Best Weather Apps of 2021 for Android and iOS Users

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Best Weather Apps of 2021 for Android and iOS Users
Shivangi Gupta
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Do you always check the weather updates before going out? If yes, then we have a great deal for you. In this article, you will find the best weather apps of all times.

Weather is more unpredictable than ever, and a weather app can tip you off to what conditions will be like when you leave your home, whether that’s now or later.  You can find apps that offer more extensive data, longer forecasts or even radar images of weather patterns.

The list of the Top Weather Apps include:

  1. DarkSky
  2. NOAA Weather
  3. WeatherBug
  4. Weather Underground
  5. Overdrop
  6. AccuWeather
  7. Today Weather
  8. Yahoo Weather
  9. 1Weather
  10. Carrot Weather

All these applications will give accurate weather reports. Read further to know more about the features of these amazing apps. You can use these apps on Android as well as iOS devices.

Best Weather Apps 2021

Read along with the list to find out the best weather app that suits your requirements. You can easily download these applications from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

1. DarkSky

DarkSky: Best Weather Apps
Source: Cult of Mac

DarkSky is a very popular weather app for iOS users. On Dark sky, you can get hyper-localized weather updates for all of the 24 hours in a day. It is due to this high accuracy and being a hyper-localized weather app that it has gained a lot of popularity. It goes down to the bare minimum minutes, giving you a precise and exact weather forecast. On Dark sky nothing will be a surprise, weather updates will be available at one tap of your finger. Stay updated with the weather for a week.


  • Get a minute-by-minute weather update.
  • Hyper localized forecasts give you the weather reports at the exact place you are in.
  • Multiple saved locations will give you faster results.
  • Custom alerts give you notifications without having to open the app.
  • Severe weather change updates are sent by notifications.
  • The app lets the temperature appear in the status bar.
  • You can add the weather on your phone home screen by using the widget.

2. NOAA Weather

NOAA Weather: Best Weather Apps
Source: Google Play

It is that one weather app that you can always trust to give the most accurate weather updates. This app sources its information from NOAA and the National Weather Service. Though it is not affiliated with any of these entities, it takes the information out from their public portal so you are saved the trouble of going to these sites and checking them again and again for any weather change. It is simple, fun, and very easy to use this weather app.


  • Find out chances of precipitation, temperature, wind speed, etc. on the app.
  • Get hourly weather updates.
  • A great-looking app that makes it fun to use.
  • Point forecasts help get exact weather predictions.
  • The app GPS takes your exact location.
  • Through the menu button, you can do forecast discussions.

3. Today Weather

Today Weather: Best Weather Apps

Today Weather is a clean, stylish weather app that has attracted a lot of users due to its simple working and understanding. It is best known for giving accurate local weather forecasts to your iOS device. By providing the basic facilities that almost every other weather app provides, like temperature, rain prediction, etc. this is mostly used for the people who are not interested in a lot of gimmicks and want their weather app to be easy to use.


  • Accurate local weather prediction.
  • View weather information anywhere in the world.
  • Get information about sunrise, sunset timings to enjoy it all.
  • Rain and snow alarms can be activated.
  • Share the picture of the weather forecast with friends.
  • Get to know about dew point, humidity, precipitation level, etc.

4. WeatherBug

WeatherBug: Best Weather Apps
Source: Business Wire

It is one of the oldest weather apps available online. Anything that you can expect from a regular weather app, you can find it here. From temperature to humidity, find it all here. Weather Bug will also give you the rain prediction and weather forecast for the next few days so that if you are planning for a long time, the weather won’t come as a surprise. This live weather app will give you accurate results.


  • It provides environmental intelligence. 
  • Explore 20 different types of weather maps to see your choice of weather conditions.
  • Get 10-day forecasts in advance.
  • Get the fastest weather updates in a real-time situation.
  • Find weather news on the app.
  • Customize the app and weather standards according to your choices.

5. Overdrop

Overdrop: Best Weather Apps
Source: XDA Developers

The Overdrop weather app is relatively new to be a part of this group of iOS applications. The app features a sleek design that is easy to use and very minimal. It’s fun to move around and tweak the app here and there. It is powered by some of the best weather forecast providers and so you can trust Overdrop with your weather updates. By using a radar map you can get precise weather predictions. Maximum customization is available on the app to make it work exactly how you want it to.


  • Custom the theme colors on the app, from White to grey to black.
  • Choose from one of the 50 widgets available on the app.
  • The 96 – hour radar map is of great help.
  • The temperature and wind graphs give you an idea of larger time duration.
  • Severe weather alerts protect you from calamities before they come.
  • Get live weather update notifications. 
  • The app privacy makes sure your location data does not leave your device.

6. AccuWeather

AccuWeather: Best Weather apps
Source: Android Police

This is one of the most commonly and popularly used weather apps available for Android users. It gives you a daily, weekly, and also hourly update. If you are planning a trip, make sure you check on this app to avoid any bad weather surprises. It gives you an accurate temperature analysis so nothing remains unpredictable. 


  • There is an Hourly weather update.
  • The app has a Beautiful UI attracting 
  • With the severe weather warnings, you are updated at all times.
  • The live radar of the app ensures complete accuracy.
  • A subscription is available for selected users.
  • Get hyper-localized weather reports.

7. Today Weather

Today Weather: Best Weather apps
Source: XDA Developers

It is a very easy to use, functional weather prediction app. It is quick in showing results and so is used by a lot of people to get proper and correct weather updates. Most people use this app exclusively due to its simplicity.

It includes everything that a regular weather app has from precipitation details, humidity to timely temperature updates, this weather app has it all. If you are someone who is always on the go and wants quick weather updates, this is the right app for you. 


  • This app is simple, precise, and easy to use.
  • It is free to use with optimal in-app purchases.
  • It is very easy to view the information here.
  • Gives you an air quality and UV index to ensure your safety.
  • Watch sunrise and sunset by getting the exact timing of their occurrence.

8. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather: Best Weather apps
Source: Cult of Mac

Yahoo Weather is a beautiful weather app. With amazing graphics and unique designs, this app has been much loved by the users. The authenticity of Yahoo is another added advantage that makes this app more reliable.

It provides precise and right weather updates so you know exactly what to be prepared for. On this app, you can track the weather of 20 cities at the same time. With no in-app purchases, this app is available free of cost for all but has a lot of ads.


  • 5-day and 10-day weather forecast available.
  • Animated graphics are available on the app.
  • You can browse the interactive map to see where it is raining, snowing, etc.
  • This app is enabled for Talkback.
  • Add up to 20 cities to track.
  • You can easily switch between locations, by swiping.

9. 1Weather

1Weather: Best Weather apps
Source: YouTube

1Weather has been available for the users for a very long time now. It has been widely accepted by people for its simple features. With standard features like hourly weather updates, it is also a highly rated weather app for Android users.

Having an in-built storm and tornado tracker, helps you remain prepared for whatever might come next. Not just this, its integration with videos has made it more acceptable and fun for the users.


  • It provides health advice by showing pollen count, Air Quality Index, and also the presence of pollutants including PM 10.
  • Extended forecasts help you plan further.
  • Find a weekly weather report to plan a long trip.
  • Get a 48 hour detailed forecast updated hourly.
  • Moonrise, moon phase timings are also available on the app.
  • HD videos on the app give weather updates. 
  • Live session with updated climate reports and news.

10. Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather: Best Weather apps
Source: 9to5Mac

It is a comparatively new weather app. It is in line with what the newer generation wants. Along with providing the generic weather reports, it features some witty and sarcastic quotes that make the app very fun and entertaining. It accesses your location and gives customized and precise updates of the weather prediction.

With Carrot weather, you can get updated exact hourly, current daily forecasts. The premium version of the app is much more interesting than the regular one for it provides a weather history too. You can go back to up to 70 years or even 10 years in the future.


  • It is very interesting and fun to use.
  • The dialogue and scenery change help in interactive forecasts.
  • Weather predictions are provided in ‘Unexpected’ ways.
  • Super accurate weather data is provided.
  • There are 32 secret locations available on the app.
  • Customized widgets are available for premium app subscribers.
  • Whether time travel can be done on the app if you have bought the premium app.

Final Verdict

All these apps are the best weather apps available on the internet. The best app on the list is DarkSky. We would still recommend you to choose the one that meets your requirements. Do let us know in the comment section which app you liked the most. Stay connected for more such content.

Feature Image Credits: Paste Magazine


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