Bob Bell: Trump sees the problem, finds the solution – Must Read Alaska

Bob Bell: Trump sees the problem, finds the solution – Must Read Alaska


As with most elections we tend to get lost in the weeds as election day approaches. Did one candidate say something stupid or the other candidate say something mean?

Having lived through almost 20 presidential elections I have developed some insights regarding what really matters. I find it helpful to look at the election from 30,000 feet to see the big picture.

For example, what is the deal with President Trump and his detractors? First of all, Donald Trump is the first non-politician elected president since George Washington. The political class hate that and consequently him. He approaches problems as a businessman not as a politician. He sees a problem and finds a pragmatic nonpolitical solution regardless of the politics.

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are streaming over our southern border? You build a wall to stop them. This is not a Republican or a Democrat solution, but a practical solution.

President Trump inherited a government deeply mired in the swamp. People get elected to Congress and within a few years many of them (excluding our Alaskan delegation) are millionaires.

How does that happen? Well, the fat cats such as those in healthcare, non-profits, defense contractors, George Soros, lobbyists etc. not only provide the money to get them elected (Al Gross $17 million), they also see that they make good investments to accumulate wealth. In return they get their lucrative government contracts.

High ranking federal employees make sure it all works in exchange for pay and benefits far more than comparable jobs in the private sector. You have to wonder how did the Clintons accumulated a net worth of over $100 million when they were on government salaries most of their lives? Big corporations paid them $500,000 to make a speech.

A for-profit college, Laureate International University, paid Bill Clinton $18 million to be its “honorary” chancellor. Shortly thereafter the government shut down two of its main competitors. I guess that was just a coincidence.

Also, does anyone really believe Hunter Biden was paid $80,000/month to sit on a Ukraine gas company board and was paid $3.5 million by a Russian politician’s wife due to his business acumen? This is the definition of the swamp.

Donald Trump comes along and doesn’t need the fat cats to get elected. He also doesn’t need the federal employees to help him stay in office. He is there to drain the swamp, and that includes politicians of either party who don’t represent the people, big corporations and their government contracts and overpaid federal employees who make it all happen.

Of course, they all hate him. Their gravy train is being derailed. What we are witnessing is an all-out assault on the president by the whole Washington cabal. Their financial future depends on getting him out of the White House.

I just hope most Americans see this on Nov. 3.

Bob Bell is a civil engineer who ran for House in 2012 and is the author of Oh No! We’re Gonna Die Too: More Humorous Tales of Close Calls in Alaska’s Wilderness

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