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Smriti Razdan
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If you have ever attended a party with kids then you will know how important it is to know some trivia questions. Obviously, you cannot know everything at your New Year’s trivia party on Zoom, that’s why you have to get these Best Trivia Games for PC.

Trivia games aren’t just for playing, you can also download these free quiz games if you want to gain some knowledge. You can choose your favorite topics, and start playing right away. Get on some challenges and be the smart person that you are.

Quickly check out all the trivia games for PC mentioned in this article. I am sure you will definitely like some of them. If you do, then comment below and tell us about your reviews.

Free Trivia Games for PC | Best Quiz Games for PC

How can you make a clear difference between educational games and quiz games? Well, the answer is here in a very detailed manner.

1. It’s Quiz Time

5 Best Trivia Games for PC in 2022 | Quiz Games For Everyone

More than 25,000+ unique questions are available for you with a new updated version of “It’s Quiz Time“. New items are added every single day just to make sure that you don’t feel bored or something. 

Time mode is added for every single question. Anyone can play this game without any skill requirement. In fact, this game is specially made to improve your skills and techniques in a very good manner.

The quiz includes real-world events, situations, actions, and more.

The gameplay is very easy to handle.

2. Trivia Tricks

5 Best Trivia Games for PC in 2022 | Quiz Games For Everyone

Maximum 8 players requirement for each round to give a tough competition and make this game more interesting than any other. Various categories are there to explore your brain strength. The best trivia games are most probably installed and played by many users.

An online multiplayer game having some advanced features and graphics.

Customization of the gaming zone can be done easily. By keeping a long-time streak makes your position in the game at the top. Various categories like- music, geography, films, and TV.

3. Geography Quiz

5 Best Trivia Games for PC in 2022 | Quiz Games For Everyone

Everybody knows about geography very well, as you all learn and write some basic information about this particular subject in your school days. You can explore famous areas, cities, states, and the world through this application. Such trivia games are commonly used to improve your intelligence and skills.

2 basic options are available for your help-

  1. It helps you to show what region of the world the country is in.
  2. Helps you to recognize the shape of the country.

The gameplay is you are given the image and flag of the country. You just need to locate the exact region of that particular country.

3. Logo Quiz

5 Best Trivia Games for PC in 2022 | Quiz Games For Everyone

It is one of the best trivia games in history. You can easily understand the properties and criteria of this particular application without any help. Such games can be installed easily by many users on their mobile phones, tablets, iOS devices, and PC.

Features are quite appreciated and praised by many users. An exciting game zone is available to grab your attention easily. 

4. Majotori

5 Best Trivia Games for PC in 2022 | Quiz Games For Everyone

How can you ruin somebody’s life because of your ignorance with unique powers? Well, the answer is here in this application. Trivia games may involve some unique witch game that is Majotori.

The gameplay is you play the role of a simple guy who wants his wishes to come true every day. Lariat, the witch can make this possible if you solve each given riddle or puzzle without any failure.

If you fail to do it, then something dark will happen to you and it will affect your ability instead.

More than 25+ characters are inside the game. 4 categories are-

  1. Video games
  2. Cinema
  3. Animations
  4. Miscellaneous 

Wrapping Up

Trivia games are constantly installed by millions of people to make a good place in every field. There are many different versions for a single application depending on their characteristics, quality, size, and features.

The gameplay of each mentioned trivia game is unique and effective for those who don’t know anything about such applications.

I hope this article helps you to clear all your doubts related to the given scenario and formation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play QuizUp on PC?

QuizUp on PC is certain to enhance the experience a few times over, giving you the ability to play the trivia game on your Windows computer.

Is there an online trivia game?

Random Trivia Generator. The free-of-charge RTG offers party gamers six categories—arts, science, general, geography, history, and entertainment—and then a virtually endless slew of questions in each. It’s super easy to play: Simply pick your category, then scroll through the questions.

How can I play my friend’s games remotely?

If you want to play online games with your friends remotely, you first need to decide which video chat platform you want to use. Each person will need to connect via the same video-conferencing app. Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Houseparty are among the most popular and functional apps for this purpose.


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