Eggcellent Bluey Easter Episodes to Watch in Easter 2022!

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It is Easter Week friends! You don’t have any plans? Let me suggest you something. If you have a young child and want to engage their interests in Easter, you have to watch The Bluey Easter episodes! Bluey is an Australian kid’s show. It is about a blue heeler puppy and her family. One thing I can be sure about is that it will bring a smile to your child’s face and is anything better than that!? 

If your kid is a preschooler, you must have heard about this series. First released in 2018, Bluey became a favorite of the kids. The cute and goofy characters are energetic and imaginative. The show revolves around the Heeler family and focuses on imparting values and love to the children. They try to bring out imagination and curiosity in the kids not only through the show but also by playing games and different activities!

This Easter, let us watch this goofy Australian family. They will surely bring a smile to your face and lift your mood. Your kids will love them and learn from them. It is educational and fun at the same time. Let your kids know what Easter is! This Bluey Easter episode will make your Easter Eggcellent!

The Best Bluey Easter Episodes

This Australian show focuses on the importance of learning through play for children. It focuses on making the kids learn about culture, festivals, and much more. So, it comes as no surprise that the show celebrates a lot of festivals throughout its seasons. Let us have a look at the Bluey Easter Episode.

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Easter | Season 2, Episode 52

It is Easter! Bluey and Bingo wake up and see gifts on their respective beds. However, when they open the gifts and take a look, they get disappointed. Bingo gets the letter B as her gift and Bluey gets a box.

Bingo is afraid that the Easter Bunny has forgotten her and Bluey. She gets upset and tells her sister that just like the last year the Easter bunny has forgotten them. However, Bluey remains optimistic and tells her younger sister that these gifts must be clues to where the Easter eggs are hidden. 

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This leads to a series of exciting events. They start their hunt from the letterbox because their gifts, a letter, and a box, are pointed out to the letterbox. In the letterbox, they find the next clue which leads them to a fridge. They keep following the hints to find all the easter eggs. Do they find the eggs? Why don’t you watch this Bluey Easter episode and find out!? 

bluey easter episodes

Where to Watch Bluey Easter Episodes?

Bluey is an Australian kid’s show about the Heeler family. This show is imaginative. I know I know… I have said this many times! But trust me, you have to watch it yourself to get what I am saying. 

There are 3 seasons of Bluey till now. All of them are worth watching. If you don’t know where to watch Bluey Easter episodes, don’t worry! Let me help you with it! 

Where to Watch Bluey Season 1?

Season 1 has 52 episodes. You can stream Bluey Season 1 on Disney+. It is the most affordable platform for watching Bluey. All you have to do is Sign Up and subscribe!

Where to watch Bluey Season 2?

Similar to Season 1, Bluey season 2 also has 52 episodes. You can stream all these interesting episodes on Disney+.

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Where to Watch Bluey Season 3?

Bluey is an Australian show. It is first released in Australia and then after some time, you can watch it in the US. Disney+ is yet to announce the release date of Season 3. It could be anytime in 2022 or 2023. Until then you have to wait! 

Watching a series is an amazing way to pass your time but can also be a burden on your pocket. If you don’t want to spend bucketloads of money for subscribing to an OTT channel, I have a secret for you! You can watch any series or movie on Telegram for free

I have curated a list of Easter episodes from your favorite sitcoms that you can binge-watch with your family! You can find the list below.

Wrapping Up

Spending Easter with your family? Sounds great! If you have kids you know how easily they get bored. You cannot make them watch animated shows with profane language. There are a lot of things to consider. This is where Bluey comes to your rescue. It is the perfect show for kids. It is fun and interesting. 

So this Easter, watch the Bluey Easter episode with your family and have fun! 

This Easter, I come to you as your Eater Bunny bearing a lot of gifts.


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