Best Wines For New Years’ Eve 2020

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With Christmas and New Years’ Eve on the verge, everyone is wondering about the food and wines to serve at the party. We have taken your burden on us and found out the best wines for New Year’s Eve. 

The new year is probably the most awaited festival this year, thanks to the amazing pandemic! We just can’t wait to get over this year and start a new year with hope for a better life. 

It is time for kicking out the old year and the foul memories and starting everything with a new approach. 

With all things in consideration, we all have to agree on one thing that New Years’ celebrations are not complete without a lot of ALCOHOL! This time no running away from the hangovers and drunk nostalgia. But now the most important question is what to drink? 

All hands down to wine from our side because we wouldn’t want you to feel too heavy because of those few beers, and we would definitely want you to stay up at least till midnight. So what is the best drink that will keep you drunk but also awake? It has to be wine, all time!

Now, if you are a newcomer to wines or you don’t know much about them, don’t worry. We have got you all sorted. We have found and curated a small list of the best wines for New Years’ Eve just for you.

Best Wines for New Years 2020

Per-Party Wines

Bisel Jeio Rose

Best Wines For New Years' Eve
Source: Life Spirits

Price: $16.99

This wine is perfect as a pre-party drink. Just like the looks of the wine, simple, pretty and elegant, the taste of the wine is also the same. The wine has a fruity flavor. It is a sparkling wine. You can have the Bisel Jeio Rose wine with Fish, Parmesan, Seafood, Shellfish, Summer Fruits, and White Meat.

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Cremant d’Alsace Brut Sipp Mack Vins d’Alsace

Best Wines For New Years' Eve
Source: TripAdvicer

Price: $19.33

If toasting Champagnes is your thing, then totally go for Cremant d’Alsace Brut Sipp Mack Vins d’Alsace. It has a fruity taste and feels refreshing but also has a surprising Alcoholic kick. You can pair up the wine with Shellfish, Poultry, Appetizers and Snacks, Lean Fish, and Aperitif. This wine makes a great party starter.

Glyndwr Sparkling Rose Brut

Best Wines For New Years' Eve
Source: Waitrose Cellar

Price: £20.99

Glyndwr Sparkling Rose Brut is a very subtle sparkling rose wine. If you are looking for early sunshine drinking party, this wine makes it to all cuts. It has also won many competitions and prizes. The winemaker carefully blends and fragments the wine for over 35 years. You can have Glyndwr Sparkling Rose Brut with Chicken Schnitzel, Creamy Risotto, Chocolate, Cheese, and BBQ menu.

Some Evening Light Wines

G D Vajra Langhe Bianco Rhein Riesling

Best Wines For New Years' Eve
Source: Drinks&co

Price: $27.00

The G D Vajra Langhe Bianco Rhein Riesling is a White Wine. It has a 14% alcohol volume, which is perfect for evening fun. It has a pale, lemon yellow color. The flavor is very refreshing, with a lemon perfume. You can have this wine with Pasta, Shellfish, Mature and Hard Cheese, Lean Fish, Cured Meat.

Concha Y Toro Trio Merlot

Best Wines For New Years' Eve
Source: The Naughty Grape

Price: $12

This wine also contains 14% alcohol. This is an inexpensive wine yet one of the best light wines. Red wine drinkers will love a glass of this wine on New Years’. For an early evening, this wine is one of the best wines for New Years’ Eve. you can serve Pasta and starches, Meats, Vegetables and Snacks, all kinds of roasted dishes, and spicy dishes like Indian Tikka Masala Chicken with Concha Y Toro Trio Merlot.

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Montemajone Chianti Classico di Albola

Best Wines For New Years' Eve
Source: Vivino

Price: $16

Not too dry, with a fruity finish, this wine makes a great sipping wine with some amazing finger food. This wine contains 13% alcohol. This wine goes perfectly with Cured Meat, Goat Cheese, Pasta, Spicy Food, Aperitif, Appetizers and snacks, Lean Fish, Salmon, Tuna, Shellfish, and mushrooms.

Quinta De Azevedo Vinho Verde

Best Wines For New Years' Eve
Source: Portugal Best Online

Price: $10.99

This is the best kind of wine to share with friends. This is an inexpensive wine with a very refreshing taste. This wine is best to share with friends as it is cheap enough to go several bottles down. This is not only one of the best wines for New Years’ Eve, but also one of the best budget wines. You can serve thesis wine with Fish, Seafood, Salads, or Pasta Dishes.

Feature Image Credits: VinePair


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