8 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Animation in 2022

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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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We all love animations, whether in a high-budget cartoon picture production or just in a casual entertainment video. Animated videos are visually appealing and engaging. This is because of the simple nature of the video showcased by a fun and creative storyline. And in this article, we’ve listed the 8 Best YouTube channels to learn animation

There are many YouTube animation channels you could stumble upon. Personally, I like the ones that are more of a draw-my-life story type. Domics and Young Don the Sauce God are, without a doubt, some of the best animation channels. They both put out enjoyable content based on their real-life events. 

The fact that you’re here reading the article means that you’re interested in trying out animation either as a hobby or might even as a career option. For both cases, this list could definitely prove to be a stepping stone to learn animation with YouTube channels.

Now, let’s get into the real deal of the article. Watching all these animation channels for entertainment and inspiration is great but if you want to learn the art of creating animations, we’ve got your back.

Top 8 YouTube Channels to Learn Animation From Scratch

Best YouTube Channels to learn Animation

You can find the best animation courses on various platforms like Skillshare, Coursera, Udemy, etc. but they are more likely to be paid courses. If you want free and quality tutorials, this is where youtube comes and saves the day. With thousands of animation channels, we have curated a list of some of the best channels to learn about animation on Youtube. Read along to find out more.

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1. Alan Becker

Alan is the man behind the viral “Animator vs Animation” video of 2006. He makes stick-figure animations with a fun and humorous story arc. Alan started his main Youtube channel in 2006 which now has gained over 15 million subscribers and 2.8 billion total views.

Why is it among the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Animation?

Alan shares animation tutorials on his other Youtube channel – Alan Becker Tutorials. In that channel, he covers the 12 principles of animation along with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash basic tutorials.

2. Jazza

Why is it among the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Animation?

Josiah Alan Brooks, known by his online name as Jazza, is an Australian animator. Josiah started his Youtube channel in 2012, formerly named Draw with Jazza. He has around 5.5 million subscribers with over 1 billion views. There are about 350+ tutorial videos on his channel right from the basics of drawing techniques to character animation and much more.

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3. CG Geek 

Why is it among the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Animation?

The channel’s content is mostly tutorial videos with some short creative animation films that will definitely make you ask “How do I learn this stuff?”. CG Geek is run by Steve Lund and has around 68 million total views with a subscriber count of 780K. There is a lot of Blender tutorial series on the channel.

4. Bloop Animation 

Why is it among the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Animation?

Bloop Animation is run by Morr Meroz, an animation filmmaker. Morr completed his graduation in visual arts and then started putting short animated videos on his channel. The channel currently has 254K subscribers and has crossed 25 million views. On this channel, you can find tutorials on story-telling and 3D animation basics. 

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5. TipTut

Why is it among the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Animation?

The channel’s main motive is not only to teach the HOW but also the WHY. TipTut was created by Matthew Fryer in 2016. I kid you not when I tell you this channel is as informative as it can get. The channel covers a lot of tips and tutorials on topics like Photoshop, Motion Graphics, and of course, Animation. The channel is fairly new with a lot of potentials to grow. TipTut currently has 12 million views and over 179K subscribers.

6. Animation Mentor

Why is it among the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Animation?

Animation Mentor is an online school that offers 6 core animation courses. The content includes tutorials from industry professionals working at major studios like Pixel film studio. The channel has 76.9K subscribers and 5.9 million views. The only downside is that the tutorial videos are limited but if you like to learn more, you can enroll for the courses on their official website. 

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7. 2D Animation 101

Why is it among the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Animation?

2D Animation 101 is an animation tutorial channel. The channel provides training videos over a wide series of topics ranging from cinematography to storytelling and animation basics to digital painting. It has around 15.2K subscribers with over 1 million views in total.

8. Animaker

Why is it among the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Animation?

Animaker is an online platform to create your own animated videos. With over 46K subscribers and 5.4 million views under the youtube channel of the same name, the content includes a lot of basic training videos for using the Animaker platform and in-depth tutorials. The platform is ideal for both users with no prior knowledge as well as the veterans of the field. 

Wrapping Up

This ends our list of some of the best learning channels for animation. Be sure to check them out as they continue to upload weekly or sometimes daily tips and tricks for a better and entertaining animating video. Let us know if we missed your favorite animator guru in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Which are the top 3 YouTube channels to learn animation?

Alan Becker, Jazza, and CG Geek are the top Youtube channels to teach yourself about animation.

Q. Who made the viral ‘Animator vs Animation’ video?

A. In 2006, Alan Becker created the viral ‘Animator vs Animation’ video.


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