Best Tinder Bios for Guys in 2022 | Love Mantras You Need 

101 Best Tinder Bios for Guys in 2022 | Love Mantras You Need 

Gone are the days when people used to judge you only from your profile picture. Nowadays, your Tinder bio also becomes questionable if you have copy-pasted it from a friend. When I say you need to work on your bio on Tinder, I mean it! Words have the power to swoon everyone off their feet, and you can do the same with some Best Tinder Bios for Guys. 

After watching Tinder Swindler, I understood one thing, your Tinder profile can do wonders if used properly. First of all, hundreds of people your age could be potential partners. Just using good pickup lines won’t be enough. You can use the majority’s interests to lure them into swiping right, and they will, I bet you on this. 

You just have to use everything on the platform to your benefit, be it Tinder’s Blind Date feature or your Tinder bio. If you aren’t sure what to write, how to write, and what part of you should you exactly focus on, then all you have to do is stick with me, and all your doubts would be resolved. 

50 Good Tinder Bios for Guys

First of all, get that naked mirror selfie out of your profile, it isn’t contributing at all. What do you think girls want to date? A wannabe who just wants to be f**cked, or an actual decent guy? Doesn’t matter if you are hot or not, the image of yourself you portray on Tinder should be forcing those girls to swipe right. Just like Shimon Hayut made a mind-blowing profile, and girls fell for it.

Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Tinder Bios 

People love humor, so it is always good to write something funny in your Tinder bio. Amie Leadingham told Bustle that people should avoid writing “Negatives” in their bio. If you are a regular Tinder user, you might have seen “no hookups” in different bios or be using it yourself. By this, you are pushing away potential partners just because you don’t want casual flings. 

Instead of expressing what you don’t want, focus on what you want or what you are looking for. 80% of Tinder users are looking for a long-distance relationship, so writing “no hookups” is more like wasting spaces in your bio. 

Best Tinder Bios for Guys

101 Best Tinder Bios for Guys in 2022 | Love Mantras You Need 

Moving on, here are a few examples of some really good Tinder bios for guys. You can either use them as they are, or you can change them according to your wish. 

  • Please wait, good taglines are still in the kitchen. 
  • Tired of hookups, the next goal is to find “True love”.
  • I like to talk about all the things you are not supposed to discuss in polite company.

Good Tinder Bios for Guys to get Dates

Tinder Bios for Guys that are Creative 

  • If you can’t handle me at my worst, then leave because I don’t have the best. I’m always awful.
  • “I am so glad I swiped right.”- future you.
  • I’m not a Tinder Swindler. Not that cool at all. 
  • Living alone for the first time. Kayaking, craft beer, my dog, good books, good music, everything else. I like talking about all the things you’re not supposed to discuss in polite company. I need more Lake Michigan in my life. Straightforwardness is greatly appreciated.”
  • I am banking on your standards being a lot lower than mines
  • I am 6 feet & 4 inches. Those are two measurements
  • “Premium Cat Facts available on request.
    I’m six feet, 6’6 in heels, and 8’4 instills. I have ten suits so I make a great plus one for your summer weddings. I enjoy exploring, eating out, meeting new people, and the Oxford comma. My dog hates pictures.
    I have multiple passports, but I’m not a spy. Tell me where you need residency, and I’ll marry you there to get you in.”
  • Your eyes are beautiful. Oh, wait…did you just blushed? Then swipe right.
  • Made 50 Shades of Grey seems nothing in front of me. Just kidding, I’m not that hard. 
  • Don’t bother messaging me if you are only looking for hookups.
  • Aren’t your legs hurting? Because you have been running in my mind since ever I saw your profile.
  • I want someone I can laugh with and be silly with.
  • Excuse me, if I go straight this way, will I be able to reach your heart?
  • Pros and cons of dating me: Pro, you won’t be single. Con: You’ll be dating me.

Short Funny Tinder Bios for Guys to Find Love

  • Two truths and a lie: I ran the Boston Marathon, I hate pineapple on pizza, one of these is a lie.
  • I’m vaxxed and waxed. Do what you will with that information.
  • Just looking for something super casual, like marriage and children. Nothing serious!
  • If you’re looking for someone with a personality, you’re in luck! I have multiple.
  • Looking for someone to hold the door open for me, but slap my butt as I walk through.
  • My dog’s name is Remi, and he’s looking for a mother. I, however, am looking for a mommy.
  • Not picky about how tall you are, because everyone is the same height in bed.
  • “Netflix and chill? More like intense intellectual conversation and then rough sex.”
  • Just doing this because my girlfriend did. She said it doesn’t mean anything. Message the s*** out of me.
  • “I can die happy now, cause I’ve just seen a piece of heaven.”
  • “Excuse me, but I think you dropped something right here…your JAW!”
  • Were you arrested earlier? It has got to be illegal to look that good.

Best Tinder Bios for Guys

  • Last time I was someone’s type I was donating blood.
  • Together we can make the 8th wonder of the world.
  • The age in the bio is not correct. First, you need to earn my trust.
  • I promise I will love you more than Friday.

Funniest Tinder Bios for Guys in 2022

  • Tired of finding the right partner. Can do that for me, Plz?
  • Just won a lottery worth ten million.
  • Funnier and sexier than your ex. Btw, I’m rich.
  • You have a great sense of taste, your choice is just perfect. I hope you won’t disappoint me either.
  • Already married, I just want to make my wife a bit jealous.
  • Today I feel off and need somebody to turn me ON.

Wrapping Up

Don’t just use a bio to get in bed with someone, play a little, and make a creative Tinder bio. I am sure there’s no girl who doesn’t like a man with his way around words. Try out these amazing Tinder Bios for guys and then just wait for those girls to arrive into your DMs.

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