BG3 Githyanki Creche Walkthrough | Baldur’s Gate 3 Githyanki Creche Guide (2024)

BG3 Githyanki Creche Walkthrough | Baldur’s Gate 3 Githyanki Creche Guide (2024)

Baldur’s Gate: Githyanki Creche has a marvelous storyline with complex characters. Since the adventure video game has garnered a huge response, the BG3 Githyanki Creche walkthrough details are mandatory for beginners or people who have found themselves stuck in the game. This BG3 Githyanki Creche walkthrough guide will help you explore the places, complete objectives, and finish the game like a pro.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a Larian Studios production, and it was released in 2023. It is the third installment of the BG series. The immersive role-playing video game successfully managed to get a huge fandom. The latest series has added new fighting skills and characters that are much more interesting than the previous installments. So, if you are interested in BG3, this BG3 Githyanki Creche walkthrough is a must-read for you.

The storyline revolves around exploring a new land to find the only cure. However, the way is full of new dangers, sinister creatures, and mythical secrets that will keep you on your toes. Read this BG3 Githyanki Creche walkthrough to find the complete details.

BG3 Githyanki Creche Walkthrough 

The BG3 Githyanki Creche walkthrough will guide you through step-by-step scenes of the game, and though you can start the quest during Act 2, it will not help you much. You need to complete Act 1 to level up the army in BG3. Otherwise, you won’t be able to give a tough fight to the rival force. Read ahead to learn all the crucial objectives in the BG3 Githyanki Creche walkthrough.

1. Find The Githyanki Creche In Baldur’s Gate 3

  1. BG3 Quest will start with the finding of the Githyanki Creche. The game will start with the objective of finding Zorru. You can find Zorru in Emerald Grove during BG3 Act 1.
  2. Once you locate Zorru, talk with him to persuade him and ask him to give in to Lae’zel’s demands.
  3. Zorru will tell you that a Githyanki has killed his friend and will mark the Githyanki’s location on your map.
  4. Follow the map and head towards the Blighted Village to the northwest of the forest. Find the broken bridge, cross the bridge by jumping over it, and head in the northwest direction.
  5. Locate a burning inn called Waukeen’s Rest on your way. Don’t stop and keep walking to the northwest to find Ellyka on a wooden bridge and talk with her about Githyanka, Flaming Fist, and dragons.
  6. Follow Lae’zel and help her in fighting with Githaynkis. You can choose either to fight Githyanki or avoid the fight. Choose according to your strength. If you go for the fight, use your combat gear and weapons to loot the rival party.
  7. Collect the Elaborate Slate from the leader and look for the Githyanki Creche. It will be located on the other side of the Mountain Pass. Mark the location and continue your journey.
  8. Tap on the stone arch to the west to reach the Mountain Pass.

2. Find Rosymorn Monastery

  1. Go through the archway to reach the Rosymorn Monastery Trail area. Lazael will guide you by using the markings on the ground. Follow her to find the monastery.
  2. Refer to the map and go towards the Trielta Crags Waypoint. After reaching there, take a right and keep heading west (refer to your map). On the way, keep a distance from the Death Shepherd and his Necromites.
  3. You will find a cable car. To activate it, interact with the Cable Car Wheel and pass a Strength check of 15 by using characters like Lae’zel or Karlach. After securing the cable car, ride it to climb down the mountain.
  4. Take a north to find the Monastery’s entrance. After reaching the Rosymorn Monastery Waypoint, you will see the artifact.
  5. A warning will appear on the screen stating that Githyanki is trying to find you to stop you at any cost. Now, either you choose to stay or leave the monastery.

3. Enter Rosymorn Monastery

  1. Since the monastery’s main door will remain closed, explore an alternate route to get inside. You can climb up some hanging ivy and jump across the rocks opposite the Rosymorn Monastery Waypoint to reach the window. You can also go through the broken window on your left as you face the entrance doors.
  2. Once you enter, you will face aggressive Kobold Looters in the first room. Use the Fireball weapon to kill them. Climb the rocks in the room’s northwest corner and climb up to the top of the Monastery.
  3. Now, break the pool barricade by using a Fire spell or ranged weapon. Go to the next room, take a left and then jump over the gap in the floor and solve the Stained Glass Window puzzle.
  4. Destroy all the barricades in your way to reach deeper inside the monastery. Finally, you will see a door leading you to a new courtyard. Here, you will find another main door. Now, interact with the tall statue located near the books to get information about the Blood of Lathander.
  5. It will direct you to the main basement. Take the left of the statue to find the stairs, go downstairs, and enter the Githyanki Creche. 

4. Use Zaith’isk Inside The Githyanki Creche 

  1. Pass the Persuasion check and enter the place. Explore the Creche Y’llek Waypoint. Take the West to go to the Infirmary. There will be a few kids playing games. Don’t stop them and ignore them. Find the backroom and locate the Mind Flayer Parasite Specimens on the tables.
  2. Interact with Ghustil Stornugoss. However, the conversation will not fare too well and will lead to resistance. Worry not. It will not harm Lazael. Finally, try to convince Ghustil Stornugoss to give you the cure. However, if she denies it, you have only one option- steal it.

Meet The Githyanki Inquisitor

  1. Locate the Captain’s Quarters and speak with the Commander, Kith’rak Therezzyn. Kirthak will try to steal the artifact from you. So, finally, she will allow you to meet the Inquisitor. Take the doorway in the north of the Captain’s Quarters, and continue north through the double iron doors to reach the Inquisitor’s Chamber.
  2. Interact with the Inquisitor and deny giving the artifact. Lazael will become aggressive. So, choose a dialogue to pacify her and tell her that there is a traitor in the room. However, a battle will ensue between you and the Inquisitor. Use your spells to defeat him.
  3. After defeating the Inquisitor, you will meet Vlaakith. Be cautious in choosing your dialogue because you must not fight with her. So, agree to her demand that you enter the Prism via the Planecaster that she stands upon. Now,  enter the Beckoning Cave to find your Guardian.
  4. Guardian will tell you Vlaakith’s secrets. She is incapable of stopping Illithid force and no longer has mind controlling powers
  5. Share your information with Lazael and return to the Inquisitor’s Chamber. Grab all gears, equip them, and take the exit. Take the Captain’s sword. When the Githyanki force finds the Inquisitor dead, there will be a battle between you and them.
  6. After fighting with them, find the Monastery exit and leave the place.
  7. After some time, Supreme Kith’rak Voss will visit you to have a conversation. Interact with him to know about Act 3. He will guide you for your next mission and tell you that he will be waiting for you at a tavern in Baldur’s Gate.

Wrapping Up

BG3 Githyanki Creche walkthrough ends here. I hope that you have found this article highly informative and interesting to read. If you have already played its levels, don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments section. If you have any questions related to the BG3 Githyanki Creche walkthrough, drop a comment below.

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