Bitcoin – Why Does Everybody Want this Cryptocurrency?

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Bitcoin is an independent currency, meaning no government entity controls it. Another fantastic thing about Bitcoin is that it is a virtual currency, meaning people cannot physically hold Bitcoins. Moreover, a vast computer network helps in verifying Bitcoin transactions. There is no denying that Bitcoin has received massive hype as people have considered it a future of money for the past few years. But the thing is that still, many people don’t know about the fantastic properties of Bitcoin. The features of Bitcoin are the main reason people are so obsessed with this digital currency at the biticodes. There are numerous useful features that Bitcoin holds. These are the properties that make Bitcoin the leading cryptocurrency worldwide. You can accomplish specific data about its features in the listed points.


The decentralization of Bitcoin is a very defining characteristic of Bitcoin. In an ideal manner, there is no Central authority that keeps an eye on Bitcoin as well as its transactions. Moreover, no government authority can issue Bitcoin, just like the Fiat currencies. Decentralization is a remarkable trait of Bitcoin, and it bids sundry recompences to individuals. When you use Bitcoin, then it eliminates the vulnerability of paying taxes and account seizing. You are the one who has control over currency, and nobody else can manage your digital currency.


The anonymity of Bitcoin is also a great feature. No one can track them because blockchain security is very high. The best thing is that individuals don’t require legal documentation to identify the person when they are making the transaction using Bitcoin. It is the reason that even government authorities cannot know who is the person behind the transaction of Bitcoin.

At the same time, the bank needs complete information about the customer before initiating that transaction. It is a lengthy procedure and can yield an extensive sum period. The conventional financial system keeps all the records of the transactions, which means you don’t have the required privacy when using Fiat currency. On the other hand, when you make a bitcoin address, it doesn’t take much time, and the transactions of Bitcoin are also very fast without requiring legal documents.

Fast payments

If you compare Bitcoin to the Fiat currency transaction modes, then Bitcoin is swift. You must know that transferring Bitcoins from one part of the world only takes a few minutes. But if you send money to another country using Fiat currency, processing can take many days. It is the reason that people like Bitcoin a lot. Their preference is to make international transfers within a few minutes without any waiting time. Businesses are accepting Bitcoin payments for effortlessly initiating cross-border transfers even worldwide. Moreover, some people are using Bitcoin only for international remittances.

Higher transparency

Bitcoin is supported by blockchain technology which facilitates higher transparency in the transactions of Bitcoin. You can’t recognize the figure of Bitcoin a being has in that wallet; nevertheless, you can check the quantity involved in the particular transaction. Blockchain technology is well known for its best-class transparency. It doesn’t reveal the Identity of the users, which means they can also have anonymity. The Bitcoin ecosystem has the potential to record all the transactions crystal clearly that is available for everyone to see. But if you don’t want anyone to see the transaction details, you can take some measures to prevent this.

Lower transaction cost

If you are a person who is fed up with paying higher transaction costs while making transactions from Fiat money, then you should shift to making use of Bitcoin. It is a coinage that allows you to make reckless dealings without paying higher fees. The fee of the deal will not be much, regardless of the transaction quantity. It is among the principal reasons wherefore public always prefers Bitcoin for making transactions. We have to make transactions daily, so if we use bitcoin, we can save money. Sometimes the number of transaction fees is zero only.

The final sayings

These are some admiring features of Bitcoin for which people are taking a considerable interest in this digital currency. You should also try Bitcoin, and the experience will be worth it.


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