Big Bang Theory Valentines Episodes: Chemistry You Need!!

"People Say You Can't Live Without Love...I Think Oxygen Is More Important."

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Hey.. fellas!! Well, if you are looking for Chemistry this Valentine, you are at the perfect place. Seriously, no one knew this strange show would one day become one of the classic Sitcoms of the era. And no one dared to imagine we would reminisce about it on holidays like Valentine’s Day, but here we are- getting prepared for a Big Bang Theory Valentines Episodes marathon. Life does surprises you.

Well, we always related Chemistry with Love, but these Science nerds literally combined them to create one of the ultimate shows of all time. From Sheldon’s awkward love for Amy to Raj’s even more awkward love for Howard, the show has given us some iconic Big Bang Theory Valentines Episodes for which we come back again and again. Centered around 5 characters, the show ran for 12 years, making us believe even science could be interesting!! 

Though the show never had Holidays and its celebration at its centerpiece. But these quirky and festive romantic twists definitely added their flavor to the show’s success. These heartwarming Big Bang Theory Valentines Episodes definitely deserve a worthy acknowledgment.

All The Brilliant Big Bang Theory Valentines Episodes To Relive your Blurry Memories

Have a night full of chemistry with all these Big Bang Theory Valentine Episodes.

  • The Large Hadron Collision | Season 3, Episode 15
  • The Tangible Affection Proof | Season 6, Episode 16
  • The Locomotive Manipulation | Season 7, Episode 15
  • The Romance Resonance | Season 7, Episode 6
  • The Valentino Submergence | Season 9, episode 15

1. The Large Hadron Collision | Season 3, Episode 15

The very first Big Bang Theory Valentines Episodes were laid out in the third season when Leonard was given an opportunity to visit Switzerland on 14th February for a work trip. He chooses Penny to accompany him on the journey. But his plans for a romantic get-a-way have to face the obstacle named Sheldon.

Knowing that this trip is made to see the Large Hadron Collider, he thinks this could be his chance of fulfilling his lifelong dream; he is ready to go to any extent to convince Leonard to choose him instead.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Leonard wants to celebrate it with Penny, but Sheldon’s absurd attempts to persuade him to give the audience an entertaining session. But in a series of twists, Penny and Sheldon both ended up catching the flu.

Now, Leonard and Raj are seen enjoying the Large Hadron Collider, and the valentine’s chocolate bought for Penny. This is an amusing Big Bang Theory Valentines Episode full of hilarious moments.

{Fun fact: In the commitments under the Roommate Agreement, Leonard can’t kill Sheldon if he turns into a zombie, but there is a reciprocity clause; that is, he gets to pull the plug on him, as revealed in “The Roommate Transmogrification.”}

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2. The Tangible Affection Proof | Season 6, Episode 16

In this Big Bang Theory Valentines Episode, three separate stories are continuing- 

Sheldon and Amy are searching for the perfect gift to give to each other; Bernadette- Howard, and Leonard-Penny, who are going on a double date; and Raj, who is single and throwing a lonely-persons party at the comic-book store.

But you obviously know how all these will turn out to be. Sounds like a treat for your valentine’s day !! 

While Penny’s ex decides to make an appearance and destroy the double date, Penny startles Leonard by proposing to him and saying, “Leonard Hofstadter… Will you be my Valentine?”. At that time, Leonard gets up and walks off, saying, “Sorry, maybe next year.”  and then turns back, grinning.

No matter what chaos ensues during the episodes, in the end, they always come out stronger, making this episode a worthy candidate in our Big Bang Theory Valentines Episode marathon.

{Fun Fact: The chubby redhead nerd with Rosacea (played by Jesse Heiman) at the comic book store party is the same nerd who kisses a supermodel (Bar Refaeli) in the GoDaddy Super Bowl XLVII commercial.}

3. The Locomotive Manipulation | Season 7, Episode 15

Adding another episode to our Big Bang Theory Valentines Episode list, this is one of the funny yet romantic episodes. Carrying on the tradition of double dates from the previous Valentine’s episode, the characters again decide to have a double date. Only this time, Bernadette and Howard go with Sheldon and Amy.

Big Bang Theory Valentines Episodes.

It’s Valentine’s day, and Amy has planned a romantic weekend in Napa Valley and a vintage train journey accompanied by Howard and Bernadette. This romantic expedition ends with a passionate kiss between Sheldon and Amy. Woah.. and that intensity..!!!

At the same time, Leonard and Penny are given the responsibility of Raj’s dog, and of course, they let him have an entire box of chocolate. After all, it’s Valentine, and everyone deserves a little chocolate. 

{Fun Fact: Sheldon and Amy’s first kiss on Valentine’s Day lasted 11 seconds.}

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4. The Romance Resonance | Season 7, Episode 6

Well, you can complain that it is not an official Valentine episode, but with its romantic gestures, this episode has indeed made its position among the Big Bang Theory Valentines Episode list. 

Big Bang Theory Valentines Episodes: Chemistry You Need!!

Just like who would have thought that this show would be associated with romance? Who would have imagined that Howard would come along as the King of Romance? It’s the anniversary of Bernadette and Howard’s first date, and they are all up for the celebration. But there’s a sudden accident at work, and now she can’t leave the hospital. 

Instead of canceling, Howards brings all the gang members to the hospital and, with their help, serenades Bernadette even though she is in quarantine. Well, I think we all can relate to the suffering of a quarantine. The romantic song he dedicates to her brings tears to her eyes. 

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{Fun Fact: Leonard wrote an 11-Page letter to Penny to thank her for the first time they had sex. In accordance, in “The Pirate Solution” (S3E4), Penny revealed that Leonard said “thank you” every time after they had sex.}

5. The Valentino Submergence | Season 9, Episode 15

BBT Valentine episode

This BBT Valentines Episode is one of the show’s most significant episodes and my favorite in the Big Bang Theory Valentines Episode list. It diverges into 4 different storylines- 

  • Sheldon and Amy hosting a special “Fun with Flags” podcast episode
  • Penny and Leonard trying to recapture the youth
  • Raj trying to break up with his girlfriend Emily
  • Bernadette dropped a piece of shocking news.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and the gang is ready to have the time of their life. Everyone is busy in their preparations; little did they know- what the day would bring.

Penny and Leonard are desperate to prove they have not lost their charm and fun side, while Raj has a new crush Claire and wants to break up with Emily to pursue her. In the meantime, a live concert is being organized, but the show is interrupted by a heartbroken Raj.

But the most shocking and important news was given by Bernadette when she confesses- “We’ll find another time to tell him I’m pregnant,”

This made fans thrilled and excited about what’s going to happen next?

{Fun fact: Having a rabbit in the episode was symbolic since Bernadette was pregnant and the expression “the rabbit died” meant that one was with a child.}

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Wrapping Up

Whether it’s Howard and Bernadette’s Wedding Day or Leonard freezing a snowflake for Penny, this show has continued making us smile with their creative scientific minds. Making the best combination of Love and science, they have presented another dimension to Romance. So. postpone whatever you had in mind, and spend this Valentine’s week binge-watching all these Big Bang Theory Valentines Episodes.

I hope you got what you are searching for. Keep visiting Path Of Ex for more intriguing collections.


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