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The internet has brought the university to your doorstep. It does not matter whether you are nine or ninety, you can learn any skill you wish. Luckily, you do not have to pay a penny to learn some of the most life-changing skills. 

Free education websites package courses in a simple format for students to learn without the need for a tutor. You can get help essay to simplify your learning experience and give room for you to explore more learning opportunities online beyond what you get in class. The free learning websites offer certification that will help you to secure a job. You may also use the knowledge acquired from these websites to develop innovations and ideas that can conquer the world. 

Here is a list of free educational websites for you to explore. 

  • Coursera

The website is a pioneer in online learning. It has gathered courses and modules from some of the best universities and colleges around the world. It also works with research institutions and organizations around the world to deliver the best educational materials. 

Coursera provides a wide range of topics for learners. The courses cover the topics in-depth, helping to bridge any information gap that you could be experiencing. Coursera is loved because of its structured approach to learning. The courses are as high quality as what you would get in an ordinary university. A certificate from Coursera is as powerful as that from the most prestigious universities around the world. Using one of the best cheap essay writing services will help you struggle with writing at the same time.

  • Khan Academy 

Khan Academy has partnered with some of the leading post-secondary institutions to deliver the most comprehensive skills-based learning. The courses and modules are segmented to make them easier to choose. The platform offers an extremely organized interface, making it easier to choose your module. 

Khan Academy is extremely easy to use. It is one of the best-known education websites that has kept its learning goals. If you are looking for quality structured online learning, Khan Academy is the place to go. It offers some of the most recognized learning modules for different industries. 

  • edX

The website was founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012. It has risen and maintained its popularity around the world for providing high-quality online learning materials. It is one of the most trusted online learning destinations around the world today. 

The courses are drawn from the leading universities and learning institutions around the world. They are perfectly structured to make learning easier, especially online where you do not have the benefit of a tutor. The simplified lessons feature audio presentations, text, and graphic content that make learning easier. Out of the over 90 universities contributing learning materials to this platform, you will find the top-ranking ones in the world. It makes learning easy and natural.

  • Udemy 

Udemy has prepared some of the most comprehensive courses for students pursuing different interests. It includes accounting, IT, leadership, languages, and history, among others. The platform works with top professors around the world to present the most comprehensive learning materials in each industry. 

Udemy goes further to allow you to build custom courses based on personal preferences. The platform is known for its emphasis on the quality of its content. Its reputation ensures that your certificate will earn you the best regard in the market. 

  • Codecademy 

The platform is exclusive for IT enthusiasts. It dedicates all its courses and attention to coding. It helps amateur coders to horn their skills until they can develop the most complex systems. With its organized content, you will soon be competing with the best in the industry. 

Free education websites make learning easier. They eliminate the barriers associated with classroom learning. With the quality of their content, you can earn any skills you desire even from your phone. This is the future of learning. 


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