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Pokemon Violet and Scarlet bring back one of the most important and exciting Pokemon questions: Which is the best starter in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and which pack should I pick? 

As you might know, you have three strong options to choose from  Sprigatito, Quaxly, and the adorable Fuecoco. Since they’re all pretty cool, it’s hard to decide. But as all of the best Pokemon games go, you must choose to play. 

This guide will explain some of the most important features of these Pokemon, and you can decide which is the best starter in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet for you. 

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Starters | Starters Ranked

best Starter In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

As I mentioned before, there are three starters in Pokemon Violet and Scarlet: Sprigatito, Quaxly, and Fuecoco. Let’s check out their cool features and find the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: best starter pack.

1. SPRIGATITO | Best Starter in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

best Starter In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Sprigatito, the “Grass Cat Pokemon,” is a fan-favorite. And no wonder the cat-lovers are bound to pick it. 

  • The thing that brings it to the top of the game might be its immunity to Psychic damage. Even though its final evolution Meowscarada is weak to seven other types, the immunity more than makes up for it. 
  • It has low HP, Defense, and Special Defense and can’t take any damage whatsoever, but its Speed is so high that it’ll land on lists of the fastest Pokemon!
  • As long as you select the right moves and take advantage of its strengths, Sprigatito can wipe out almost any enemy before it has a chance to act.

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2. FUECOCO | Best Starter in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

best Starter In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

The “Fire Croc Pokemon” is obviously the cutest choice in the pack (I mean, look at it!) 

  • It ultimately evolves into the Fire/Ghost-type Skeledirge. 
  • Aside from being immune to all Fighting and Normal moves, it’s also effective against seven other Pokemon types. 
  • Powerful Fire Pokemon are really hard to catch in most games. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is certainly no exception. This gives it an advantage over other starters
  • Fuecoco has a high HP and Defense with an even more Special Attack ability. 
  • Its major blindspot, though, is its plunging speed. It can take a hit and then get a big power boost as a result.

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3. QUAXLY | Best Starter in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

best Starter In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Quaxly is the water-type “Duckling Pokemon” in the pack. And we know water-type Pokemon are strong against fire, ground, and rock types. But he could be a bad pick when fighting against electric or grass monsters.

  • In terms of offensive potential, the fully evolved Quaquaval becomes Water/Fighting, emphasizing the Attack stat.
  • It becomes a very convenient option when voyaging through Paldea’s caves and quarries. 
  • The high Attack ensures that all his Fighting moves will strike hard.
  • Having said that, Quaxly might drop in performance due to its lower Speed.

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Wrapping Up

Now that you know the important features and weaknesses of the Pokemon, you can decide which one is the best starter in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Comment to let us at Path of EX know what you chose!

Happy Gaming!


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