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I’m going to tell you the best and easiest way to stream from your brand new Xbox series X and S to Twitch without the need of a capture card I’m even going to show you the best settings that you can use. so that way every stream you do will be perfect so let’s go hey real quick my name is Ashish making sure you become bigger and better with your streaming and gaming needs. 

There’s a lot of tips in that article that I’m not going to go over now let me see how to get on Twitch right away if you haven’t done so already make sure you make an account on Twitch very easy to set up because you need somewhere to stream to once and never face the Twitch error 2000. you’ve done this open up your Xbox and go to the main screen to where you can go to the app section and download the Twitch app. once you log into the Twitch app and you granted access to your account we can scroll our way over to the broadcast app under the broadcast have you will see destinations go to twitch. 

But one allows you to use Light stream which allows you to have a lot more assets and elements on your stream more about this in a later article. cuz this is actually really cool platform at the moment you want to select which below that is camera position which allows you to put your camera in any corner or you can send it on any one of the walls in your frame of your monitor or screen underneath that is broadcast bar position. 

All you got to do is pick simply where you want it to be if you’re not sure what the broadcast bar is it just tells you simple information like is your camera and microphone active and how many people are currently watching your stream. the next three things you see below that are sliders dealing with audio microphone is your audio voice coming through your headset or microphone make sure you have the set above. the next to audio options were going to talk about next is Party Chat which is all your friends that are included in your party who have shared their audio that is coming through. 

If you’re starting out streaming I actually muting this so that way they don’t overpower you and take away from your stream also it’s not going to add to a jumble of just random sounds going off when people want to just listen to you underneath that is the game audio. this is all the music and game volume assets and ambient sounds are we going on also make sure that this is below your audio voice. so that way you’re not getting drowned out within the game and stream one of the most important settings is your kilobit right now. 

If you’re not sure what killed bitrate is a simplistic way of putting is the higher the number the better resolution your stream will look and also the better resolution you can pump out. so the higher the number the better the quality you can push at 7:20 and 1080p that’s the easiest way to explaining no need to dive into it. if you’re not sure what your capabilities are you can go to the automatic button there and there it’ll run a test to see what your streaming kill bitrate can be you can also test what your kill bit rate can be played going to your Xbox settings going to General work your way over to network settings go to test network speed and statistics. 

When you let this run is going to let you know exactly what your Xbox is receiving for download speed and upload speed so that way you know for certain what you can broadcast to Twitch by a resolution at 7:20 or 10:18 and also which kilobit rate your Xbox and broadcast can be set to this is kind of redundant stuff. but it’s always good just to clarify to make sure that everything’s in working order and you know what your internet and Xbox are capable of streaming resolution is next and I only want you to be concerned with720 and 1080 the reason is that these are now the standard for viewing experiences on quick if your brand new to streaming. 

I recommend starting with 7:20 because it’s going to be less tasking on your Xbox your encoding process and your internet gives you the opportunity to have smoother and better streams with the less chance for air as you can move up to bigger streams then you can go up to 1080p.

But realize you’re doubling the amount of resolution in you’re doubling the amount of data so make sure your Internet can handle it so basically make sure you watch your broadcast to make sure it’s not brain dropping or stuttering or anything like that okay. now that we got all the technical stuff out of the way all you need to do is title your stream make sure you get please do not make it dark or nobody will come in you don’t have to worry about selecting a game or gaming category the broadcasting app and Xbox. 

We’ll figure this out for you automatically now before you have to start streaming button I really recommend as it says in the top corner there did you download the Twitch app to your iOS or Android phone. so that way you can read and engage chat unless you’re near a computer then you can just pull up the website a major flaw of the broadcasting app. so make sure you download the app so that way you can engage because if you don’t engage you’re not going to grow now you can hit that start streaming button before you leave over to the game that you’re going to be broadcasting make sure the bottom there it. 

let you know that your life and it shows the counter because if you leave this page to quickly it will not actually initiate the streaming process big problem I notice for me so hit that storm Street fun wait for it to pop up that it let you know that your life then you can go over to your game and start your strength. I know it seemed like there was a lot of information but it’s actually pretty intuitive once you figure everything out and you’ll be up and running in no time which is what’s nice about the twitch broadcasting up now and no way is that the best way to grow your stream or even stream without a capture card on your Xbox series.


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