Bluey The Videogame Walkthrough | The Complete Guidebook 2024!

Bluey The Videogame Walkthrough | The Complete Guidebook 2024!

Are you looking for Bluey The Videogame walkthrough? This super-cute game is quite popular among children. However, that does not mean that adults can’t play it! This guidebook will tell you about Bluey The Videogame walkthrough spread over multiple chapters.  

Bluey: The Videogame is based on the popular cartoon show Bluey. Artax Games developed the video game, and it is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Though the action-adventure video game was launched on 17 November 2023, it already became a hit quickly. Let’s explore more about Bluey in Bluey The Videogame walkthrough.

You can play easy and tough puzzles and solve riddles to complete different tasks in the game. If you know about Bluey The Videogame walkthrough, it will be an added bonus. So, let’s get started!

Bluey The Videogame Walkthrough

The Bluey Video game has a total of 4 episodes. All these episodes have different maps or landscapes. You can explore interesting puzzles and minigames in the Heeler house, playground, creek, and beach. 

After signing up for the Bluey video game, you will have to choose a character. Once the character is selected, you will automatically thrown into Episode 1 of the game. You must complete the first episode to reach the next one. Let’s find out the complete Bluey The Videogame walkthrough in the following sections.

Episode 1: Holidays

#1 Collect Animals

  1. The game starts with the objective of gathering animals in the zoo. Locate animals and tap on the (x) button to pick them
  2. Go upstairs to Bingo & Bluey’s Room and locate the Lion.
  3. Then, go downstairs to the living room and tap on the Penguin.
  4. Go to the adjacent Playroom and find the Monkey.
  5. You will also find Spider and Dolphin in the Playroom.

#2 Play The Minigame: Keepie Uppie

  1. After gathering animals, you will unlock the next game, i.e., Keepie Uppie. The game requires you to hit the balloon three times without letting it touch the ground.
  2. Pick up the balloon and tap on the (x) button. Keep standing in the white circle to keep the balloon airborne.
  3. Hit balloons in the Playroom and the backyard. If you miss the shot, it will float into the Nursery.
  4. To hit the high-floating balloons, locate the striped box, open it, and tap on the Drag Machine.
  5. After completing the Keepie Uppie minigame, tap on the Sticker Book and open Episode 2.

Episode 2: Rescue

#3 Rescue Gecky

  1. The game is based on the second map location, i.e., a family park whose mission is to find and rescue Gecky.
  2. Explore the park areas and go to the small playground to the right. Look for Muffin & Stripe. They will be standing in the big park.
  3. Interact with Muffin and ask for the castle rescue dress.
  4. Find three dress-up items and upgrade your look. Return back to Muffin and head for the new minigame.

#4 Play Ground Is Lave Minigame

  1. The Ground Is Lava minigame will be played in the middle playground.
  2. Jump over obstacles, dodge fire rocks, and collect stars on your way. You must collect three stars before the time runs out.
  3. After completing the minigame, open the Sticker Book and tap on Episode 3.

Episode 3: Chattermax

#5 Meet Uncle Rad

  1. The Bluey video game story will be shifted to the backyard region. Your new objective is to meet Uncle Rad. Uncle Rad has some Christmas gifts for you. So, come outside to collect them.
  2. Run to meet Uncle Rad. However, make sure that you are not touching water on your way. Jump over water and turn off sprinklers to not get wet. 

#6 Play The Feed Chattermax Minigame

  1. Uncle Rad gives a Chattermax as a Christmas gift. Now, your objective is to feed the Chattermax.
  2. Go upstairs, locate the kitchen, and find something healthy to feed Chattermax.
  3. Go to the bathroom and use the table to reach the Ducky. Collect something squeaky and feed it to Chattermax.
  4. Take the watering can. Use it to water the plant twice. Feed the sprout
  5. Chattermax will go crazy and will start to run here and there. Now, you will have to catch Chattermax to find the third map piece.
  6. Finally, Uncle Rad will hand you the third map piece. Tap on it to enter the final game.

Episode 4: Treasure

#7 Freeze Three Players

  1. The final episode involves playing a new version of Magic Xylophone that can freeze people. You can practice how to play Xylophone with the help of Grandad.
  2. Freeze three more Heeler household residents by playing the Xylophone. Approach them and tap the (x) button to freeze.

#8 Hunt For The Treasure

  1. Now, collect supplies like the Garbage bag, Shovel, and Bug Spray. You can find a Garbage bag in the kitchen, a Shovel in the backyard, and a Bug Spray in the Bingo & Bluey’s Room. 
  2. Go to Creek to retrieve treasures. Dodge water and obstacles on the way.
  3. Help Grandad by using bug spray to kill bugs.
  4. Remove the boulder to restore water. Clean Creek by using a shovel and collecting the leftovers in the garbage bag.
  5. Follow the staircase near the big boulder and reach the treasure.
  6. The game will be ended by showing Gecky back to home.

Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoyed reading this Bluey The Videogame Walkthrough article. If you have any confusion regarding Bluey The Videogame Walkthrough steps or information, feel free to ask. We will update more Bluey The Videogame Walkthrough events in the future. So, stay connected and visit our official website. You can use this Bluey The Videogame Walkthrough detail to complete the game and obtain all stickers and collectibles!

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