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Smriti Razdan
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Word games are fun to play. They are easy to understand and hence preferred by people of all ages. Since they improve your word bank, it becomes important to play some games related to them often. That’s why we have got you the Best Word Games for Android in 2022.

These Word games can be a good game to play on your Android devices. You do not need a lot of space on your devices to download them as most of them are small in size.

This list of the best word games for Android will help your mind stay active at all times. Now you can play them at your convenience and choice. 

5 Best Word Games for Android in 2022

After much thought and trying, we have made this detailed list of the best word games for Android. You can find all about their gameplay and features here.

1. Scrabble Go

Scrabble; 5 Best Word Games for Android in 2022 | Word Puzzles For You

Scrabble has been one of the most widely played games all over the world. People have connected and bonded over this Word game. Almost every family has had a scrabble night.

Living up to the tradition, Scrabble Go is now available for you to download and play on your Android devices. The gaming app has recently been released, in early 2020, and is more colorful and fun than the basic scrabble that you might’ve played.

Features of Scrabble Go; one of the best Word games for Android in 2022-

  1. The app is colorful and vibrant.
  2. It is more challenging due to the integration of timers, prizes, and certain in-app currency. 
  3. It can be played in levels. Once you clear one level, you move forward.
  4. Sync the game with Facebook to update friends of progress.
  5. You have to scrabble the letter tiles and form meaningful words.
  6. This game can be played multiplayer.

2. Sticky Terms

Sticky Terms; 5 Best Word Games for Android in 2022 | Word Puzzles For You

This is a tricky yet easy-to-understand game. In sticky terms, you are provided with some tactical puzzle pieces that you have put back into the right place. You will have to create a phrase in the game that has no direct equivalent in some other language.

This game is a beautiful amalgamation for someone who loves word games as much as they love puzzles. It is not just a game of anagrams but requires you to piece back together with words from their parts. It is due to this reason that the game can appear challenging at first.

Features of Sticky Terms; one of the best Word games for Android in 2022-

  1. It is a blend of Word game and Puzzle.
  2. Smart controls and beautiful typography has attracted a lot of gamers.
  3. The game is also recognized for being informative.
  4. Sticky Terms provides you with the meaning of the phrase you have just put together for your better understanding.
  5. The ads in the game are not very frequent.
  6. A lot of users have urged the developers to introduce audios in the game so that they can also find out what the phrases sound like in a different language.

3. Wordscapes

5 Best Word Games for Android in 2022 | Word Puzzles For You

This is one of the most popular word games. It challenges your mind and tries to find out how eloquent your vocabulary is. This word game has been downloaded by more than 10 million users worldwide. With daily brain challenges, even with unlimited time, this is a challenging game to follow. You will get a mix of alphabets at the bottom of the screen.

You then have to swipe to form meaningful words. The words you form should fill in the crossword section of the level. The main goal of this word game online is for you to create words that fit rather than randomly creating word combinations. 

Features of Wordscapes; one of the best Word games for Android in 2022-

  1. You can visit different destinations on the app.
  2. Find some hidden words to express your vocabulary better.
  3. The app has more than 6000 crossword puzzles.
  4. This game begins easy, but soon gains pace and gets difficult with each passing level.
  5. You get unlimited tries to beat one level.
  6. It is an anagram game.
  7. With no timer, this game is more fun and relaxing.

4. Bonza Word Puzzle

Bonza Word Puzzle; 5 Best Word Games for Android in 2022 | Word Puzzles For You

Bonza Word Puzzle gives the players jumbled letters that they have to use to form a meaningful word. It is one of the classic word games. This game mixes word search with trivia. With a new puzzle every day, it is sure to keep you entertained. Arrange the words by sliding them and form different words to connect the puzzle pieces.

Despite being known as a classic, this game has very carefully added modern elements into it. The game begins with two puzzle packs for free. As you gain points in the game, you can unlock the other puzzle packs. The early levels are easy to follow but as you progress, the difficulty level only increases.

Features of Bonza Word Puzzle; one of the best Word games for Android in 2022-

  1. There are new puzzles everyday. Some are based on daily events while others are created by the Bonza Word Puzzle team.
  2. You can create your puzzles.
  3. Share your created puzzles with your friends and challenge them.
  4. There are no limited moves or timers.
  5. The app has a clean design that makes scrolling tiles very easy. 
  6. You can get hints in the game by looking at ads.
  7. Start and pause the game anytime. The progress is stored.

5. Spellspire

Spellspire; 5 Best Word Games for Android in 2022 | Word Puzzles For You

This is one of the most interesting word games. You find yourself as a witch who is trying to climb up the Spellspire. The catch is that there are monsters who are trying to stop you from climbing up by throwing in some obstacles.

The mix of magic with word synchronization makes the game even more interesting. You have to throw the words in the form of spells to climb higher. Small words give way to a small spell and the bigger words will have a huge impact on your enemies.

Features of Spellspire; one of the best Word games for Android in 2022-

  1. Pick up letters to form meaningful words.
  2. You can buy gold in the game to unlock more levels.
  3. Take the help of your Facebook Friends to beat the enemies in the game.
  4. This game is a mix of word games and RPG.

Wrapping Up

Word Games have been a part of our world for a long time. These games are easy to play and will keep you entertained at all times. While some are easy to play, others come with a flick of challenge. Play on and discover the world of word games in a better way. 

This article on “5 Best Word Games for Android in 2022 | Word Puzzles For You” had the best choices in the market. If you like it them comment below.


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