Taz Combos In MultiVersus | Moves, Abilities & Special Attacks

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Taz used to be one of MultiVersus’s best characters because of his tornado power. His tornado power, though, has suddenly been diminished in power. Knowing Taz Combos in MultiVersus is very useful for players.

Currently, Taz’s passive is one of the things that makes him fun to play. Taz attacks deal tasty damage that must be stacked. You will earn Tasty stacks by pushing your adversary back. Therefore, using Taz Combos in MultiVersus will make your gaming easier than ever.

Your adversary will change into a chicken and be unable to attack if you achieve 16 stacks.  In this guide, you’ll learn the Taz combos in MultiVersus, along with input legend and Taz moves.

Input Guide For Taz

Input legend

  • DC: Dodge Cancel
  • D: Down
  • S: Side
  • U: Up
  • A: Attack
  • B: Special

Taz Combos in MultiVersus | Special Attacks

Taz Combos in MultiVersus

The best Taz combos in MultiVersus are –

  • Side A + A
  • Side A + Down A
  • Forward Air A + Up A
  • Down A + Side A + A
  • Forward Air A + Neutral B
  • Neutral Air A + DC + Side A + A
  • Down Air A + Forward Air A + DC + Side A + Down A
  • Down Air A + Forward Air A + DC + Side A + A
  • Down Air B (Set) + Neutral A + DC + Down B (Hit) + Side B
  • Down Air B (Set) + Neutral A + DC + Down B (Hit) + Down Air A + Up B

Taz Moves in MultiVersus

Taz Combos in MultiVersus

Take a look at the Best Taz combo moves in MultiVersus –

Taz Basic Attacks

  • Soup’s On!/Soup-Er Spinner – Neutral + Attack
  • Well-Seasoned/Feed The Beast – Side + Attack
  • Slam-Wich/Flying Slam-Wich – Up + Attack
  • Stomp Stomp Stomp!/Super Down Under – Down + Attack

Taz Special Attacks

  • Chew Em Up, Spit Em Out – Neutral + Special
  • Taz-Nado – Side + Special
  • Dogpile! Dogpile! – Up + Special
  • You Spit What You Eat – Down + Special

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Taz Passive Abilities

  • Some of Taz’s attacks deal TASTY. When enemies are knocked back, they will get STACKS of TASTY.
  • When TASTY reaches 16 STACKS, the enemy transforms into a chicken and can’t attack. When they take damage, bits of chicken break off that will HEAL Taz or his allies if picked up.
  • Taz will also lick damaged allies he passes and HEAL them a bit. Licking an ally has a COOLDOWN.

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Wrapping Up:

Hopefully, this article on Taz Combos in MultiVersus has been helpful for you. To know more combos like this one, stay tuned with the Path Of EX website. Happy Gaming!


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