50+ Best Tattoo Ideas for Couple, Friends, Men, and Women in 2022

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Smriti Razdan
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Getting inked is something that will always be in trend. At least once in your lifetime, you have had thought about it. If yes, then what are you waiting for. Go get yourselves inked because this is your cue to look out for the Best Tattoo Ideas for yourself or your partner in 2022. 

Tattoos are more than just ink on human flesh. They represent who you are and resonate with your identity. If you are getting one, then make sure you think well enough about your tattoo. If it is your vibe or not, for how long do you want it and stuff like that. 

Best Tattoo Ideas for Couples include getting each other’s initials tattooed on your ring finger, Infinity love tattoos, king-queen tattoos, and a lot more. If you are looking for the best tattoo ideas for friends then the list is endless. You can go as creative you can, like getting your fav emoticon inked. We have a lot more for you below.

Tattoos look truly beautiful when done at the right spot in the right way. Let’s begin with our collection of Best Tattoo Ideas in 2022. 

Best Tattoo Ideas for Everyone in 2022

Best Tattoo Ideas

I am truly fond of tattoos. Maybe it’s because I have been dreaming about getting a tattoo since I was 10 or something. I so want to get a pair of wings like that of Lucifer inked on my shoulder blades. Do you have something in mind? If not, then you will definitely find something from the collection below. 

1. Best Tattoo Ideas for Couple

Not everyone is committed enough to get a matching tattoo for life. If your partner is ready for it, consider yourself lucky. But make sure that person is going to stay in your life, cause even after your lover is not there, this tattoo will be. Here are couple-tattoo ideas for you.

1.1 Her One, His Only

1.2 King and Queen

1.3 You Keep Me Safe, You Keep Me Wild

1.4 Lion and Lioness

1.5 Micky and Minnie Kissing

1.6 Heartbeat

1.7 Stag and Doe Tattoo

1.8 Cute Bunnies

1.9 Compass and Hook

1.10 Minimalistic Key and Lock

2. Best Tattoo Ideas for Friends

If you and your best friend are going for tattoos, then there are literally millions of ideas for you. It can be the date on which you both met, or simply “Best Friends Forever” tattooed to your arms. 

2.1 No matter what, no matter where

2.2 To Infinity and Beyond

2.3 XOXO

2.4 Share your wine

2.5 F.R.I.E.N.D.S

2.6 Sun and Moon

2.7 Little Flowers

2.8 Motha-fucka

2.9 Butterflies

2.10 Best Buds

3. Best Tattoo Ideas for Men

To all the guys out there, wanting to get a tattoo. Please don’t get a funny one, cause that joke will die after some time and you will be left with it. Instead, think about something that means a lot to you. A person, a memory, a place, anything, for it is going to be special to you. 

3.1 Ship and Love

3.2 Shiva

3.3 Lion

3.4 Adventure

3.5 Quotes on Chest

3.6 Simba and Mufasa

3.7 Bracellete Tattoo

3.8 Compass

3.9 ImPossible

3.10 Angel on Neck

3.11 Sword

3.12 Skeleton Chilling on Beach

3.13 Dog

4. Best Tattoo Ideas for Women

To be true, all the girls I have seen with tattoos are super creative and charismatic. Think about something meaningful to you and I am sure you will find something. If not, this collection is always there to inspire you. 

4.1 Lioness and Roses

4.2 Flower on Back

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4.3 Smoke

4.4 Dragons

4.5 Lioness and Flower

4.6 Butterfly Elephant

4.7 Tattoo covering Spinal cord

4.8 Herbs

4.9 Dandelion

4.10 Faces Attached

4.11 Mermaid

4.12 Moon over Sun

4.13 Phases of Moon

4.14 Aesthetic Moon

4.15 Dark Moon

Wrapping Up

That was all about tattoos for everyone. If you get inspired from one or want to add your tattoo in this article then comment below. We will be glad to hear from you. These Best Tattoo Ideas are my absolute favorite, hope you like them too. Have a nice day!


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