6 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Spoken English Like a Pro

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English has become a universal language and if you aren’t fluent in it, then I am sorry you lack a fundamental skill. But don’t worry! As long as you work on it, there’s no issue. Really!! How? Just read this article on 6 Best YouTube Channels to learn Spoken English Like a Pro. 

If you think Spoken English is just a basic thing to learn, you might be a little wrong. It is a must and basic thing for everyone to learn but it is not by any chance an easy thing to grab. Spoken English requires proper practice, with knowledge of how to stress words and a lot more complex things. But these YouTube channels have made a lot of videos to help you with Spoken English.

To speak English perfectly, you need more than fluency. You need the right pronunciation, the right choice of words and a lot more. This list of 6 YouTube Channels to Learn Spoken English in 2021 does its best to make you speak English like a professional.

  1. English with Lucy
  2. Oxford Online English
  3. Learn English with Let’s Talk – Free English Lessons
  4. EnglishAnyone
  5. Speak English with Vanessa
  6. Rachel’s English

You know absolutely nothing about these channels yet. What accent do they teach you? Can these channels help you learn Grammar? How do you know they are the best for you. Continue reading to find out. 

6 Amazing YouTube Channels to Learn Spoken English for beginners

The teachers who teach in these channels have done a commendable job in helping others. A piece of advice that all these channels give is to improve your vocabulary in the learning process. You will know how once you watch their videos below. Also, we have provided the links to their respective YouTube channels, just in case you want to check those out. 

6. Rachel’s English

Why is it in the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Spoken English?

Rachel’s English is a YouTube channel by Rachel Smith. Now there are many reasons why she is on this list. One of the most prominent reasons might be her detailed explanation of deciphering words. She proudly claims her channel is a one-stop-shop to learn American English from head to bottom and we cannot deny it. 

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She also has made some videos on dialogues on Rachel Green from F.R.I.E.N.D.S and you can basically learn how to talk like that beauty. 

YouTube Channel Link: Rachel’s English  
Joined on: 13 Aug 2008
Subscribers: 3.57M
Views: 164,917,289
Videos: 802
Location: United States 
Business Inquiry: [email protected]

5. Speak English with Vanessa

Why is it in the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Spoken English?

Vanessa is a teacher you would want to study from in school. She is such a good teacher who makes English Speaking easy and so much fun. There are tons of videos on her channel Spoken English, and her ‘Speak With Me’ videos are the best and most helpful in improving spoken English.  

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YouTube Channel Link: Speak English With Vanessa
Joined on: 14 Jul 2014
Subscribers: 3.14M
Views: 116,762,036
Videos: 441
Website: www.speakenglishwithvanessa.com
Business Inquiry: [email protected]

4. EnglishAnyone

Why is it in the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Spoken English?

EnglishAnyone is a channel primarily made for Spoken English. This YouTube channel targets fluency. It has some amazing Power Learning Videos that I personally liked. Drew Badger, the tutor, makes you understand deep levels of flow through diagrams. You never would have imagined English to be such a deep subject in school. 

YouTube Channel Link: EnglishAnyone  
Joined on: 30 Dec 2010
Subscribers: 1.15M
Views: 84,378,615
Videos: 566
Location: United States 
Business Inquiry: [email protected]

3. Learn English with Let’s Talk – Free English Lessons

Why is it in the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Spoken English?

Learn English with Let’s Talk is a YouTube channel that is focused on easy learning of English. It has some really great teachers who also train for IELTS and TOFEL. Their tagline is “Fluent English With Neutral Accent”, and to be true I like theirs’ the most. 

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Learn English with Let’s Talk is highly recommended by us and will surely help you with your flow.   

YouTube Channel Link: Learn English with Let’s Talk 
Joined on:  4 Mar 2009
Subscribers: 5.35M
Views: 349,952,514
Videos: 1162
Location: India 
Business Inquiry: [email protected] 

2. Oxford Online English

Why is it in the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Spoken English?

Many of us have grown to read Oxford Dictionaries. Did you know they teach English through a YouTube channel? I didn’t know. Oxford Online English YouTube channel has some of the best English trainers. The channel has made a specific playlist on Spoken English Lessons. By the way, it has over 70 videos. Surely you can learn a lot from there. 

YouTube Channel Link: Oxford Online English
Joined on: 17 Jun 2013
Subscribers: 2.31M 
Views: 84,260,830
Videos: 196
Location: United Kingdom
Website: https://www.oxfordonlineenglish.com/ 

1. English with Lucy

Why is it in the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Spoken English?

English with Lucy is a great YouTube channel to learn English and all about it. Lucy Bella Earl is British and speaks the accent beautifully. She has made a separate playlist regarding Spoken English alone. Her teaching technique is for every kind of audience, from beginners to advanced learners. 

YouTube Channel Link: English with Lucy
Joined on: 7 Jan 2016
Subscribers: 6.14M
Views: 193,985,239  
Videos: 216
Location: United Kingdom 
Business Inquiry: [email protected]

Wrapping Up

Guys that was all about this article on Best YouTube Channels to learn Spoken English. Hope this article helped you. If it did then make sure you share it with your friends. Check out our other articles on YouTube Channels for more learning stuff. Have a nice day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which YouTube channel is best for English grammar for beginners?

BBC Learning English is a great channel to learn grammar.

What are the best YouTube channels for learning?

1. Ted Ed
2. Crash Course
3. C.G.P. 
4. Vsauce
5. Khan Academy
6. Veritasium
8. Common Sense Education

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