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Craving for Thai food will end. Be it a noodle soup or curry, Thai food has something that attracts people towards it. Thai cuisine has got the heart of every foodie. But, whenever we try preparing Thai meals of our own, it never gives the same delight and taste. Why??? So upsetting!!! But, If you want to know the secret of cooking the best Thai food every time, then hang on to this post, be patient and read below. This post is all about the Best Thai food youtube channels that will turn you into a pro chef in 2021.

Cooking food is not that easy as it seems. A small additional pinch of salt can ruin your whole dish!!! And if it is about Thai food, the level is unmatchable. But, this doesn’t mean that you cannot cook that!! In fact, there are a lot of youtube channels that can help you as a guide and will let you to learn making Thai food in few days.

According to the latest stats and subscriber’s review, the Best Thai Food YouTube channels to follow in 2021 are:

S. No.ChannelSubscribers
10.Joy Buasi14.5K Subscribers
9.Duncan’s Thai Kitchen40.1K Subscribers
8.Darrenb358.4K Subscribers
7.Daily Dish72.6K Subscribers
6.Spoon Fork Heart90.4K Subscribers
5.RK Thai Kitchen & Beyond135K Subscribers
4.Eat Street Repeat189K Subscribers
3.Marion’s Kitchen1.25M Subscribers
2.Pailin’s Kitchen1.31M Subscribers
1.Mark Wiens7.5M Subscribers

But what is so special about these channels? Why only these marked their name in the list of the Best Thai Food YouTube Channels? How many videos they have? What about the views? Find out the answer to all these in the post below.

Best Thai Food YouTube Channels in 2021

When Authentic food get combined with the richness of culture it becomes impossible to forget the taste.

And same goes for the Thai food!!!

That tanginess of soups, that spicy curry, chilly garlic in noodles….. Wow, all this is the perfect taste that the human tongue craves. It makes tongue blessed and eyes full of tears… Yes, that much spice. And now, you can have the same magic with your hands. Dive below and get to know how the best Thai food channels can help you in this.

10) Joy Buasi – 14.5K Subscribers

Why Joy Buasi is one of the Best Thai Food YouTube Channels to follow in 2021?

Blog or Youtube?

Blog or Youtube?

Blog or Youtube?

Well, why don’t both?

Joy Buasi is a popular YouTube channel owned by Joy.

She is a blogger turned YouTuber. Her vlog serves the same purpose as that of her website, which is to make delicious Thai food recipes and let people learn to make the same too by remaining in their kitchen.

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The recipes she shares are easy to make and require less labor. Her videos will guide us to make super tasty soups. Ahaaan, you can bake or make delicious desserts, if you are craving that too.

All the recipes are full of fun.

Her most popular video that gained her 755.6K views is of Pad Thai Noodles| Thai food recipes. It was uploaded in Jan 2011.

  • Joined on: 17 Jan 2007
  • Subscribers: 14.5K Subscribers
  • Videos: 70 Videos
  • Views: 4+ Million views
  • Location: Thailand
  • Website: JoysThaiFood.com

9) Duncan’s Thai Kitchen – 40.5K Subscribers

Why Duncan’s Thai Kitchen is one of the Best Thai Food YouTube Channels to follow in 2021?

Do you want simple food with awesome taste.

It is possible!

Duncan’s Thai Kitchen us the home to simple Thai food recipes.

Hey, do you know what is the interesting thing?

Well, it is that the chef doesn’t belongs to Thailand!!!!!!

But, it was the magic of a 3 week trip in Thailand that made him a Thai fan. He learnt Thai food from the famous chef and now aim to serve all with the same purpose.

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Isn’t this interesting?

His most popular youtube food video is Ever wondered where cashew nuts come from? Hmmm… I too wonder now!

This video has more than a million views since 2016.

  • Joined on: 18 Feb 2014
  • Subscribers: 40.5K Subscribers
  • Videos: 184 Videos
  • Views: 6.2 million views
  • Location: Australia

8) Darrenb3 – 58.6K Subscribers

Why Darrenb3 is one of the Best Thai Food YouTube Channels to follow in 2021?

Thailand is incomplete without its street food and richness in culture. So, to show the globe, the inner beauty of Thailand, there is Darrenb3.

This channel is all about Thailand.

Thai food, Thai travel food, Thai recipes, Thai travel tips, Its culture, Places to see, things to do, and similar stuff!!!! Well, that’s too much!

In short, this channel compels you to come to Thailand and be a part of all these natives and be happy.

The most popular video on the channel of Darrenb3 is Phuket Seafood: The freshest sea food in Patong.

  • Joined on: 14 Feb 2007
  • Subscribers: 58.6K Subscribers
  • Videos: 463 videos
  • Views: 23.1 Million views
  • Location: Thailand

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7) Daily Dish – 73.1K Subscribers

Why Daily Dish is one of the Best Thai Food YouTube Channels to follow in 2021?

Can you eat Thai on a daily?

The answer is a yes. Why not?

Anyone can do so with Daily dish. This youtube channel has a band of cooking videos that will let you learn to make delicious with its step-by-step tutorial. Also, no issue if you find difficulties in understanding the language, they have English subtitles to the rescue.

The most popular video on the YouTube channel of Daily Dish is Shrimp paste Chili Dip- Nam Prik Kapi, which has gained 541K views since its upload in Oct 2014.

  • Joined on: 24 Sept 2014
  • Subscribers: 73.1K subscribers
  • Videos: 1335 videos
  • Views: 16.1 Million views

6) Spoon Fork Heart – 91.7K Subscribers

Why Spoon Fork Heart is one of the Best Thai Food YouTube Channels to follow in 2021?

The next channel in the list that made up to be one of the Best Thai Food YouTube Channels is Spoon Fork Heart, by Siri Vichianchay.

She believes in the idea that food when eaten with family adds to its richness. So, this is a channel for everyone in the family, be it a child or a grown-up. This channel has got recipes for Asian as well as Thai food, in particular, to celebrate the richness in all forms and flavors.

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Her videos include basic topics, yet has got views in million. The most popular video on the Spoon Fork Heart YouTube channel is How to Cut a Pineapple (4 Ways) – Episode 158 and this got 3.6 billion views since May 2017

  • Joined on: 9 Jun 2015
  • Subscribers: 91.7K Subscribers
  • Videos: 254 videos
  • Views: 10.7 Million views
  • Location: United States

5) RK Thai Kitchen & Beyond – 137K Subscribers

Why RK Thai Kitchen & Beyond is one of the Best Thai Food YouTube Channels to follow in 2021?

Do you love Thai food because of its rich flavors?

Are you desperate and want to cook authentic Thai food?

But, don’t know how?

Then you must watch and subscribe to RK Thai Kitchen & Beyond.

The channel belongs to Aor Rungrudee. Either you are a non-veg lover or a strict vegetarian, she has got almost everything for you. From a high-demanding Thai Red Curry to the secret recipe of the mouthwatering dipping sauce, this channel has all. She loves to spread the essence of her style in authentic Thai food full of flavors. And not only the Thai food, but her channel also has a love for other nation’s food recipes.

The most popular video on the YouTube channel of RK Thai Kitchen & Beyond is เคล็ดลับการนึ่งข้าวเหนียวให้นุ่มนานตลอดวัน(ฉบับเต็ม)How to make sticky rice soft all day(full) which has gained 2.2 Billion views since its upload in Mar 2016.

  • Joined on: 17 Feb 2016
  • Subscribers: 137K Subscribers
  • Videos: 355 videos
  • Views: 28.8 Million views
  • Location: United States

4) Eat Street Repeat – 189K Subscribers

Why Eat Street Repeat is one of the Best Thai Food YouTube Channels to follow in 2021?


Most of the people are fascinated with Thailand, with its rich culture and not to forget tasty cuisine. But only a few know about it in real terms.

And this became the idea to start Eat Street Repeat. He along with his camera travels to the streets of Thailand and gets to know about culture and the native people. And is a guide too who tells you about the places to visit in Thailand.

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Among 120 videos of cooking and eating, eat street repeat, and eat it all, the most popular youTube food video on the channel is Russian girls try to drink Thai alcohol and has got 1.4 billion views since Sept 2018.

  • Joined on: 12 Dec 2015
  • Subscribers: 189K Subscribers
  • Videos: 120 videos
  • Views: 22.2 Million views
  • Location: Thailand

3) Marion’s Kitchen – 1.31M Subscribers

Why Marion’s Kitchen is one of the Best Thai Food YouTube Channels to follow in 2021?

All the pasta lovers, this is the ultimate channel for you!

Her channel is full of videos on Pasta, luscious dumplings, and Noodles. No, not only this, she has got a lot more for your ever-increasing apatite.

Her love for Thai food comes from her childhood days. where she loved the food cooked by her mother (homemade curries). Just like any other authentic Thai food, her recipes are full of spices and fragrances that compels you to be a Thai food fan.

The most popular video on the YouTube channel of Marion’s Kitchen is The garlic butter pasta sauce that breaks ALL the rules | A ❤️letter to fusion pasta ???? which has gained 4.5 Billion views since its upload in Dec 2019. That is too much!!

  • Joined on: 29 Mar 2011
  • Subscribers: 1.31 Million Subscribers
  • Videos: 609 videos
  • Views: 112.5 Million views
  • Location: Thailand

2) Pailin’s Kitchen – 1.34M Subscribers

Why Pailin’s Kitchen is one of the Best Thai Food YouTube Channels to follow in 2021?

With the changing Internet world, people are constantly running for a better version of everything, yes for a food channel too!! It is not easy to stay up to people’s expectations for more than 12 years!!

Yes, it is phenomenal.

Without a doubt, she deserves to be at the No. 2 spots for the list of the best Thai Food YouTube Channels.

Pai is a professionally trained chef who loves to share the recipes of delicious Thai food every Friday. But what is so unique about her channel is that she loves helping people in cooking a great meal at home with her tips and tricks. Her videos can help you out with easy recipes, be it is about evening snacks or a sweet dessert.

Oh! And not to forget, she is a Thai guide too!!! HAHAHA!!! Her videos are full of fun and you can learn a little bit about Thai culture from her. A Free Lesson!

The most popular video on the YouTube channel of Pailin’s Kitchen is Agar Jelly Fruit Cake Recipe เค้กวุ้นผลไม้ – Hot Thai Kitchen!, which has gained 3.6 Billion views since its upload in Jun 2017.

  • Joined on: 11 Sept 2009
  • Subscribers: 1.34M Subscribers
  • Videos: 539 videos
  • Views: 130.3 Million views
  • Location: Canada

1) Mark Wiens – 7.67M Subscribers

Why Mark Wiens is one of the Best Thai Food YouTube Channels to follow in 2021?

Do you love travelling?

If you are yelling for a yes, You might have plenty of reasons to travel to different places. But, do you know what is the reason for Mark?

Simple!!! His love for delicious street food!!!

He along with his wife travels to different places and tries street food there. His channel has got street food videos, travel vlogs, and plenty of Thai food videos. Yummycious!!!!

The most popular video on the YouTube channel of Mark Wiens is Extreme Chinese Street food. This particular video has got 23.8 billion views since Dec 2017.

  • Joined on: 3 Feb 2009
  • Subscribers: 7.67 Million Subscribers
  • Videos: 1148 videos
  • Views: 1.6 Billion views
  • Location: Thailand

Final Words:

Best Thai Food YouTube Channels to follow in 2021

So these are the Best Thai Food Youtube Channels to follow in 2021 along with the essential details. In my personal opinion, these are the best channels that you must follow to win people’s hearts with Thai food.

So, Emerging chefs, Now it is your turn to grab the recipe from these channels and rock the party next time.


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