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Are you still wondering what gift to present to your partner this year on valentine’s day? This year let’s break the chain of gifting roses, flowers, and other presents. Let’s present a valentine’s day getaway to our loved ones this year.

Valentine’s day getaways are just so delightful. I bet no one can resist such presents. They just create magic between the partners and add sparkle to the couple’s romance. 2021 valentines day was restricted to rooms and video calls. I can understand how disheartening it can get by celebrating such a beautiful day that way. Let’s just break the chain this valentine. Feel the romance in the air.

Yes, to make it more charming. Let’s read more about some romantic places to visit and choose the most suitable romantic destination for you two.

7 Beautifully Romantic Valentine’s Day Getaways In 2022  

Being able to celebrate such a romantic valentine’s day with your partner, at any of these places, would be a dream come true.

1. Florida Keys, Florida

Florida Keys, Florida: Best Valentine's Day Getaway

If you guys love to enjoy watersports or you guys are water babies, then you must try this place. Here, you can go catch the missing fun of fishing, boating, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The cherry on the cake is that you can try some amazing mouth-watering local seafood.

Florida is the place you guys decided to go for your valentine’s day getaway. You will be amazed by the world’s best sportfishing experience. It is a big-time treat for non-vegetarians.

2. Stowe, Vermont

Stowe, Vermont: Best Valentine's Day Getaway

For the couple who loves to enjoy winters more, Stowe is a place for an amazing valentine’s getaway. The snow at Stowe creates such a romantic aura. This aura offers romantic plans of hot tubs and spas at resorts.

Stowe is not restricted to luxury pleasure. It also offers snowboarding, mountain biking, fly fishing, and many more. So, stop delaying, just book Stowe for your luxurious fun celebrations.

3. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana: Best Valentine's Getaways

Good news for party lovers, New Orleans is a perfect place for you. Here you can enjoy the city’s famously vibrant nightlife and spicy singular cuisine. New Orleans world-famous music, will spice up the rhythm of your valentine’s day getaway. It is also called the Big Easy.

It is the birthplace of Jazz. It is a perfect combination of four different cultures (Caribbean, American, French and African) and its round-the-clock nightlife. Let’s celebrate love in New Orleans. After valentine’s day, you will surely say to other couples it is easy to love and hard to forget the Big Easy.

4. Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor: Best Valentine's Getaway
Bar Harbor: Best Valentine’s Getaway

Couples who are looking for a laid-back getaway for their valentine’s day. We have the best option for you ie. Bar Harbor. It is a town on a mount deserted island along with French man bay. Bar Harbor has coastal romance in store to make your valentine’s day a memorable one.

To add your personal touch to coastal romance, Bar Harbor has many sandy beaches and scenic drives to watch the sunset together. It also offers a two-hour ship cruise from Bar Harbour with a budget-friendly nightlife to enjoy. So don’t think twice before booking your tickets!! Trust me, this is such an amazing place, your Valentine’s will definitely be the most memorable. 

5. Fairbanks, Alaska

Fairbanks, Alaska: best valentine's day getaway

If you are planning to explore someplace that is very unique and solaceful, Fairbanks is the best place. It is in the deep interior of the region of Alaska. It is famous for its northern lights, midnight sun, and everlasting sunrise.

Fairbank is not restricted to its natural beauty. It has a fountainhead antique museum and pioneer park to add beauty to your romantic trip. How beautiful it seems to enjoy nature and history, with your partner, with whom you’re gonna create a history of love. So book Fairbanks to have a historic valentine’s day getaway.

6. Nappa Valley

nappa valley:- valentine's day getaway

For couples, who love to celebrate their day with a glass of wine, Nappa valley is the best place to visit. There you can taste the world-class wine and enjoy the process of wine harvesting.

Nappa valley is also famous for its vineyards and its regional food. It has its vintage train restaurant. It is also very famous for its high-end restaurants and sparkling wine for a perfect date. Have a great valentine’s wine lovers!

7. New York

New York: valentine's day getaway

New York is the perfect place for couples who want to enjoy great nightlife with luxury stays. It is filled with the best music in the world. It has many more romantic things to explore with your partner. Some include; sipping cocktails in an igloo while looking at the skyline, champagne cruises around the harbor, romantic broadway shows, and much more.

It will be a full package of enjoyment, romance, music, and adventure together and that too with your partner. Have a mind-blasting valentine’s day.

Wrapping Up 

Being a wine lover and a big-time foodie, I would love to go to Nappa Valley, this valentine’s day. To enjoy wine at a vintage train restaurant and explore amazing food there. Hope you have decided your place to visit to have an amazing valentines day.



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