has decided to eliminate the charges imposed for supporting Cross-Play on the platform. 

“Well, whatever it is, one should always focus on the good part. And the good part is PlayStation players will soon be blessed with Full-Cross-Play in the coming new weeks. All you need to do is stick to Path of EX to know when the Borderlands 3 will add Cross-Play Support for Playstation consoles.”

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Wrapping Up

The latest headline is that Borderlands 3 will soon add Full-Cross-Play support for PlayStation consoles as well as a treat to eyes and ears, indeed! All I can say is: Let the chills run through your veins and switch on the notifications of Path of EX.

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