Be A Diva! 6 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Makeup for Beginners in 2022

Get your palettes and brushes, we're gonna rock your makeup game!

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Over the years makeup has evolved into different forms. We cannot thank enough all the makeup artists who revolutionized this industry and brought opportunities for all genders. One cannot help wanting to be like them, wanting to live like a diva. Make yourselves the best in makeup starting by reading this article on Best YouTube Channels to Learn Makeup for Beginners in 2022. 

Summon Your Inner Diva! Okay, let’s admit it. There’s nothing better than good makeup. No man or woman can make me feel like a goddess that I feel like after doing my makeup. Makeup shouldn’t mean you should only love yourselves without the scars, but it is just a means to make us feel good. Isn’t it? But if you are a beginner or just want to brush up on your skills, then this article becomes a must-read for you. 

We have gathered a lot of info that can be super useful to you. Besides that, we have also provided the links to visit the respective YouTube channels of these super talented makeup artists. Stay Tuned for more! 

6 Amazing YouTube Channels to Learn Makeup for Beginners in 2022

Ready? Here’s all you need to know about the Best Makeup Artists and their YouTube Channels.

6. Manny Mua

Why is he on the list of Best YouTube Channels to Learn Makeup for Beginners? 

Who’s up for some Genderless Makeup? Manuel Gutierrez Jr. or Manny Mua has a great YouTube channel with ready playlists on tutorials of makeup for beginners. Plus he also has makeup videos on tests and hacks. 

Honestly, you would love Manny’s videos as he tries his hands on New makeup trends and mega-brand products

Link Manny Mua YouTube Channel
Joined on 17 Jul 2014
Subscribers 4.86M
Views 551,096,708
Location United States
Business Inquiry[email protected]

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5. Jaclyn Hill

Why is she on the list of Best YouTube Channels to Learn Makeup for Beginners? 

Jaclyn Hill’s a professional MUA and you can learn all about makeup from her. She has done some of the best makeup on Kim Kardashian and personally, I love her smokey eyes the best. Her blending game cannot get any better. There are literally 100s of makeup tutorials for makeup on Jaclyn Hill’s YouTube channel. 

Besides makeup, Jaclyn Hill also does makeup review videos. Don’t forget to check them out. 

Link Jaclyn Hill YouTube Channel
Joined on 7 Sept 2010
Subscribers 5.75M
Views 583,069,292
Location United States
Business Inquiry[email protected]

4. Grav3yardgirl

Why is she on the list of Best YouTube Channels to Learn Makeup for Beginners? 

Rachel “Bunny” Meyer aka Grav3yardgirl is as crazy as talented she is. She even has her own makeup collection “Swamp Queen”. Grav3yardgirl has several playlists on her YouTube channel regarding makeup. She has been playing with it for 10 years now.

She started her channel by uploading her videos of visiting graveyards and sharing her paranormal experiences with the world. Soon she changed the direction of the YouTube channel to makeup and fashion and before we knew she got over 8M subscribers. 

Link Grav3yardgirl YouTube Channel
Joined on 3 Dec 2010
Subscribers 8.22M
Views 1,588,029,902
Location Texas, United States
Business Inquiry[email protected]

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3. Tati 

Why is she on the list of Best YouTube Channels to Learn Makeup for Beginners? 

Tati is majorly popular for her unbiased makeup product reviews besides for her spotless skin. Have you seen it? You will be screaming after looking at her beautiful skin. Now, why beginners should watch Tati’s makeup videos? Because she teaches you what to use and what not to and takes you from prepping the skin to applying makeup fixer. 

Tati has covered a lot of useful topics in her videos with a lot of entertainment and is a great MUA. 

Link Tati YouTube Channel
Joined on 8 Nov 2010
Subscribers 8.85M
Views 1,409,496,599
Location United States
Business Inquiry[email protected]

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2. Nikkie Tutorials

Why is she on the list of Best YouTube Channels to Learn Makeup for Beginners? 

It’s very unlikely you don’t already have watched her videos. Nikkie is a celebrity MUA who has done makeup videos with Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, and so many other celebrities. To be true the list is really long. She has done a makeup video named with her friend James Charles, who is also an exceptional makeup artist. 

If you haven’t watched her makeup videos, you are missing out on a lot of fun stuff and makeup tips and tricks. 

Link Nikkie Tutorial YouTube Channel
Joined on 23 Jun 2008
Subscribers 13.8M
Views 1,470,162,761
Location Netherlands
Business Inquiry[email protected]

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 1. James Charles

Why is he on the list of Best YouTube Channels to Learn Makeup for Beginners? 

Hi Sisters!  It’s not like you already don’t know who James Charles is, but it is time you watch his videos for learning his art. If I had to choose one best makeup artists in the world, it would be James Charles undoubtedly. This MUA has dozens of makeup videos and reviews on his YouTube channel. 

If you are a beginner at makeup, you cannot start your journey without getting inspired by James Charles’s makeup looks. 

Link James Charles’ YouTube Channel
Joined on 2 Dec 2015
Subscribers 25.2M
Views 3,443,238,739
Location United States
Business Inquiry[email protected]

Wrapping Up

Hope this article helped you in finding your dream makeup artist. If you like this article then do share it with your friends and girlfriends. If you have any questions regarding this article on YouTube Channels to Learn Makeup for Beginners in 2022, then comment below. We will definitely get back to you. Have a nice day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the best makeup artist on YouTube?

The best makeup artist on YouTube is-
1. Chloe Morello
2. Michelle Phan
3. Kandee Johnson
4. Andrea Brooks
5. Lisa Eldridge
6. Zoe Sugg 
7. Wayne Goss

Who is the highest paid makeup artist on YouTube?

The highest-paid makeup artists on YouTube are-
1. Huda Kattan
2. James Charles
3. Bretman Rock
4. Mari Maria
5. Jeffree Star
6. Yuya
7. Nikkie Tutorials

Who is the most famous makeup artist?

The most famous makeup artists are-
1. Pat McGrath
2. Charlotte Tilbury
3. Kevyn Aucoin
4. Bobbi Brown
5. Gucci Westman
6. Dick Smith
7. Lisa Eldridge.


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