6 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Investing and Stock Trading in 2022

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Investment in 2022? Is it safe? Isn’t it too risky after the fall of Dogecoin? If you have all these questions, you are on the right path. The first step in Investment even if it is in cryptocurrencies, is to ask the right questions. But what if you don’t have anyone to answer you or guide you? Don’t Worry! Read this article on the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Investing and you will get all your answers. 

Investing is pretty serious today. Many people just run after hearing terms like Stock Trading because of loss experiences from the past. But if they had a mentor to guide them at every step, they might have used Stop-loss order or tools like that to their benefit.

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Before investing in any form, make sure that you have research about it yourself. Here is the list of Top 6 YouTube Channels to Learn Investing in 2022

  1. Phil Town’s Rule #1 Investing 
  2. Preston Pysh 
  3. Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D 
  4. Young And Investing
  5. Investors Underground
  6. High Altitude Investing

Let’s begin with the description of these YouTube channels and their specialties. Stay Tuned.

6 YouTube Channels to Learn Investing in 2022

This list of YouTube channels for investing was made after considering different types of expertise requirements in different tradings. Make sure you watch multiple videos and you can also check out videos of the respective YouTube channels given in the article. 

6.High Altitude Investing

Why is it in the best YouTube Channels to Learn Investing?

High Altitude Investing is dedicated to Bitcoin and Altcoin investments. The guy seems to be in love with cryptocurrencies and gives his insights to the viewers. A lot of videos on ‘5 Crypto Dont’s’, ‘Simple Trading Patterns, and super interesting stuff for investors are available on the High Altitude Investing YouTube channel. The guy is fond of Dogecoin, if you are interested in Doge then check out How to Buy Dogecoin?  

YouTube Channel Link: High Altitude Investing 
Joined on: 22 Feb 2016
Subscribers: 37.6K 
Views: 1,686,176 
Videos: 488
Location: United States 
Business Inquiry: [email protected] 

5. Investors Underground

Why is it in the best YouTube Channels to Learn Investing?

If you are trading alone, the Investors Underground is made for you. Learn from some of the best traders in the world by watching interviews of the heroes on the scene. with Brett Steenbarger (the man who has written several books on trading psychology), Jon Najarian, and many others on this channel. 

Investors Underground has multiple courses on Stock Trading and many playlists on Trading Lessons. Surely this channel will help you clear a lot of doubts about investing. 

YouTube Channel Link: Investors Underground
Joined on: 30 May 2013
Subscribers: 138K
Views: 7,806,582
Videos: 263
Location: United States 
Business Inquiry: [email protected]  

4. Young And Investing

Why is it in the best YouTube Channels to Learn Investing?

Young and Investing is a channel that specializes in Cryptocurrencies. You will know all about Altcoins. Quinten is the guy who tells you all about portfolios, tutorials, risks in online investing, and more. Along with cryptocurrencies, you will also have a hold on investing knowledge after watching the Young And Investing YouTube channel. 

YouTube Channel Link: Young And Investing  
Joined on: 13 Apr 2017
Subscribers: 142K
Views: 6,851,365
Videos: 545
Location: Netherlands
Business Inquiry: [email protected] 

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3.Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D

Why is it in the best YouTube Channels to Learn Investing?

Value Investing YouTube channel for investors is a great platform helping thousands of people with investing every day. Sven Carlin has shared his videos on Stock Analysis, Market Overviews, and Investment Concepts. He tries to make investing easy and noncomplex that most people make it. 

Besides sharing his insights, Sven also talks about the investing mindset. How you should not speculate and analyze calculated risks in stock trading. 

YouTube Channel Link: Value Investing with Sven Carlin, Ph.D.  
Joined on: 25 May 2017
Subscribers: 174K 
Views: 14,417,307 
Videos: 1011
Location: Netherlands
Business Inquiry: [email protected] 

2. Preston Pysh

Why is it in the best YouTube Channels to Learn Investing?

Want to be as rich as Warren Buffett and Bill Gates? Then Preston Pysh’s YouTube channel is the only option for you. You must know in investing, it is really important to study the past experiences of other people, especially of those who got millions from the market. This YouTube channel on investing has many courses on Stock investing and learning from the billionaires. 

Several playlists are made under the category “We Study Billionaires”, so if you are into that (Who wouldn’t be?), check out the channel. 

YouTube Channel Link: Preston Pysh 
Joined on: 28 Mar 2012
Subscribers: 198K 
Views: 14,915,166
Videos: 446
Location: United States 
Business Inquiry: [email protected] 

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1. Phil Town’s Rule #1 Investing

Why is it in the best YouTube Channels to Learn Investing?

Phil Town is a super successful investor and author of two best-selling books of the New York Times (Rule #1 and Payback Time). Since you are a beginner you need to learn from the right people. In his Youtube channel on investing, he guides you at every step, from How to find stocks, to the Best ways to Invest in Your 20’s, he is truly a great mentor. 

YouTube Channel Link: Phil Town’s Rule #1 Investing   
Joined on: 27 Jun 2014
Subscribers: 396K
Views: 24,186,609
Videos: 392
Location: United States
Website: Ruleoneinvesting.com

Wrapping Up

Hope you guys liked this article on Best Youtube Channels to Learn Investing and it helped you in finding your online mentor. If you have any doubts r=or queries, then comment down below and share this article. Have a nice day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best YouTube channel for learning stock market?

1. FinnovationZ
2. Pranjal Kamra
3. Trade Brains
4. Sunil Miglani
5. Yadnya Investment Academy

Who is the best stock Youtuber?

1. Warrior Trading
2. Timothy Sykes
3. Sasha Evdakov
4. Ricky Gutierrez
5. Trade Station

Which YouTube channel is best for money?

1. Raiken Profit
2. How To Make Money Online Ethically
3. The Money Guy Show
These channels are the best at making money and teaching how to make money.


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